Friday, 21 April 2017


The kitchen is 5ft 6ins by 5ft 10ins, today Captain Hot Stuff fitted another hanging rail, this one is magnetic.

He also fitted a rail near the stove to dry tea towels on, it will also be used to dry underwear, not when the stove is alight but when it is dying down.

The living area is 9ft by 5ft 10 and very cosy when the stove is lit.

The dining area is 6ft by 5ft 10.

The bathroom is 5ft 10 by 4ft 10.

The bedroom is 9ft by 5ft 10.

I have just chosen the new curtain fabric, the curtains on the boat are very tatty and none of them match. We will have blinds on the kitchen windows but I'll make curtains for the other windows. I tried to order the fabric I liked and got a message, card declined, I thought this was strange but assumed I'd miscalculated.

I tried another card and got the same response and I know there is money in that account.

I then tried the Tesco credit card and that was also declined, methinks they have a gremlins in their system!


Rambler said...

Or are you receiving subliminal messages that you shouldn't buy those curtains and blinds? I wonder if someone is looking after you and telling you they can be found cheaper elsewhere. Lol, lol!!!

Hard up Hester said...

Maybe Rambler, all I want is fabric that is blue with a very simple pattern so the repeats aren't too big, I may look elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

I hope you called the bank and checked your accounts. You don't want to be the victim of identity theft.
You should write a book about your adventures and how you got the boat. I think it would be a big hit!

Hard up Hester said...

Hi Debbie I checked all the accounts online just to be on the safe side. I have a Nationwide account and the card often gets declined though I'm not sure why.

galant said...

Yes, as Debbie says, you should write a book about your adventures, Hester and Captain Hot Stuff! An instant best seller, in deed!
It does sound like a glitch in the system re the cards, hope you can get it 'sorted' quickly.
Margaret P

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