Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Food costs

Remember I told you my Dr told me to go on the Lighterlife diet as a cure for my alleged diabetes, quite apart from the contra indications with my gallstones & diverticulitis, it was the cost of £55 a week that put me off.

Now another Dr, Dr Michael Mosley has come up with yet another miracle cure diet for diabetes. I've not read the book, but this also doesn't look like a very economical diet.

I have been trying to get some new blades for my L&M's razor, I tried the local mini Tesco and the main Tesco and the Co-op and the pharmacy. No joy, the next nearest place was Waitrose, hooray they had what I needed.

I also bought their Indian meal deal, £10 for two mains, I bought chicken masala and butter chicken, a rice dish, I bought spinach and carrot rice, a side dish, aloo gobi saag and naan bread, 2 very large ones.

When I got home I divided it up and it made 6 individual meals. I ate one & froze the rest, my L&M doesn't like Indian food, so it's all mine.

Not ideal diet food, I'm sure but smallish portions so not too damaging either and cheaper than a takeaway.


Anonymous said...

Food costs in Canada are ridiculous. Cauliflower was over $7 a head, and I don't live in the Arctic. UK prices are so much lower.

That meal deal sounds fantastic

Frugal Queen said...

I read a summary online. It's 800 calories a day for 12 weeks. Try 'my fitness pal' as its free online to calorie count, it's tough and you'll be hungry but allegedly bodies adjust and get used to it. Afterwards, maintain with about 1500 calories a day.

plantpot said...

have you tried buying your razor blades on line i find it a lot cheaper that way.

Anonymous said...

I did the 5:2 diet for about a month when Michael Mosely was promting it but could only manage about 6 weeks. The results were good especially round the muffin top area but I just found my body didn't get used to it. My DH has carefully controlled diabetes and was advised by the specialist nurse not to try the diet. Mind you, getting his gallbladder removed was the most weight he's ever lost as he was poorly for about a year before it but I don't think he would recommend it!! Catriona

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