Sunday, 16 April 2017


Lots of visitors today, family, friends and work colleagues. We are near enough to home for people to come and see us and the boat.
Everyone loved the Squirrel stove, many questions were asked and answered about the boat and onboard facilities.
Some people assumed that we had no heating or hot water.
Some even assumed that we didn't have a flushing toilet.
We do, we have a macerating flushing toilet.


justjill said...

Hope you dont get fed up of all the visitors! How funny some thought you were 'roughing it'!

Winters End Rambler said...

And no one went overboard? x

Rambler said...

Strange how people have set views about how basic life must be when you don't live in a house. I lived in my touring caravan for 5 years, sited on a quiet, rural site in Cornwall, about 5 miles from where I worked. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it, yet most people thought it would be freezing cold (no, it had gas central heating which was rarely needed as it was so well insulated) and when I invited them for dinner, they were surprised to find that I was able to provide a 'proper' roast dinner - yes, I had a full oven!
I'm quite envious of you on your boat and would do the same with great pleasure if I had the chance. Thank you for blogging about the whole thing and I wish you many happy years on the water.

Unknown said...

It must be lovely having a different view out of your window/porthole to look at every day! Really enjoying your travels

galant said...

Delighted you have a loo, ha ha! Honestly, how did people think you would manage, have a bucket and then chuck the contents over the side? Life might be a bit more difficult (well, different at least) on boaty, but not that difficult, surely?
Hope you have had a good Easter Monday, Hester. And, if you don't like one area ou are in, you can always move on to the next place ... just imagine how lovely it would be if, living in a house and had awful neighbours, you could just pick up your home and plonk it down somewhere else? Well, you can now! Have a great time, girl!
Margaret P

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