Saturday, 3 September 2016

Silence is golden

It's so quiet here I can here my ears ringing, I have tinnitus, some days it's worse than others.

DD Lizzie collected her dog yesterday, we'd had the dog for 3 weeks, 2 weeks whilst the rat catcher was leaving poison and one week whilst Lizzie and her family were on holiday.

DD Helen dropped her 10 and 11yo off for a sleepover yesterday, she collected them about an hour ago.

My L&M is out with friends, there is just me and the silence is deafening.

I shall have a tidy round and then a Nana nap.

On Monday it's back to collecting DGS at 7 and taking him to work with me.

Lizzie has been offered 2 weeks work, holiday cover at the company where she works on Saturdays, she is hoping it will lead to an offer of full time work.

Until then she will still be doing her night shift job as well, Helen is looking after Lizzie's youngest, Suzy, when Lizzie is at work. I shall be collecting Suzy from Helen's and delivering her to Lizzie after work every day for the 2 weeks and collecting DGS and dropping him home on the way back through.

I shall not be at all surprised to meet myself coming back one day.

We will cross any other child care issues as and when they arrive, if Lizzie is offered full time work.


Eeek said...

You are a truly dedicated mum and grandma.

Take care.

TrishWish said...

The complexity of childcare are amazing aren't they? It is wonderful when families can support one another. I hope you don't get too dizzy or forget a child!

Witch Hazel said...

You are amazing.

Linda Metcalf said...

Kind of a "who's on first" affair! I've been babysitting two great granddaughters 10 hours a day 5 days a my age I don't feel I do them justice.

Hard up Hester said...

Wow Linda, that's a lot of hours to do.


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