Monday 31 July 2023


and overcast here today, it rained overnight and into the morning.

Steve seems to have rejoined the human race today, he was up and dressed by 11 o'clock.

He went on a bender on Saturday  and drank far too much, Sunday he was grumpy and miserable all day.

He's better today but is refusing to wear his hearing aids, he believes there is nothing wrong with his hearing, I just don't speak clearly!!

Funnily enough he wears his hearing aids when mixing with other people!

I need to walk to the pet shop today or tomorrow and get Beano a pack of dentastix. I also need to make a batch of chocolate brownies for a meeting on Wednesday with the new manager and some of the residents.

Yesterday I got a small bag of cooking apples, they were on a garden wall along where I walk Beano. I shall make some individual servings of apple and blackberry crumble for me. We have blackberries growing near our flat that I can pick.

Saturday 29 July 2023

Beano builds a nest

Whilst I was in the kitchen making a cup of tea, Beano decided to build him self a small nest of cushions and blankets.

There are two of the sofa cushions, two blankets that are kept over the back of the sofa for daytime naps and chilly evenings. There is also a small patchwork blanket made for Beano by a boating friend.

Thursday 27 July 2023

Wild flower meadow

This is just outside our door, Steve and Harry planted it not long after we moved in. It was previously just covered in old estate agents boards and ivy. Of course some of the neighbours complained. They preferred the boards and the ivy. 

I've thought for a while about how difficult Steve is, living here there seem to be a few people like him. Always complaining and moaning.

The mad cat lady is complaining about the area above as it presents a risk to her cat. She has also complained about Beano and the two dogs on the top floor. There are new people moving in who have two cats, we have been asked by her to sign a petition stopping this as her cat can't cope with the thought of other cats on its territory.

Wednesday 26 July 2023

Itchy bitchy

The skin under my chin and along my jaw line is covered in itchy lumps and bumps, I think it's stress hives.

It's something that I get occasionally usually just for a few days, but this time I've had them for three weeks.

I'm sure they will go eventually.

Unfortunately I have now developed a twitch in my right eye, which is a bit of a bugger and I find it irritating.

I'm obviously falling apart at the seams.

These things are sent to try us and try us they do!

I'm not stupid.

Neither am I a genius but I do understand why we need to make a decision.

The freehold of our flats is up for sale, the housing association that currently owns the freehold is disposing of all their owner occupied flats. They wish to concentrate on their rental portfolio.

Because of this we have had numerous residents meetings and many pieces of paperwork delivered to us.

Despite all the information we have been given we still have three residents who are adamant they wish to stay  with the current housing association!

None of them can accept that this is not possible.

Another meeting tomorrow, we have had discussions about us, as residents buying the freehold. As some of the residents are extremely argumentative I can't see this being viable. Some of the residents think they have more rights than others to decide what should be done. Some because they have been here longer, some because they believe themselves to be more intelligent.

What will be, will be, I'll wait and see.

Sunday 23 July 2023

Cunning plan.

Steve came up with a cunning plan.

As I refused to take over cooking duties he announced that he had injured his wrist.

He couldn't remember how he'd injured it but it was very painful, though not swollen.

Harry agreed to give him a lift to the nearest pharmacy so he could buy a wrist support.

I agreed to cook for a few days as he claimed his wrist was too painful.

The meals I have provided have been simple, we've had fish and chips from a nearby shop. Steve also requested a plate of ribs in BBQ sauce one day and chicken wings in BBQ sauce another day.

Today I had a gammon joint, some leftover wings and I cooked some chicken breasts. I served these with buttered new potatoes and salad.

To Steve's disgust there was no gravy, I don't serve gravy with salad as they don't seem to go together to me.

Steve reluctantly ate the food provided but I notice he is no longer wearing his wrist support. I assume he will take up his cooking duties again soon.

Saturday 22 July 2023


I've just spent a pointless 15 minutes trying to persuade Steve that there are not two Saturdays in a week.

In the end I gave up, he's trying to fill his tablet dispenser, it holds a month's worth of tablets. I used to fill it for him but gave up when he continually criticised my way of filling it.

In Steve's world there is only one way of doing everything, his way!

He seems to have strained his thumb though he doesn't know how, maybe it's arthritis, he is sporting a wrist support and eating painkillers like sweeties.

Friday 21 July 2023

Sticky Willies

Poor Beano chose to run through a patch of grass this morning on his walk.

Unfortunately the grass was full of Cleavers otherwise known as sticky willies.

It took ages to walk home  as Beano kept stopping to try and remove the Cleavers from his feet.

By the time we arrived home the fur around his mouth was covered in them.

I'm removing them in batches and letting him rest in between as he doesn't like having them dragged out of his fur. Some of them I'm cutting out but I need a steady hand trimming his beard.

Tuesday 18 July 2023

Favourite chlid.

Do you have a favourite child?

I know it's not acceptable to have a favourite child but I also know it happens.

My first mother in law used to take each of her son's aside and tell them he was he favourite, but not to tell the other.

My second mother in law's favourite was her second born son, it was outstandingly obvious and caused all sorts of family problems.

My sister in law only loved one of her three sons and was devastated when he announced he was gay.

I'm very lucky as I don't have a favourite child though when they were teenagers I used to joke that my favourite was the one who hasn't pissed me off that day.

I was my father's favourite child but not my mothers. I am an only child!

My mother's favourite was the family dog, closely followed by the son of a family friend. He was the son she never had. She was devastated when he was killed in an accident.

Saturday 15 July 2023


Yesterday I took Beano out just before 7am, we got back just before it started to rain and it rained for the rest of the day. 

Today I was late getting up so we didn't walk until almost 8 o'clock, it was very windy and blustery and just starting to rain as we arrived home.

I've still not sorted the food cupboard, I spent most of Thursday night sat on the sofa. I couldn't lay down, but feel back to normal today.

I've picked mint and sage from the tub by my front door, I shall dry it in the airing cupboard.

I need to look up a protection spell, I need to persuade my neighbour to keep away from my window and door. She's making Beano and I nervous with her constant wandering around in the dark.

Thursday 13 July 2023

Cob on

Steve has a cob on and has done since Saturday. I've no idea what has upset him, it's probably not me or he would have said.

He has been huffing and puffing, banging and crashing all week. He missed the afternoon get togethers from Saturday through Tuesday but did go y'day for a short time.

I won't ask him what's upset him as my lack of sympathy and understanding will cause another sulk.

I'm waiting for him to go to the tip with Harry before I start today's chores. I won't do housework when he's indoors as his constant instructions on how to do jobs correctly drives me mad. Yes I have tried suggesting he does the jobs himself, he just gets very hurt and says he was only trying to help.

I need to sort out one of the kitchen cupboards, I shall make up a food parcel for Cass, not that she is in need. But there is stuff that we no longer use and she can probably use it up.

I particularly want to count the bottles of BBQ sauce as there seems to be lots.

Tuesday 11 July 2023

Another appointment.

My hearing aids are much improved, I had another appointment today and a few more tweaks done. 

Cass took me to my appointment, we also had lunch at Osaka, my treat as a belated birthday present for Cass. 

Steve is no longer attending the afternoon get togethers in the summer house. I assume he has fallen out with someone as usual.

I'm hoping he can find something else to do or he will drive me mad, complaining and moaning all day.

He truly could start an argument in an empty room.

Beano seems back to normal now he is currently sleeping on the sofa beside me.

Martha, Beano will not eat rice, he is almost as fussy as Steve.

Monday 10 July 2023


Steve decided some time in April he was no longer prepared to eat the food I cook as it's shite.

Therefore he did not want me to cook for him. This was ok by me as he's a very fussy eater and feeding him was complicated and expensive.

After a while he realised that it was hard work making a meal three times a day every day for himself and he wanted me to take over again.

There are a couple of evening meals I will still make and if I'm having a sandwich for lunch I will offer to make him one, but apart from that, it's down to Steve.

Both the freezers are full to bursting of deep fried rubbish.

Beano had an upset stomach today, I think Steve fed him too much roast beef y'day. I walked him a At 5:30, 7:15, 8:30, 9:15, 10:10 and 12:30. Then he decided to sleep until mid afternoon. He's had two more walks and is now asleep on the sofa. Steve's been out almost all day so Beano's tummy has had a rest.

Sunday 9 July 2023


Martha, we did get permission for the changes to the bathroom although many owners here don't bother. We've also asked permission to add an extra cupboard to the kitchen which has been refused.

We do own our flat but it is leasehold which is fairly common here. The freehold of the entire court is up for sale, some residents want to buy the freehold, I see little point as the residents can't even agree on which plants should go where. So trying to get big decisions made would be impossible.

Many residents seem to argue for the sake of it, we've had complaints because we cleared some ivy from a small area of the garden that is designated as ours. We have planted it with an assortment of flowering plants. We have succeeded in moving the rats that lived there to another nearby area. Some residents are aggrieved that they have been deprived of  the local wildlife. We prefer to be rat free!

Steve likes to get involved with all these shenanigans, I prefer to keep my distance. I'm perfectly friendly to most of our neighbours though I do avoid one person as she tends to lurk under our window or by our front door to complain about Beano.

Thursday 6 July 2023

What a bunch of plonkers!

We attended a meeting this morning about where we live.

The housing association has decided to concentrate on rented properties and sell our flats, along with some others that they own. 

There were four male residents at the meeting and about a dozen females.

Steve and I have had discussions about this and decided that we'd buy our freehold if enough other people were doing the same.

The three male residents immediately got into a pissing competition, two of them claiming they could afford to buy the freehold for all twenty plus flats, one resident claims to have a friend who will purchase the freehold.

None of them asked any sensible questions, they were too busy explaining how rich they were. One man boasted of where he used to live and how many millions he sold his house for. I used to work near there. None of the houses ever sold for millions

No sensible questions were asked so the meeting was a complete waste of time.

Wednesday 5 July 2023

New shower

 We have had a shower fitted and the bath taken out.

I know some people prefer a bath but not us.

Its large walk in shower  with only a small step up so no more clambering over the side of the bath.

Sunday 2 July 2023

Hissing Sid

 Spent 40 minutes today trying to track down a hissing noise.

It sounded like gas escaping, only there is no gas to the flat.

Turns out it was Steve, he claims he was singing!!

I've shrunk.

I've always been short, 4'11 in my youth and I've shrunk as I've aged. I met up with my oldest grandson on Thursday, he was ...