Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Going, going gone.

My dining room table and chairs have gone, my sofa's are going soon.
My coffee tables can go in the bin.
I have found a home for the fish.
Someone wants my tumble dryer.
I'm getting there!


galant said...

I would've had our tumble dryer - provided it's not one on the List of those liable to catch fire, Hester! I checked the List with the Hotpoint website and while we were told ours wasn't on the List, since then other models have been added and it is on the List! So rather than wait for someone to come and modify what is already a very old machine, we've been out today about a Whirlpool model which does just about everything a tumble dryer will do except make the tea!
Margaret P

Lyssa Medana said...

You are indeed getting there! Do you feel lighter for it? x

justjill said...

Yay. How much longer before you are launched?

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