Thursday, 1 September 2016

A new term and chaos reigns

As always the first few days of term are chaos and not just in my department.

I worked from 6:30 - 3:30 today, I worked through my lunch break, the machines running non-stop, I still have 30,000 documents to print and 500 booklets, about seven hours for each job.

I also went to Helen's to look after the children for an hour so she could go to the chiropractor. She has a painful neck and back, she didn't want to have to ask me, but not many people want to watch 4 children for a couple of hours.

We used to be given a free lunch on inset days but that has stopped, my team decided to club together and buy pizza for lunch today, as usual they forgot to include me. Fortunately I had taken in a really delicious salad.
I had iceberg lettuce, yellow pepper, cucumber,  spring onion, hard boiled egg, chopped anchovy's, a spoonful of hummus and one of coleslaw, yummy.


Jackie said...

I so remember the chaos of those first few days back at the school. So glad I am done with that.

Your lunch sounds so much better than pizza.

Wean said...

'as usual, they forgot to include me' - why ?? - how thoughtless.
so what do you do in your spare time ?? - he he

Rambler said...

What a team - don't they know what a team is? Were they able to explain why they left you out of the lunch arrangements? However, I would sooner have had your lunch than theirs, so there!!! "Pfft!" to them!

kathy said...

Your lunch sounded far more yummy than pizza!!! I agree with Jackie I remember well the chaos of the first few days back. Don't miss it one little bit.(only the kids. Bloody minded, demanding teachers who expected their class rooms decorated. As I worked as a departmental teaching assistant that meant 7 to do on one inset day. Plus at their beck and call like a servant. Aaargh!!!

galant said...

Some people are just to thoughtless, Hester! And your salad was more nutritious than the pizza! But a good job you took some in. What a thoughtless bunch they seem. I used to work as a secretary to the warden in a Local Authority Teachers' Centre, but those don't exist any more. We used to run courses for teachers, for INSET. Well, I didn't run them, the warden did, getting advisors in and so forth. I just did all the paperwork involved. And groups would meet in the building, NATE, the National Association of the Teachers' of Engish, and so forth. I wonder if these groups are still going strong or have they all disappeared, too? Also there was a group for the teachers of gifted children. Are we allowed to say "gifted" children any more, or is that as bad as saying "crippled" when we mean "disabled" ... indeed, are we allowed to say "disabled"? Political correctness is now a minefield and one can upset someone totally unintentionally if one isn't careful.
Margaret P

Hard up Hester said...

I don't get forgotten out of malice, they all sit together in one large office, I'm in another room some distance away. Yes my lunch was delicious, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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