Friday, 9 September 2016

Case closed

The Ebay case opened against me has been closed, so either the items arrived or the complainant was blown out of the water by the email I forwarded showing that she was not able to pay on time!

I have faults on my machines at work, my room has been full of engineers sucking their teeth and shaking their heads.
Yesterday they cured one fault by jamming a piece of paper into the machine, very professional, not!
They claimed to have cured the other fault, but they hadn't so out they came again today.
Because of one fault the machines are very slow and need unjamming regularly.
Because of the other fault the machines won't hole punch, this means every document has to be punched by hand, only the hole punch doesn't punch properly.

Tomorrow my L&M and I are viewing a property, we were planning on viewing 2 but one is now not available until later this month.


Witch Hazel said...

Good news on the Ebay front.
Hope tomorrow's viewing goes well.

Eeek said...

Are you still downsizing to a flat? Have you sold up yet?

Eeek said...

Are you still downsizing to a flat? Have you sold up yet?

Fishcake_random said...

Best of luck for your viewing x x

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the viewing. Catriona

Jackie said...

Good luck with your viewing tomorrow.

Here is hoping your machines get working properly once again.

Linda Metcalf said...

Hopeful for the new property! How about them getting someone who can actually fix the machines or replace? Wouldn't life be grand.

annie b said...

Good luck with the viewings hope all goes well.

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