Wednesday 29 April 2015

Assorted news

I have my eye test tomorrow, hopefully I will be able to get some specs at a reasonable price and hopefully I will be able to see straight with them.

One of the interesting side effects of the eye treatment seems to be a sudden loss of interest in chocolate, I am an addict, but since the treatment I've had one ginger truffle and one chocolate button.

One of hubby's friends had a mole removed and checked, unfortunately it was cancerous. He is now waiting to see if it has spread.

Someone saw a photo of the blanket I've just started, she was interested in paying me to make one for her. I suggested she priced the yarn needed, when she realised it came to £65 she changed her mind!

One of my colleagues has decided to walk every lunch time, she is hoping for some health benefits, but as she's walking to the local shop and buying a packet of cigarettes I feel she is negating any benefit.

Sunday 26 April 2015

Nosy neighbours

I have an estate agents board attached to my fence, if anybody took the time to look they would see it is advertising a forthcoming school summer fair.
But no, so far 3 people have either knocked the door or phoned us to ask us where we are moving to!

Friday 24 April 2015

Ups & downs

Still jogging along, I have cystoid macular oedema in my left eye, often caused by an insult, well I don't remember calling my eye any rude names but hey ho.
I gather it is sometimes caused along with a cataract, by the Jetrea injection, looking on the bright side even if it doesn't improve I will be able to manage.

If anyone is having this sort of treatment on their eyes, please don't worry, it is painless, I'm the worlds biggest wimp & if I had to go back to have the treatment again I wouldn't lose any sleep about going back.

I have decided to bite the bullet & make a start on the Sophie's universe CAL from Look What I Made blog.

I haven't yet decided on my colour scheme, I have lots of yarn and want to use as much of my stash as possible.

Wednesday 22 April 2015

Long time no blog

I have:-
a) been busy with the lovely grandchildren visiting.
b) had difficulty seeing the screen & keyboard.
c) had a nightmare at work with damaged machines.
d) as above with a paper order not arriving on time.
e) been trying to master a new crochet pattern.
f) been trying to choose a colour combination for another blanket.
g) been trying to sort out my craft room yet again.
h) been making things for DD Lizzie's forthcoming school fete.
i) been selling on eBay to make money to help Lizzie buy school shoes for 3 of her 4 children.
j) as above to buy a leotard & dance shoes for another DGD.
k) been sorting out all my saved tissue paper & cellophane for DD Helen, she is using it to wrap bundles of her babies outgrown clothes in, she is selling them on eBay.

Wednesday 8 April 2015


My eyesight is slowly improving, I  have started driving short distances, the first time I drove hubby sat beside me offering advice by screaming 'Mind the bus!' and 'There's a roundabout ahead!'.
Bloody hell, does he really think I'd attempt to drive if I couldn't see a bus or a roundabout!

I'm also managing to crochet quite successfully but still having problems with reading small print.

I'm currently dog sitting, it's my daughters dog, a very large staffy, he loves people but hates other dogs. He was pining for the family for the first day & kept wanting to sit on my knee, I don't mind but he weighs around 9 stone & there is rather more staffy than knee. He is going home on Friday.

On Saturday we have guests,  we haven't decided yet whether to do a BBQ, I think we'll just wait to see what the weather is like & then decide, the forecast is only for 13 degrees which I don't think is warm enough to be outside so I'd rather do drinks & nibbles indoors.

Saturday 4 April 2015

The Eye's have it

Or in my case, they don't.
Apologies for the large font, I had a JETREA injection last Monday and I still have very limited vision in my left eye as it is very dark & a bit misty.
It was very tiring on the day, all patients had to arrive at 12 and then sit and wait for their turn, we must have looked funny as we all had a large arrow drawn above whichever eye was due to be treated, we looked like a room full of geriatric Harry Potter lookalikes. 
I didn't go down to theatre until 5:30 so it was a long and boring day and I didn't get home until 7.
My right eye is fine, thought it took 3 days to clear but unfortunately it is only good for distance, no good for reading or anything close.
This means I cannot read or see much on the pc, I can watch TV but I'm not sure that is much of an advantage, lol.
My DD Lizzie has sorted some yarn for me so I can crochet granny squares.
Fortunately hubby has taken some holiday so I do have some company most of the time.

I've shrunk.

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