Monday, 17 April 2017


It's cold and rainy here today but we went to Tesco and bought milk and bread etc.

We bumped into some fellow boaters who we met at Crick boat show last year they bought a brand new boat there but aren't happy with it, a year on and they are still trying to get the snagging list sorted. Left to his own devices Captain Hot Stuff would have bought the same boat, the salesman was persuasive but I vetoed it. I was not popular with the salesman but I didn't trust him.

Someone three boats along from us tonight, has got and old fashioned engine, I can hear it chugging away it sounds wonderful.


Anonymous said...

I tried to sign up to receive your posts but get just a page full of jumbled letters and numbers.

lynda said...

I love reading about your new adventures!!!

Anonymous said...

Envy your new life would love to hear the neighbor's old engine chug along. Memories of when my fam lived aboard a boat for a few weeks.

galant said...

It's like an Enid Blyton story for grown ups! Loving hearing about your adventures! It makes our visit to the Zoo today seem quite ordinary!
Margaret P

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