Monday, 11 January 2016

Somebody pass me a large gin

Oh no, I've just remembered I don't drink gin!

We visited FIL, he now thinks his cataract surgery was cancelled because the anesthetist glued his eye shut instead of putting numbing drops in it, but he has given up drinking so hopefully it will go ahead next time.

He claims that he has to pay an extra £1000 for the funeral and cannot afford it, but hubby and two of the brothers have already paid it.

One minute he's boasting of having £20000 in the bank and the next he's pleading poverty.


crafty cat corner said...

After reading this and the last post I think you should have a gin, I would. ha ha

Sheila said...

I agree with Briony. I would probably have several and I don't drink alcohol-x-

Cheryl said...

From your post I would think your FIL needs to be in some type of assisted living situation. Sounds like he is forgetful and might need some help. I would drink the gin too, hopefully this year will be better for you and DH. Cheryl

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