Saturday, 2 January 2016

Shopping and eating

My Mr Grumpy is improving slightly, he is just normally grumpy rather than 'biting my head off because even my breathing is annoying him' grumpy.

Marie, I hope your Mr Grumpy feels better soon, why oh why won't men go to the Dr's.

I went to the village this morning, mooched round the CS's but nothing called to me.

I bought 6 rolls from the bakers and 6 apples from the butchers, sounds weird, but they sell fresh veg and fruit.

I checked out the orange stickers in the co-op, lots there, but nothing of interest to me, it was mainly vegetables and I still have sprouts, cabbage, lettuce and beetroot in the garden, yesterday I picked 4 tomatoes.

I also checked out the co-op £5 meal deal, this week it is fish fingers, chicken dippers, vegi fingers, potato waffles, petit pois & arctic roll. All things the DGC will eat when they visit, so I bought it and stashed it in the freezer.

I always check out the deal, sometimes I buy it to help out my DD's, sometimes I buy it if I'm feeling lazy. Once I bought it, it was chicken pie, chips, carrots etc and I made a huge batch of carrot soup for my lunches, some of the chips are still in the freezer.

Today we are having liver and bacon in onion gravy with mash and cabbage. I lightly steam mine as like Marlene, I hate it boiled to a mush. 


Marlene jones said...

Can I come for tea please, I will try the cabbage.

Sheila said...

I love cabbage especially the celtic or savoy. I saute mine in a little butter with salt and black pepper added at the end. Very tasty-x-

sweet blondie blue eyes said...

I hate boiled cabbage too. I steam mine for about 10 minutes.

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