Monday, 24 April 2017

Why me, why me?

So we are going to rent our house out whilst we are on the boat. We've checked out Rightmove and Zoopla to see what the going rate is for a 3 bed house in this area. There is some variation but we have made a decision about what we will charge.

Another house in my road is also rented out, it's smaller than my house as is the garden and it is being rented out for £1200pcm. It's newly decorated and very trendy looking.
We are not charging the same amount as this as it is way over what other houses in this area are being rented out for.

My misfortune is that the expensive house is being rented by the family of a colleague. Said colleague spent some time today demanding to know why her relatives were paying so much rent when I was going to charge so much less.

She informed me that in Germany excessive rents are banned. Well that's as maybe but how the hell should I know why they are paying over the odds. I assume they either fell in love with the house and had to have it or that is was the only one available at the time they were looking.


Col. said...

Why does said colleague assume it's your fault/problem that her relatives are paying over the odds in rent?
What they pay is nothing at all to do with you, (and quite honestly, nothing to do with her either), they're not renting your house, so it was most unfair of her to even mention it to you!
If her family want to discuss their rent with their landlord that's entirely up to them, you just need to view this as yet another reason why retirement will be so brilliant!!!

Angela said...

I agree with Col. Hope you find a lovely tenant soon!

galant said...

Does not the agent with whom you place your house for rent indicate the rent you should charge? Or is it up to you entirely? I hope you manage to make some money on this venture, and that tenants look after your property.
Margaret P

Hard up Hester said...

Said colleague tends to be a bit 'focussed' when she gets an idea in her head, I will do my best to avoid her for a while otherwise I will get the same lecture every day.
I will then end up telling her that if her relatives are daft enough to pay over the odds that it's not my problem, which will do nothing for our working relationship, lol.

Sue in Suffolk said...

Hope you find someone with no connection to anyone you know to rent Your house!!

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