Saturday, 22 October 2016

My husband, my hero

I told him I was finding it difficult to walk Winston as he is very strong and he tends to drag me along, so he now takes him for a walk every day with me.

Last week he was on the early shift so three days after work we went to DD1, Helen's house and he fitted a laminate floor in her lounge and hall.

This morning we returned to Helen's and he planed the bottom of 7 doors as they would no longer close over the carpet she's had fitted upstairs.

He did the doors with the 'help' of DGD Molly she is 11 and loves to help, she really enjoys spending time with him as she sees little of her dad and has no contact with her grandparents on either side.

Molly thought originally that my husband was Helen's real dad as he is so kind to Helen and her. She thought stepdads were mean and nasty, but then the man she thought was her stepdad was in fact her mum's dealer.

Tomorrow we are returning to Helen's to plumb in her dishwasher and washing machine.

Lizzie phoned when we got home from Helen's this afternoon to ask if we could look after two year old Suzy, tomorrow as they have complimentary tickets to LEGOLAND it will be a bit cold and boring for Suzy.

When I told my L&M he said, 'She'll have to come with us won't she, she'll enjoy playing with her 2 year old cousins'.


galant said...

What a good 'un you have there, for a husband, Hester! And how much he is appreciated by the family - that is absolutely lovely.
Margaret P

justjill said...

Ditto. Sounds a good un.

Patti said...

No wonder you dote on him are both blessed to have each other. Take care.

Sol said...

Fabulous to be so handy!

Lyssa Medana said...

You have a good man x

chris west said...

He is an absolute star no wonder the children love to be with him x


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