Saturday, 15 April 2017

Abingdon to Beale Park

It's been warmer today, we set off from Abingdon just after 9 and went through Culham, Clifton, Day's, Benson, Cleeve and Goring lock. Just to confuse us the same lock keeper that was at Abingdon yesterday was at Cleeve Lock and Goring Lock today. This is the second time we have seen the same keeper at two different locks.

We had intended to moor at Wallingford but the moorings were full so we moved on to Goring, there was room on the mooring but this was the view from the window.
The towpath is level with the roof of the boat so we moored long enough to watch the African Queen turn around and pass us (I'm sure I watched a TV programme about her).
Then we set off again until we reached the Beale Park moorings.

Sorry about the poor picture quality, the sign is some way away.

The views here are much more pleasing.

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