Monday, 24 October 2016

Winston and the postie

I've just experienced, for the first time, Winston's reaction to the postman, we were warned he was not keen.
This morning he was asleep on my lap under his blanket (his favourite place) when the postie arrived.
My letter box is double sided so the posties fingers were in no danger, but as soon as the letterbox rattled Winston launched himself off my lap from a standing start, slid across the laminate floor, cannoned in to the fish tank stand, righted him self, galloped along the hall, still wrapped in the blanket, barking ferociously. I'm in hot pursuit yelling 'don't touch my bloody post!'.
It enlivened up an otherwise dull morning.


Anonymous said...

Hound (who is the idlest dog I've ever had) can make it from on the bed upstairs (he sneaks onto it when he gets a chance) to the porch door in about three bounds: he loses traction on the laminate and slides into the door.

Every time.

Never learns.

Hard up Hester said...

Some breeds are more intelligent than others, this particular lodger is not very bright.

Sol said...

Hey Hester, our new dog is exactly the same. Throws himself at the door, there is something about the letter box that drives him potty. I am glad you were not hurt as they can scratch when using you as a launch pad. He looks a cutie though.

Anonymous said...

Despite the allegation that beagles are bright - Hound is just a flop-eared fool!

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