Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Shouting at the TV

I sometimes put the TV on in the kitchen in the morning to keep an eye on the time.
Normally I tune out the waffle and just watch the clock, this morning I had to turn off the TV as I just wanted to shout at it.

First there was the piece about the wild boar in the Forest of Dean, someone was being interviewed about his lawn, he claimed it had been wrecked by wild boar looking for food.
His lawn was in a row of 3 or more, with no fences between them, the other lawns were immaculate and untouched. His lawn looked like it had been rotovated, the edges were absolutely straight, wild boar with OCD?

Secondly the piece about unaccompanied migrant children coming to Britain, very commendable I'm sure but most of these so called unaccompanied minors looked to be in their 30's. We had a group students at school a few years ago who claimed to be 14 to 16 year olds, my arse, they were all between 25 & 35 and caused no end of problems.

Finally the tragic case of Ben Needham, I feel so desperately sorry for his mother. But who in the fuck lets a 21 month old toddler play outside alone, out of sight of any adults especially when there is building work going on.
I don't leave my toddler grandchildren to play out in my garden and my garden is safe and secure. I keep an eye on them from the decking so if an accident occurs I am at least close by.


galant said...

In total agreement with all you have said today, especially the case of little Ben Needham.
Margaret P

Frugal in Derbyshire said...

Guess we are both having a " ranty" week Hester. Didn't catch the news this morning (the hens were playing up!)

Lyssa Medana said...

I agree.

jacqui heeley said...

Totally agree with your comments, although she was in the wrong,it must play on her mind forever more! As for those immigrant children, how crafty the Government are loosely labelling them as children to offload them here!

kethry said...

I'm not sure where you're basing your idea of children as 25-35 year olds, Hester. I do know that there are many children (as in, under 18) in the Jungle outside Calais, parentless. I wouldn't wish that existence on my worst enemy. If you want to know more about why Britain should be doing their fair share of taking in refugees, https://www.facebook.com/theworldwidetribe may be the place to start.

Rambler said...

I agree with you, Hester; when I watched 'the children' on the news last night, my first thought was that they were adults, definitely not children. Their voices were also not children's voices!!!
I have seen footage of small children in The Jungle at Calais and it is heartbreaking to think of them there with no-one to care for them and I agree that we should be helping them. But they need foster homes or a care package of some sort where they can be loved and cared for while there is a possibility of finding their parents.

Mrs G said...

I get ranty over Madelaine McCann's disappearance - her parents were at fault and are to blame for whatever happened to that poor small girl -leaving 3 small children alone so they could go out with their friends - in an extremely child-friendly country - am sure they would have had a lot worse press if they hadn't been so middle class :(

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