Saturday, 10 September 2016

Tired with a K

As my ex MIL used to say, I'm on my knees and cross eyed with exhaustion.
I was up for a couple of hours last night with a dicky tum.
I have been so stressed at work and when that happens my digestive system goes haywire.
My L&M tried to help by buying a takeaway, it was very nice, but it did me no favours.
On the up side there are enough leftovers for him so I don't have to cook.
I'm managing with dry toast and water, which he is providing now he is home.

My lovely DGD Suzy had me in fits today, we were driving along with the radio on. Islands in the Sun by Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers started playing.
There is a line in the song that goes 'We rely on each other, uh huh'.
Suzy decided to sing along with the uh huh, only she was saying uh oh, it was so funny.
She has now gone home, my L&M is watching snooker from years ago on you tube and I'm going to have a nana nap!


galant said...

You have my sympathies, Hard up Hester; my guts are the first to react when I'm stressed (having no gall bladder doesn't help one bit, either!) I hope you will feel better soon!
Margaret P

chris west said...

Hope you feel better soon.I too suffer the same way when stressed. ((Hug))

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