Friday, 28 October 2016

Peace at last

Winston has gone home.
DGD Eileen is in bed and asleep.
My L&M has gone to bed with his new book, Spider Rain by John Locke.
There is just me and the quiet glug of the fish tank.


Sharon Koole said...

Enjoy your peace - while it lasts!

Lyssa Medana said...

I bet you miss Winston the Leg Warmer when it's colder. Or not.

Enjoy the peace! x

Anonymous said...

Hi Hester,
I was in your shoes a few years ago then we had a little bit of luck still on the pension its still tight but liveable.
Could you please sent me your address as my friend had an ebay shop that she had to close and I have lots of of hair ties ,nail files and other items.
I would love to send you some I live in Belfast.

I read you blog but this is the first time i have commented.
My email address is

I hope you do not mind me commenting

galant said...

I hope the peace and quiet lasted longer than five minutes!
Margaret P

jacqui heeley said...

That glue from the fish tank can be quite tranquil, enjoy!!

Hard up Hester said...

Watching the fish tank is more interesting and more soothing that watching TV, that's for sure.

Chris said...

You do have a funny way of writing and I love reading it.. I hope things will get better for you and hope your hubby will improve with the time off work. I know what it's like to wonder how you'll survive to the next pay day, I was like that when I was first divorced, we lived on baked potato meals and hardly ever put on the heating, we had an open fire and the 1987 hurricane had just happened so plenty of wood around. We were warm but smelt of wood smoke as I dried the washing in the lounge at night.. now years later I am in a much better place, met my DH 12 years ago and been married 10 years, but still watch what I spend. Keep smiling and keep that sense of humour, you're brilliant!.. Bests Chris


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