Wednesday, 15 March 2017

The damned wine rack

We are going to try and remove the fronts of the shelves if it can be done without wrecking the wood either side.
Even Softstuff's brilliant suggestion would be a tight fit so if we can remove the fronts the shelves will be more useable.

Marty has suggested that the hanging buckets  I bought from Ikea might fall off the bar if another boat goes past at speed.
I mentioned this to my L&M  so he is going to drill a small hole and add a grub screw to each hook to keep them secure.


Floss said...

Maybe a jigsaw could cut away the front without compromising the structure, so you can use the shelves for the cling film, tin foil, rolling pin etc?

Anonymous said...

That just looks like a complete waste of space - hopefully you can the fronts off.

Barbara Anne said...

Perhaps if a shelf can be removed as well as those fronts, you could store cookie sheet pans and muffin pans turned up on their sides there? DH built something similar for our cookie sheets and muffin pans and it's very handy. I'd keep the bottom shelf and remove the shelf just above if you have a choice.

Wishing y'all well!

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