Monday, 31 October 2016

Face ache

I have sinusitis, it's not too bad so far but it is making me dizzy, hopefully it will wear off soon.

My L&M has a telephone assessment later in the week with regards to his CBT, he also has a 24 hour ECG this week as well. I just hope he starts to feel better soon.

After finally spending £££'s on the phone to HRMC I am no longer paying tax on a pension my ex is getting. This has obviously pissed him off so now I've had a demand for £5000 from the CSA. Ye gods, the man needs a lobotomy.


Treaders said...

Your ex sounds just as nuts/vindictive as mine. Sorry you have to go through that - and I hope the sinusitis clears - that is painful. Anna

galant said...

You certainly don't need that kind of demand from your ex, as well as sinusitis. Oh, dear girl, this is awful.
Margaret P

Sharon Koole said...

Hope you feel better soon. Sorry your ex is so vindictive! Hope you L&M gets things sorted soon.

Margie from Toronto said...

Sorry to hear about the ex - a friend of mine has just been notified that her ex (of at least a dozen years) has just put in a claim for half of her government pension! She left with virtually nothing - except the kids and half his debt - has worked so hard to get all of them set up and this vindictive drunk (who has blown through every dime he's ever had) is still trying to make her life miserable! Sometimes there really is no justice in this world. Good luck with all the legal mess and I hope both you, and your husband feel better soon.

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