Sunday, 24 January 2016

Calories & arseholes

Thank for the hugs LM, Sheila & WH.
WH, no chance of mediation as BIL refuses to speak to anyone.
Marlene, this is something that will be discussed at the meeting.
We need to know how the ongoing costs are going to pan out, we need know for how long we can afford to protect FIL and keep a roof over his head.

I have lost weight and I will continue to do so, life and other crises permitting.
I understand the theory behind the 800 calorie a day diet, I have two colleagues who were pre-diabetic who successfully lost weight on the diet and immediately put the weight back on once the diet finished, this is not healthy. 
Everyone claims they would stick to a diet if their health depended on it, but I've yet to meet anyone who has.
What annoys me is, being told to follow three different diets by three health professionals all at the same surgery.
Being told I need to lose 4 stone, which would take me down to a scant 6 stone, way too little even for my height.
The biggest annoyance is being told I'm diabetic when actually my BG number is under 5.


Sooze said...

The 800 cals is just for the initial 8 weeks (even less if your BG and weight come down sufficiently).....after that it's a much more relaxed Mediterranean style healthy diet. No, 800 cals per day wouldn't be sustainable or healthy indefinitely, it's not meant to be done indefinitely. The follow up relaxed thing is a way of life, not a diet. And if your BG is under 5, then you're definitely not diabetic, I don't know how your GP can say you are when it's clearly not the case. From what I've heard, GPs get money for each patient they have on their books who is diabetic, perhaps that's got something to do with it!

Marlene jones said...

Whilst wanting to lose weight, I think it is more important to follow the healthy eating, we have stopped buying processed food, sounds hard but once you get into it, it's OK, cooking like our parents from scratch, which means we still eat dishes from across the globe. I have not ate one bit of ham this year, and I don't miss it, most of what you get is taste less, even the more expensive brands. So I am cutting back the portion sizes and walking more. It's not rocket science, you use more calories than you put into your mouth. Our problem is our world has food every where, and we are encouraged to snack all day!

Elizabeth Yule said...

From what I can see everyone over a certain age who goes near a GP for any reason whatsoever gets diagnosed as being diabetic. I think Sooze is right that the GPs get extra money for diagnosing diabetes and I have a strong suspicion that is why so many people are now being told they are diabetic.

As for dieting because your health depends on it, believe me if anyone has gall bladder trouble and is in as much pain as I was five years ago (I seriously thought I was dying) then they'll stick to a low fat diet for ever. I gave up chocolate, cream, cheese - all the things I loved - and lost two stone in two months. I've never gone back to eating those things and have maintained the lost weight ever since (could still do to lose another four stone!!) as I never ever want to be in so much pain again.

crafty cat corner said...

I'm certainly overweight and know that I need to lose it but as you say, its not easy and even when your health is in danger somehow there is a parrot on my shoulder saying that its okay not to bother, oh, how complicated we humans are.
Love your blog

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