Tuesday, 27 September 2016

What ever next

So someone at work has come up with the bright idea of Random Acts of Kindness probably a nice enough idea in theory but not this way.

We all had to pick a name out of jar and we have until Friday to do a RAOK for that person.

It all seems very forced and artificial, I always try to be kind to the staff that come to my room, I always help the ones that are disorganised or panicking, even those that are rude to me.

I work on the theory that they may have problems I know nothing about, though usually I do know what their problems are.

I also keep tissues in my room and staff know they can sneak in if they need a shoulder to cry on.

Now I'm faced with being kind to someone I don't know because they don't use the facilities in my room.

We have been told we don't necessarily have to spend money and that a RAOK could just be giving the person you have been allocated, a big smile!

Oh yes, I can see me tromping over to the other side of the school and leering at some poor staff member who doesn't know me from Adam!


Sheila said...

Gawd...it's enough to drive you mad isn't it?
I don't think it's very 'random' if you've picked a name out of a jar-x-

galant said...

Maybe the Random Act of Kindness, even though it's a bit forced this time, like forced jollity at a party you don't wish to attend, might make all those other people who aren't necessarily unkind but neither are they kind, to think about how they are towards other people? I made it my mission this year to try and perform one small act of kindness each day, whether it's just having a chat with a stranger as I did today in Specsavers (a woman next to me was looking for new frames, as indeed I was, and neither of us could see what we looked like in them as we couldn't see without lenses and we both had a good laugh!), or even offering someone a voucher we've been unable to use in the supermarket, might make life more pleasant for themselves as much as for others.
You are naturally a kind person (and I hope I am, too), you don't need a Random Act of Kindness Day, you are kind to people each and every day, but it really might be good for the others involved. I wonder what you will decide to do, if anything?
Margaret P

Helen Graham said...

It's hardly a 'Random' act when it's so pre-planned.

Anonymous said...

Guess someone's been on a management course then?? What a load of rubbish! Catriona

Lyssa Medana said...

Someone has decided to 'raise staff morale' but hasn't thought it through.

Does it mean you're not allowed to be kind to someone else? It's baffling! x

Hard up Hester said...

I have 4 or 5 bottles of wine that I've been given so I will pass one on to the person who's name I picked out, I just hope she drinks. I will also take in the other bottles and pass them on the colleagues who I know drink wine.
A few colleagues had already said they are refusing to get involved, so some people who have done a kindness will not receive one in return. I can see this will cause quite a lot of bad feeling which is quite the opposite of what was intended.


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