Sunday, 9 October 2016

I'm one hot woman

But you already knew that!

We both slept badly last night, the heating was on, my L&M announced as he went to bed 'Don't touch the heating controls I've set them how I want them.'

He set the heating on high, he misread the dial, we've only lived here 12 years and had the same dial for the said 12 years.

So I slept fitfully, constantly waking covered in sweat and two duvets because my L&M, who was also hot had thrown his duvet over me in an attempt to cool down!

When we  left to visit DD my L&M decided to put his jumper in the boot of the car, in the boot are 6 or 7 shopping bags, useful now carrier bags are no longer free. Unfortunately these bags were not placed correctly in the boot, so it took him some time to rearrange them to his satisfaction. Once in the car I received a lecture on how bags should be stored correctly, I have no idea what the correct way is as I wasn't listening to the lecture.


jacqui heeley said...

😂😂 Men!! Don't they make you laugh and cry at the same time!! Good job you have that wonderful sense of humour to carry you through lolol x

kelley said...

oh dear...I wouldn't have listened either...the best way to avoid bickering...hugs

Helen Graham said...

My DH does exactly the same thing with the duvet. He also wraps himself up in it and leaves me with only a fraction. So, I'm either sweltering under a double layer or freezing my bits off trying to snatch some back off him.

galant said...

That's the first time I've heard about The Correct Storage of Bags. It sounds like a dissertation for some kind of useless university degree course, doesn't it? I'd have thought the correct way was simply to have the bags in the boot in the first place so that you'd not have to buy more at the supermarket. Any other way would be surplus to requirements!
I think the funniest thing about men is how they can't find things that they're looking for. Husband wanted his black leather belt this morning. "Can't find it," he moaned. "Have a proper look," says I. "I've done that, it's not here, you've had it!" Well, I have bene known to 'borrow' his belts and as I'm fatter, make a mess of them, but this time he'd not looked, of course. It was hung up in his black cords. I'd even suggested he look in his cords, neatly hanging up (as I'd hung them up, of course). By this time he'd taken all the belts of the hooks in the wardrobe door and slung them all on the bed, so I said, like a schoolmarm, "So now you can hang them up again, tidily!" Don't ask him to find anything out of the fridge, that's all I say ...
Margaret P


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