Monday, 13 March 2017

Brrrm brrrrm

We are having the boat engine serviced and Mark came to give us a quote, when I phoned him to make the appointment he was surprised when I told him what make of engine.
It seems the engine was designed for sea going vessels and can even cope with strong tidal waters. Even with the size and weight of our boat he said we could easily get up enough speed to tow a water skier!
I don't think we will be testing his theory out!


Rambler said...

You'll certainly cause a stir as you turbo-charge through the sedate canals!!! Especially with a water-skier in tow. Lol, lol.

Witch Hazel said...

That engine will be really useful if you decide to do the tidal Thames, Sue. It's a great circuit. Coming out of Limehouse on to the Thames, in a boat with the steering capability of a bathtub, is quite an experience. It's very easy to do from where you'll be mooring, I'd definitely recommend it!

Hard up Hester said...

It's a trip that we have planned Witch Hazel, but we aren't sure when.

Witch Hazel said...

When we took a narrowboat on to the Thames for the first time (after spending a couple years only on the canals, it was like going from a country lane straight on to a motorway (and that was just going on to the Thames at Oxford. As we went down the Thames, the motorway got wider and busier, and we'd never been so fast in a narrowboat (the current increases your speed).
I really loved doing the Thames (and I loved getting off it back on to the canals).
The naughty person inide me also loved the look of terror on the faces of the people in the locks on their massive motor cruisers when they realised we were coming in the lock too.

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