Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Fewer calories, more arseholes

And a couple of idiots thrown in for good measure.

I lost 2 lbs at weigh in yesterday. I am making sure I drink at least 2 pints of water a day on top of any other drinks. I am eating a banana every morning and an apple every evening. I have freshly made vegetable soup for lunch Monday to Friday with a wedge of wholemeal bread.

Hubby is off to the solicitors meeting tomorrow. Hopefully there will be some clearer way forward after the meeting. The will seems straightforward, it's just BIL being an arsehole.

And as for the idiots, one of my machines was damaged when I arrived this morning. Obviously what I really needed whilst repairing it was some idiot breathing down my neck asking how long I was going to take to effect the repair. My reply of 'It will be a lot fecking quicker if you sod off and let me get on with it!' wasn't appreciated.

Idiot number 2 was a first aider who overheard someone asking how my DD was. I explained that tests were still ongoing and that a diagnosis had been suggested. At which point the first aider piped up and announced with complete confidence, 'I spoke to your daughter three weeks ago,  that's not what's wrong with her'. Oh good, from a first aider to medical expert capable of diagnosing complex medical issues in one fell swoop! My reply was short, succinct and left the idiot very red faced.


Sheila said...

Go girl..........that is brilliant.
Hubby and I are off to the solicitors too tomorrow. We are signing our wills-x-

Lyssa Medana said...

Hugs. It may be more expensive if you have to go back, but solicitors are not gods (no matter what some of them think!) and you can always stall and 'have a think' rather than be railroaded into something your L&M may feel uneasy about. You may be lucky and get a good solicitor who is used to this and will be worth their weight in sanity. Sending good vibes. x

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