Monday, 10 April 2017

All around my hat

On Sunday and Monday it was gloriously sunny and 20degs, it was also windy, so much so that I lost my hat. It was blown into the canal and we couldn't retrieve it. Without my hat  I got a bit sunburnt. In Banbury today I bought a new hat. I may not need it was it has been overcast and 12degs.
Today I have been coated in Aloe Vera and wishing I had wooly hat.
We had an entertaining trip through the lock in Banbury, an inebriated gentleman wanted to jump across the boat whilst it was in the lock. I persuaded him that he could easily break a leg if he missed and landed on the boat. I suggested he try the jump when the lock was just full of water!!!


Sals View said...

Loving your adventure. We have covered some of your route on a couple of canal boating holidays. Such a peaceful and scenic lifestyle. Green with envy. Enjoy every minute.xx

galant said...

Love the hat! Well you know the saying, if you want to get ahead ...
Margaret P