Saturday, 9 January 2016

Trying to focus on the positive.

So I'm trying to focus on the positive and on what I am managing to achieve.

We do have clean clothes though getting them dry without a tumble dryer is proving interesting. I do have a heated airer that I use overnight but it only holds about half a washing load.

I cook a meal from scratch every night two weeks out of three, when hubby is on lates he doesn't want a cooked meal after ten at night.

I cleared and cleaned the kitchen today, but didn't manage to tidy the living room. My L&M suggested some Afternoon Delight, much better than housework and greatly appreciated as he's still not feel too good himself.

I am also managing some crochet most days, even if just half an hour. 


Sheila said...

Well I think you are a flippin' marvel with all you do in a week. One of your posts the other day made me want to go and have a lie down as I felt knackered just reading it.
Focusing on the positive sounds just fine to me and I really hope it helps.
Big hugs for you-x-

kate steeper said...

go and sus out the local laundrette , i dried 6 loads of bedding and all of this hoards clothing for the week for £5 , 4 wash baskets and two laundry bags full , I only do this a couple of times over the winter , and its so much cheaper than having a dryer at home.

mother noah said...

I know what I would have chosen as well . Forget dusting !!!

Marjorie said...

Can you put your washer on an extra spin? It will get more water out of them. I also hang my stuff up with pegs, not folded over, so this speeds drying as well. I have lived without a dryer for almost 30 years, raising three sons with cloth diapers etc and in a climate that has permanent snow from October to May.

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