Wednesday, 19 April 2017

A quick trip to the pub

We are hooked up to shore power so the washing machine has been on twice and the laptops are on charge.

Captain Hot Stuff has been getting to know the neighbours (he's been working on the outside of the boat) I've been working on the inside.

DD is going to give me a lift home tomorrow to collect my car until then we are on the Marina, not that it's a problem as it is a lovely sunny day.

We walked to the nearest pub, hoping to get lunch, but decided it was too expensive £17 for sausage and mash, maybe we're just tight, so we had a drink and walked back. It takes about 45 minutes to walk there along the towpath.


cumbrian said...

No, not tight, 17 is way over the top for sausage and mash.

galant said...

Is htat £17 each or for the two of you? It would be way over the top for each of you, but perhaps £8.50 these days for a meal(for one) isn't that bad? You will appreciate, I know, that it's not just the cost of the ingredients and the electricity or gas to cook it, but all the other overheads, perhaps the rent or mortgage on the establishment, the staff wages, the insurance, and so forth. But still cheaper to buy some sausages and cook your own.
Margaret P

Hard up Hester said...

It was £17 each, that was the cheapest meal on the menu.

jacqui heeley said...

How much!!!!!????😱

galant said...

£17 each is far too much for sausages and mash, I quite agree. Had it been for the two of you, that would've been reasonable.
Margaret P


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