Friday, 14 April 2017

Housekeeping on the boat

Every day I sweep the floors from front to back, today I treated myself to a dustpan and brush that I can use standing up as it was killing my knees sweeping up on my hands and knees.
Every other day I mop the floor from front to back, I say mop but it's me on my hands and knees with a damp cloth.
Every day after we've used the shower I mop it dry, we have a gulper, it sucks the water out of the shower when it's in use but it always leaves some water behind so I mop it out and leave it dry.
Every day, after tea and before bed I spent a couple of hours working my way through a list of other jobs. This week the jobs have all been in the gallery, the cooker was filthy, I'm cleaning it bit at a time, today it's the cooker knobs, they are soaking in hot water and will be scrubbed vigorously soon. Whilst I'm doing this Captain Hot Stuff is scrubbing the rust marks off the roof or cleaning the windows.
Speaking of the cooker, there is no handle to the grill pan, I am managing with an oven glove but I will need to get a handle at some point.
Just before bed we load up the stove so it is still going in the morning. In the morning it is riddled and more coal is added.


Anonymous said...

Hester, you sound to be having a good time but it sounds like hard work as well.

With regard to the grill pan, we bought a new cooker last year and found there was no handle to the grill pan. To buy a handle from the manufacturer would have cost £20, so I went on Amazon, found a pan together with handle for £12.99,

Happy travelling

Marie x

myshabbychicvintagefrugallife said...

Its amazing how much help one of those dustpan and brushes with the extended handles is i have had one for years xx

Chris said...

Sounds as though there is housework where ever you live... but at least you're doing it where you want to be. We are in the process of moving, hopefully soon, to Suffolk. We are not in the flush of youth, but to friends and family who have said won't it be hard to start a new life at your age.. our answer.. it's what we want to do, and if this new house with the extra bedroom and shower room, proves too much for us to clean, we'll have a cleaner. When I was much younger and worked full time I had a weekly cleaner, so not a problem. Have you checked the cooker make on line, you might be able to find a handle to fit the grill? Go for it Hester and enjoy every minute, you've worked hard for this.

Hard up Hester said...

I will look on Amazon, I bought an oven shelf as there was only one. It was £25 but it was too small. The correct one was £35, ouch.

galant said...

What a lot of cleaning! But your boat will be ship shape before long, har har!
Parking up at Benson? Is that Benson and Hedges or Benson for Beds ... oh, the girl's working well tonight!
Love hearing about your travels!
Margaret P

justjill said...

Is the housework more than in a house on land? Does the fact you are not on land and living on the boat which you want to do hard? I just so envy you living as you are and all congratulations for doing this. Enjoying reading as always. x

Hard up Hester said...

JJ, the boat gets dirty as we are tramping through her all day, but it doesn't take long to clean the floor as it's only about 40ft by 5ft at the widest part which is the living area the kitchen floor is only 2ft 6 wide

annie b said...

When you live in a small space you have to be very organised or it all starts to look a right mess. I have found downsizing to my small bungalow has created much more work than living in a larger property.

annie b said...

You may like to look at this blog

Anonymous said...

I haven't had a grill pan handle for over four years, an oven glove works just fine for me. Am really enjoying reading about your adventures afloat, brilliant. Elizabeth.

Anonymous said...

My Neff cooker came without a handle for the grill pan. It is an eye level built in one. I queried it and was told it was a Health and Safety issue! Some clot had tried to carry the grill pan to a work surface using the handle and obviously dropped the whole lot. I hope the person wasn't badly hurt but those of us who used the handle to slide the pan in and out to turn food had to suffer! I am assuming it was true. I can't tell you how many pairs of oven gloves my husband has ruined and he hardly cooks! I prefer cotton to silicone.Jackie

Anonymous said...

The new Beko cooker doesn't have a grill pan handle either - same H&S reason as given above quoted in explanation.