Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Mrs Smug

I have a colleague who is always smug, she curled her nose up when my DD got divorced, yes it was a shame but shit happens.

Her children are more beautiful and more gifted than anyone else's, as is her grandchild.

At lunch time today I remembered a bit of video I'd taken of my 2 year old DGD Suzy, I took it because she was singing.

I played it to a colleague and Mrs Smug wanted to see too. She was most upset to hear that Suzy could sing, I explained that Suzy sings loudly and tunelessly.

She asked how old Suzy is, she was 2 a couple of weeks ago, Mrs Smug's DGC is 8 months older.

It seems Mrs Smug's DGC doesn't sing, probably because his parents don't sing. My DD sings around the house as do I, my SIL was in a band and also sings, Suzy's older sisters sing to her.

To add insult to injury Suzy was scribbling away as she sang. Mrs Smug was even more aggrieved, her DGC cannot hold a pencil, let alone draw.

Suzy draws because her sisters do and they let her join in, they also play schools and make her sit at the table with paper and crayons.

She isn't Picasso, she only scribbles, mainly circles, but still Mrs Smug is annoyed, oh good.


Anonymous said...

Gee, too bad about Mrs Smug. Perhaps she will someday realize we all have different abilities. I have two grandsons with dis-abilities; we ask that they do their best and work to find what they are good at. We expect them to be good human beings.

Anonymous said...

Your wee DG does all these things because people invest their time in her-apart from unconditional love, time is the greatest gift you can give a child. She sounds such a happy wee girl and it's lovely to hear about her winning ways. Catriona

chris west said...

Just want agree with Catriona and Joyce x

Lyssa Medana said...

Suzy has a head start as she has an awesome grandmother. She also has a family that actually see her for the lovely child she is and not as a boasting point. I wonder how much time Mrs Smug actually spends with her little one.

Witch Hazel said...

People are funny (peculiar) aren't they? Perhaps she has an inferiority complex, and the only way she can make herself feel better is to put others down.
Suzy sounds like a lovely bundle of fun :-)

Rambler said...

Mrs Smug (love her nickname!) might tone down her boasting now, just in case you are able to show that she isn't the only one to be proud of her granddaughter.
As others have said, your little one has a loving family around her who involve her in their play so that she develops and enjoys her skills.
I'm so glad that you recorded her singing.
- Rosemary x

galant said...

Oh, I love it when smug people are discombobulated! She will be more upset than she will show, I've no doubt! Singing around the house is lovely, I used to until my voice gave up on me! I don't know pop at all, but I used to be in a choral society ... however, singing all the parts of Messiah or Elijah at once isn't easy!
Margaret P

Hard up Hester said...

I have to admit I also felt smug as Mrs Smug was so upset about it, I didn't show the video to boast about Suzy's skills, but because she looked so funny.

Mrs Smug is happy to announce that she has never read a book, not even to her children when they were small.

So I feel her grandson will be at a disadvantage as no-one will read to him before he starts nursery.


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