Thursday, 13 April 2017


Yesterday we met DD at Thrupp, I took some pics as it was so pretty.
Some yarnbombing

Cottages beside the cut

We are now moored in Oxford, near Osney bridge, there was a heron under the bridge, we have seen a few but this is the first time I was able to get a picture, albeit not a very good one.

We had lunch at the Four Candles in Oxford and this evening went to The Punter for a drink. I bought some free range eggs and mushrooms from a farm shop yesterday and some gammon from The Pig Place, so it was gammon for tea.

After yesterday's laundry debacle I decided to dry the second load of washing inside overnight, the squirrel was lit so everything dried quickly.

We have been shopping to replace the items lost in the cut so now have clean underwear.

I have persuaded Captain Hot Stuff to give up his attempt to complete an eight day journey in five days so we arrived at nine this morning and will not be moving on until nine tomorrow morning.

We have registered to moor here for 24 hours and bought a week's license for the Thames though we only expect to be on it for a couple of days.


galant said...

I had completely overlook how you might dry your washing on a narrow boat ... but it seems you have that problem solved ... apart from losing laundry over the side. It sounded funny but annoying for you to have to buy new towels and pants for the Captain. But what an adventure! Will boaty be moored further away from work than your house was? Will it make a more difficult boat-to-work journey? I hope not.
Margaret P

Hard up Hester said...

The journey to work will be a lot longer from on our temporary mooring, we may be able to find a closer one eventually.

Anonymous said...

You are living every little boys dream! (Some girls, too!) What a fabulous ride!

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