Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Buying stuff for the boat

I've been on a spending spree, this is what I've bought.
Ecoballs for the washing machine
A first Aid kit as Captain Hot Stuff cut his hand last weekend and we had no plasters!
Wall hanging storage to hold pants and socks.

This, to replace the dratted wine rack that is neither use nor ornament.

A large amount of washing up liquid.

I still need to buy something to line the kitchen drawers and cupboard shelves with, they are wood and have a rough surface. They are grubby and not easy to clean. I don't want to use sticky backed plastic as it's a bugger to get off once it's worn. I'm looking for an alternative and I'm open to suggestions.

I also need to buy the foam and fabric to replace the seats in the dinette.


Anonymous said...

For lining the drawers you could use oilcloth, and attach it using double sided sellotape, or anti slip matting that's used in caravans, they sell the matting in poundland. Wishing you both all the best on your new adventure.

Judith Auton said...

I used thick vinyl wallpaper cut to size. It was a reduced price roll.

Margie from Toronto said...

I was also going to suggest the vinyl wallpaper as it's cheap if you get an odd roll and it's wipeable.

e said...

I found some washable felt fridge liners here that could be cut to size. When they get dirty or dusty, chuck them in the washing machine. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Lakeland sell a liner that comes on a roll. It is silver but very very thick. It does have a backing you remove if you wish. I bought some for my drawers nearly three years ago. I was skeptical that the silver would wear off but it looks as good as the day I bought it. I have just placed it in the drawer as it is and have left the backing paper on.

Sooze said...

What about some of those cheap plastic tablemats that come in packs of 4 in the pound shops?

That slide out slim 3-shelf unit is a brilliant idea.

Oh, and just had a thought - when we had our caravan I bought a load of plastic baskets in assorted sizes from the pound shop. They were great for holding tins, jars, packets etc all together in the cupboards and stopped everything sliding about when on the move. I know your boat won't be going fast, but they might help keep stuff contained.

ravylesley said...

How about lining the drawers with paper and then adding a couple of layers of varnish then it will be wipeable


Andie said...

Charity shop sell odd rolls of wallpaper, I think I would try to buy a roll of washable paper and line with that. Wash the drawers first with white vinegar and water and they should smell a little better. All the comments above are very sensible. Enjoy your boating, are you going to live on her? Love Andie xxx

pollyanna said...

Hester B&Q sell drawer and self lining . Wipeable and has some grip so could be usefui to stop things sliding around . I would check first as not all stores have everything in stock but it may be available online .
You can also search shelf and drawer liners online some of which will be in retail outlets . You will have to enter non scented into the search or you'll be lost in an awful lot of scented ones .
I had one of those pull out narrow trolleys for years and it was really useful .
Just remembered I've bought the liners from Ikea in the past . I know you've already stocked up there but if you or friends family are passing it could be worth a look .
That should have said shelf not self !
polly x

galant said...

I love that little arrangement to replace the wine rack! That could come in handy in any home where there is a narrow space between cupboards. I have two of them, and they are currently filled with trays, but this would be useful in one of them.
Margaret P

Witch Hazel said...

We used non slip shelf liner on ours. As well as protecting the surface, it stops things sliding around. It's washable. We preferred black, as the creamy coloured one tended to yellow with age, but if you can get it cheaply enough it doesn't matter because you can replace it.
This is the sort of thing, but I think you can pick up rolls of it more cheaply:


Emmbee said...

We use offcuts of linoleum to line drawers and cupboards.


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