Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Trust issues, envy and other bloggers

Saraband, yes my Dr's do run that scheme, but my son in law used it and nearly died as they cocked up his medication so badly so I refuse to use it.

At Christmas at work, many people exchanged cards, a member of hubby's team only took home signed by male members of staff, his wife doesn't trust him and would create holy hell if she found cards from female staff.

Well it seems she is not the only one, pc's too have trust issues, I turned on mine this morning to find an error message 'The trust between this workstation and the primary server has broken down' so no pc for me today.

I do not suffer from jealousy but I do suffer from envy, especially when I read blogs, so many talented people producing wonderful craft items. 

I'm green with envy, not only of their talent but also that they find the time to make such wonderful things.


TrishWish said...

In my case retirement has meant a new creative life! May be living in"poverty" on state pension but the freedom of having time away from a working life to think is just wonderful.

Lyssa Medana said...

I definitely have twinges of envy when I read about what you can do. At the moment you have so much heaped on you, but I hope that it will die down soon and you may get a chance to breathe. x

Witch Hazel said...

I know what you mean about craft envy, Hester. I look at the knitting and stuff that you do, and I really wish I had the capability to learn to do that sort of thing well. I do vaguely know how to knit a row of standard stitch, but I just *cannot* cast on or off, I can't keep my rows the same size - mainly because I can't keep the same number of stitches and I can't keep the tension consistent.

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