Saturday, 22 April 2017

I'm Astonish-ed

Doing housework on the boat is like tidying a dolls house.
Whether sweeping and mopping the floor, cleaning the galley or wiping the surfaces all the jobs are very quickly completed.
There are two cream leather recliner chairs in the living area, they ten years old and in good condition, unfortunately they were also filthy!
I had tried everything to clean them but nothing touched the layer of grime on them.
In desperation I attacked them with some Astonish and it worked miracles. 

The  chairs are now much cleaner and I feel comfortable sitting on them.
I wouldn't recommend anyone else try this as I could have ruined the leather, but they would have had to be replaced if they hadn't cleaned up so I had nothing to lose.


bbarna said...

The chair looks great. I would look for something to condition it now that you have cleaned it. It will keep it from cracking, and will keep the dirt from embedding itself. Possible some kind of saddle leather cream?
I love my camper for the same reasons...Bippity, bobbity, boo and it is clean.

galant said...

WE have also used Astonish products, one for the shower, and it works miracles, as you say. The recliner chair looks positively pristine now! What a cosy home you now have!
Margaret P

justjill said...

There are some amazing natural leather cleaners/feeders ! which we use all in the supermarket. No nasty chemicals. x Great job you are doing. So envious. Its lovely. x

Anonymous said...

You can try regular Hair Conditioner! Inexpensive and easily available. Rub it in, let it stay a while and then buff out!!!
Does anyone know the American equivalent of Astonish? I'd like to try it. Jan

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