Friday, 16 September 2016

The Thames

A colleague asked me today if the river Thames went all the way from Reading to Cheshire!!!
Sometimes I despair, I really do.


Lyssa Medana said...

Hang on a minute, what?!?

I once saw a cartoon referring (seriously) to Wales on the south coast of England. That was an American cartoon, though, to be fair. x

Anonymous said...

Two "keelies" (chavs) looking in a window of a bookshop in Falkirk many years ago. Said one to the other "Aw look-therr the book i that fillum" meaning " Oh look there's the book of that film". And the book was???? Pride and Prejudice. Scarily, these people both vote and procreate. Catriona

TrishWish said...

Unbelievable. Despair at educational standards. Mind you yesterday i failed in locating Harris and Lewis being part of the Hebridian Islands! I did know they were up there somewhere though.

Scarlet said...

Someone recently asked where I was from. I told them the place - a Northern city. She looked blank. I said 'It's in Lancashire' and she looked equally blank. I didn't try explaining any further.

Jean said...

I'm in the USA, so I had to look it up. But, I learned something. Always a good day to learn something!

galant said...

Yay, uphill all the way from the Thames Valley to Cheshire, har, har!

But really, it's not funny, is it? Sometimes I despair, too.

I was in my hairdresser's some time ago and the young shampoo girl and I were chatting about accents and speech. I said I was from Lancashire - I don't suppose she knew where that was, either - and when I arrived in Devon, as a child, with a thick Lancashire accent which made me stand out like a sore thumb in my small private school (for those not in the UK, a private school is one where you pay school fees) and so my parents arranged for me to have Elocution lessons. The young shampoo girl promptly said, "Elocuation? Wazzat?"
Yes, I despair.
I almost said, "Elocution teaches people how NOT to say 'Wazzat'!" but thought better of it!
Margaret P

Anonymous said...

I came to this country in late sixties and for my surprise found out how little
people knew about geography and about other countries. I was once in a bus with my husband, who comes from South Pacific, from Fiji, and one of the girls in the bus asked him where does he come from. He told her, Fiji Islands. She did not know where that was so my husband told her, near New Zealand, she didn't know where that was either. Then my husband told her that it is not too far from Australia. To my surprise she did not know where Australia was either. Unfortunately I still find out how little kids are thought about world geography.

My note might be a bit late as I just red your blog but could not resist to say my few words.

Marja K.


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