Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Unleash Hell

There is a fair amount of financial tit arsing going on here at the moment, nothing illegal and nothing to do with being in debt.
Just things that need doing, documents that need signing etc.
The person I started dealing with is a woman in her 60's, she is very knowledgeable and very efficient.
As time went on certain parts of this tit arsing have been passed on to other people to deal with.
I have been patient for best part of a fortnight but yesterday I decided that I was no longer receiving the exceptional levels of service I was expecting.
So I emailed the lady above and copied her in on some of the emails I was receiving.
She immediately phoned me, apologised and promised to get things moving.
It seems I unleashed hell, my phone has been ringing constantly, I have received many emails and some text messages.
Everything has suddenly speeded up again, funny that isn't it.


Treaders said...

Sounds like you got Joyce Grenfell involved! Good for you! Anna

Margie from Toronto said...

Sometimes you really do have to be the squeeky wheel!

Hard up Hester said...

It really shouldn't be necessary should it, but it seems to be the way things are.

galant said...

Well done, kiddo! Sometimes one needs to use a big wooden spoon and give it a very good stir!
Margaret P

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