Sunday, 26 March 2017

Maiden voyage

We took the boat out of the marina and along the cut .
This was the Captain's first attempt at manoeuvring the boat.
It was Eileen's  first boat trip, it was a bit windy!


Debbie said...

What fun! Good for you and your L&M!

pollyanna said...

Ooh all systems go Hester !
I'm so happy for you both an unexpected but very exciting new home for you both .
Looking forward to tales of life afloat and wishing you good luck with packing up for moving on .
Polly x

Linda Metcalf said...

How exciting. The kiddo's will love it!

markdebby said...

Has your DH skippered a boat before or is this his 1st time?
Our boat is quite high and I'm short leg so I do not enjoy coming into a marina as its me who has to get of in time to tie up.

Hard up Hester said...

Only last year on our holiday and our boat is 17ft longer than our hire boat!

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