Wednesday, 22 March 2017


So we went to the chandlers to buy an anchor, we need an anchor for the Thames.

There is a compromise  involved i.e. how heavy an anchor is needed to stop a 19 ton boat plus the weight of the chain and rope attached to said anchor, against the lifting capabilities of the weakest crew member, me!

So the conversation in the chandlers went like this.

'How much does your boat weigh'
'19 tons'
'How much can you lift?'
'I can lift almost 30 kilos'
'No you can't, that's much to heavy for you'
'Yes I can, I can lift 2 paper boxes at a time and they weigh between 13 & 15 kilos each'
'No you can't, try to lift this anchor, it's 9 kilos'
I picked up 2 at once, conversation over!


lynda said...

Way to go!!!! So funny!!!!

galant said...

Well done, kiddo! It's nice to put daft people in their place occasionally, isn't it?
Margaret P

Winters End Rambler said...

If only I were a fly on the wall! x

Sheila said...

Would have loved to have seen his

Sally Fletcher said...

That fettled him then ;)

Sally Fletcher said...

That fettled him then ;)


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