Tuesday, 7 March 2017


So my beloved's ligament damage is slowly improving, he cannot get comfortable on the sofa so he spent Sunday and Monday  flat on his back in bed with his leg raised on pillows, hence my decision not to do a roast dinner. Today he managed to get out of bed for parts of the day so I cooked lamb chops for him.

On top of all this he had an appointment to have his new hearing aids fitted, he would normally get to the hearing unit by bus but that was out of the question so I took three hours out of my working day (that I had to make up or forgo salary) to take him there.

We both wear 2 hearing aids, when he first had his, oh the trauma! Maybe someone would notice, they made his ears sore, they kept beeping, everything sounded strange!
We were both told to build up slowly until we could wear them full time. I put mine in at the clinic and have never looked back, I forget I'm wearing them and have even gone to bed and got in the shower with them in.

He still only wears his aids to work and the rest of the time moans that he can't hear what's being said!
On the journey home from the hearing clinic he was convinced there was something wrong with the car, if not then the back windows weren't shut properly, I kept telling him it was his new hearing aids but he refused to believe me.


Winters End Rambler said...

Men! Definitely the weaker sex. x

e said...

Amen to that!

Joy said...

Yep. It's definitely a man-thing. If it is designed to improve your life - just refuse to let it. Grumble, whinge, lose your temper, throw it out, complain that its no longer working. Ye gods!

galant said...

I don't wear hearing aids, but what you have described sounds (har har) very familiar here! Husband complained that the noise of the rain on the cars - when he first had his aids - was too loud. I told him this is what it actually sounds like. But, like you, he's got used to them now and has got in the shower with them on, too. But if, when he takes them out and doesn't always switch them off properly, I can hear them beep in his bedside drawer, in their box, my hearing is so acute, so loud noises are actually quite painful for me. The other day I was in our sitting room, and my mobile was in my bag in the bedroom, and the bedroom door was closed, and I could still hear it beep a couple of times from that distance, through closed doors and with it in my bag as well. But when I say "The TV is too loud, it hurts..." no one believes me. It can be useful, though. I can hear conversations across a room when we're in a café. That can be quite good fun!
Margaret P

Rambler said...

Do you think he's realised yet that 'more moaning' = 'less chance of proper food'? Lol, lol.
I have a friend whose hearing is deteriorating, but will he go for a hearing test? NO WAY! "I'm not ready for hearing aids yet awhile!" So stubborn. I guess lots of moaning will improve things. But not for his long-suffering wife and friends. We had an evening out recently, an evening show with a brilliant comedian. My friend sat there, arms folded, grumpy, even though the whole room was in hysterics at this very funny comedian. Oh joy!

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