Tuesday 25 February 2014

Needed, a fart free diet

The details of the diet I am allowed to eat with diverticular disease is nothing if not confusing. A high fibre diet with as little fibre as possible, lots of nuts & seeds with no nuts & seed, an apple a day, but it must be peeled, must not be peeled!
One thing I do know is that what ever I eat I fart, lots & lots.
It makes it difficult at work, though fortunately I work in a room on my own & the room sticks of chemicals anyway. I just add to the general miasma.
My L&M & I were discussing what to have for tea one night, he suggested beans on toast & when I replied that beans would make me fart, he replied 'Everything makes you fart, darling, in fact I'm thinking of buying a kite to fly in all the wind you are providing'.

Sunday 23 February 2014


Remember the blanket I started yesterday?
Here it is finished.
I couldn't knit today the light wasn't good enough, so I crocheted all day instead.
 I need to get a lamp to keep beside me.

Meals for one next week

I'm eating my evening meals alone Monday to Thursday next week due to my L&M's shift pattern so today I cooked extra potatoes & cabbage when I cooked dinner. Tomorrow I shall make bubble & squeak with the cabbage & some of the potato & eat it with a poached egg. I shall make fish cakes with the rest of the potato & the tin of pilchards I purchased on Saturday, these will do me for Tuesday & Wednesday, on Thursday I shall buy a curry pot from the canteen at work, £1.40 for curry, rice & naan bread. I love curry, but my L&M doesn't eat it so I treat myself on Thursdays. I don't need an evening meal after the curry, I have an apple every evening after my meal & it will probably be all I need on Thursday.

Saturday 22 February 2014

Busy day & oh bugger

I've managed to get quite a lot done today & so did my L&M.
I trimmed 3 of the bushes in the front garden & picked up a load of leaves from the drive. I did a batch cook for the freezer, vacuumed through & planted some snowdrops, I tried to get a pic of the snowdrops but couldn't get the correct angle.
My L&M finished work around 1ish & once home he worked in the back garden.

Planting out cabbages.

The 'Oh bugger'? We need a new power shower unit, you really don't want details of how we managed to break ours, suffice it to say that the shower obviously isn't designed to run for 40 minutes!

Shopping & yarn

Enjoy your time with your daughter, Carol. I love half term because I get to do all the things I'm usually too knackered to do, silly things like putting all my tea towels through a boil wash on the hob, opening the bedroom windows every morning & airing the bed properly.
Today  need to tidy up the front garden & then to warm up I'm sorting through my baby yarn stash. I have some random or variegated yarn that doesn't crochet well, it  just looks messy, this will not be wasted, I now have (shhh 3, yes three) grandchildren on the way & so I will knit baby jackets, hats & bootees, but no more bloody socks!
The other yarn will be made into granny square blankets, I have more blue blankets than pink ones, so that needs to be remedied, currently I'm working on a green, yellow & white one using a green & yellow variegated yarn that does crochet well, I may need to buy some white yarn to finish this one as I don't have much white, but one of our local charity shops sells a few colours so I won't have to go far to get some.

I went to do my weekly shop after dropping my L&M at work today, £6.41, last of the big spenders, that's me. My L&M is on late's this week so doesn't want an evening meal, I've made a batch of ready meals for him using some more of the left over turkey. All I bought was a tin of pilchards, 58p, coleslaw, 67p & Pink lady apples, £5.26! I could have bought cheaper apples, but I love Pink Lady & they are huge, I find the cheaper ones are smaller & I eat 2 & so negate any savings.
My L&M will have a fully loaded burger inna bun later, I'll have my burger loaded with lettuce from the garden & coleslaw. I used to make my own coleslaw when there were 6 of us to feed, but now I'm the only one who eats it it's not worth it.

Friday 21 February 2014

Three more blankets, the pale ones are for a pram or cot, the darker one is suitable for  a buggy or car seat.

Half Term has been busy

WS, I'm OK with larger socks but 5 needles when the finished sock is only a couple of inches long, is a nightmare.
Keth, as Frugal Freesia says, booties are much easier to knit, much less shaping.

It's been busy at times this week, I've had a couple of visitors, one a work colleague, one an ex work colleague. One of them arrived in a terrible state, she'd been to the opticians & Dr's and they had discovered a hole in her macular, unfortunately she'd been given no information & no reassurance, she isn't computer literate so couldn't google it (mind you, that can be a double edged sword at times) so was assuming she'd wake up one morning in total darkness having gone blind overnight. I was able to reassure her, hopefully she'll get some sleep now as she'd spent 2 nights pacing the floor in terror.

On Monday my L&M wasn't at work so we went into town using our bus passes, we went to Lakeland & he bought me an icing set & an apple slicer/corer, I was very restrained as he would have bought me the entire shop if I'd wished. We then went to a pub & had the Monday club lunch, ham, egg & chips, just under £5 for the 2 of us, a lovely treat.

I've seen a lot of DD2 Lizzie & the DGD's. Lizzie has been unwell & has had hospital visits & all sorts, but she is feeling loads better now. Yesterday she took Eileen to the hospital for a hearing test, waste of time as Eileen wouldn't play the games all she would say is 'I'm not playing, I'm shyd'. Eileen didn't want to go to hospital, she wanted to stay at Nana's with Norah, I offered to make cakes for when she came back and all the way home she kept saying 'Nana's made me a cake' Lizzie was worried I might have forgotten, but Norah & I had been busy & made fairy cakes, chocolate cakes & flapjacks, enough cakes to last Lizzie & her brood a few days. Norah loved using my new icing set.

Yesterday I phoned about my pension, I'd asked to reduce my hours at work & had planned to start drawing my pension to compensate for the drop in wages. I've been refused & my line manager suggested I go back to the Dr's & ask for a certificate requesting reduced hours, but I'm feeling loads better so I'm happy to carry on full time. One of the reasons I wanted to reduce my hours was boredom, sometime I run out of work by 2 o'clock & I did explain this to my line manager, but if they are happy to pay me to sit & twiddle my thumbs every afternoon, then that is what I shall do!

I was on the phone for best part of an hour trying to claim my pension, & sometimes I thought the person I was dealing with didn't understand English. It seems it is so unusual for someone to have a younger husband & not to have claimed any previous benefit that she assumed I didn't understand her questions! I shall start to draw my pension in July this year.

I've sold a couple of items on eBay & a couple of blankets, I also made some more blankets & I'll post pics in another post. Today I need to photograph another few items and upload them on eBay.

Wednesday 19 February 2014


A single sock, to fit 3 month baby & it's taken me all bloody day to knit it, DD Lizzie was in hysterics watching me struggle with 5 dp needles, the worst thing about it? I have to knit another one tomorrow! I have knitted a hat in matching yarn & I have enough yarn to knit another hat, I'll knit bootees to go with the second hat I'm not knitting any more socks!

Tuesday 18 February 2014

Old fashioned shopping list

This morning after dropping hubby at work I drove to the village, first to the garage to get a brake light & my windscreen wipers replaced. DS did the work & his boss said he could put the items on his account so I paid nothing, DS will pay for the lamp & blades at cost, it took him about 20 minutes & I'll make him a slap up meal on night soon.
Whilst waiting for my car I walked to the local butchers. they also sell veg, I wasn't going to buy any meat this month, but I bought 4 huge slices of belly pork, each one sufficient for a 2 meals for hubby, I also bought loose potatoes & mushrooms, I spent £4.88. Then I went to the supermarket next door & bought a bag of soda crystals & a bottle of Worcester sauce, total cost £2.24. Quite an assortment of old fashioned, basic items, the potatoes will last the 9 days until payday & the belly pork will last through to next month. I shall make a lentil roast later today & freeze it in portions to eat when my L&M is eating pork. I shall also make cottage pie using up my last bag of mince & stretch it be adding oats, lentils, mushrooms & onions.

Monday 17 February 2014


Another lovely gift of yarn, I've already started making baby hat & sock sets in the variegated yarn.

Sunday 16 February 2014

Garden Feb 16th

We went to B&M this morning as my L&M wanted some brackets, he said he wanted to build a cold frame.
This is what he built, it's huge, oh & it is straight, I couldn't get in the right place to take a pic without standing in a tub of compost.

Saturday 15 February 2014

From my darling L&M

Half term plans

My L&M isn't working on Monday, so we will use our bus passes to travel into town, we will have a mooch around the shops & then have a pub lunch, there are a couple of pubs that do a lunch & a drink for £5 on a Monday, I'm planning on having ham, egg & chips, yummy.
I'm assuming we will be having a summer eventually, in case we do I'm hitting the charity shops on Tuesday next week. I have 1 summer dress that fits & 3 that don't fit as they are size 20. I will have a look at altering the large ones but I think only one is suitable to alter without ruining it. I'm hoping to find at least one more dresses that fits as I can manage with 3 in total if we have a good summer, I can wash one every night by hand if I need to.
I shall keep my eyes open for some bedding whilst I'm in the charity shops, most of my bedding was 2nd hand to start with & I've been using it for about 7 years, the duvets & pillowcases are getting very thin, a couple of new sets would be nice. I also need to go & get a couple of keys cut for work.
I need to take my car to the garage, I need new wipers & a brake light, all are small jobs & they will not charge much as my son works there.
Nothing exciting, but I'm also dog sitting for a couple days so my week will be full, busy & I shall enjoy every moment of it I hope.

Friday 14 February 2014

Wednesday 12 February 2014

Rain, rain go away

Wet & windy here today, the kids at work were going loopy, they always do when it's windy. I've got steak & kidney simmering gently, tomorrow I'll make it into a pie for tea & serve it with potatoes & cabbage. Tonight we had sausage & mash with onion gravy.
The flooding is no worse here despite the amount of rain we've had but there are branches down & other storm damage causing problems.
Two more days to get through & then it's half term, DGD will need taking to gym club Friday, DGS will be over on Saturday, my L&M is working Saturday but has Monday off, so we will got to a local pub for lunch. They have a Monday lunch club, a meal & a drink for just under £6, good value & a cheap treat, we can use our bus passes to get there so no travel or parking expenses.

Tuesday 11 February 2014

An apology

After yesterday's run in & my email, I have received a lovely & apologetic  email from the children's school, the children's parents have been informed (I get the impression the parents don't believe my complaints as the school has refused to tell the parents the name of the person who had the temerity to remonstrate with their children!) & all the children have written a letter of apology & will be delivering the letters to me at school tomorrow.
Gill, they were only junior school children, I will only tackle older kids if I know them by name. 
The floods nearest to me were on't telly today, we were visited by Ed Milliband & Alok Sharma, our local MP, as I believe that politicians are like nappies & both need changing regularly for the same reason, it's probably just as well I was at work!

Monday 10 February 2014

Growing webbed feet

Glad you all like my blankets. As Angela says I live near the Thames, the water levels are rising & the water has reached the end of my road, it is difficult to drive to work as there are cars parked everywhere because people's drives are flooded. Idiots are also driving too fast and soaking pedestrians & pavements alike.
I had a run in with some school children in the local shop this afternoon, 4 of them, still at junior school, the most appalling behaviour, I ended up telling them off & sending them out of the shop, I have complained to their school & hopefully their parents will be informed.
Catriona, no email from you, my addy is suehester51@gmail.com hope it works.

Sunday 9 February 2014


I have only 4 blankets left but a yesterday a parcel arrived containing someones leftover wool, I was so excited that I forgot to take a photo & started a new blanket immediately. 

Three weeks 'til pay day

I didn't cook proper meals last week as hubby was on lates & doesn't want a meal at 10 o'clock when he gets home. He is doing 2 weeks of days next as someone else in his team wants to do 2 weeks of earlies. This means  he works Tuesday to Saturday so no silly o'clock starts, meals at 6ish every evening & egg on toast for breakfast Tuesday to Saturday, full cooked breakfast Sunday & Monday my L&M is a creature of habit where food is concerned. 
I still have lots of sliced cooked meat in the freezer but I'd like to stretch that through until March, so what else have I got?  I need to make 19 main meals for 2 people
2 portions of Meatloaf
Minced beef, enough to make cottage pie & spag bol
White fish, enough to make 3 fish pies, but I need smoked haddock or salmon & hard boiled eggs to add to this.
2 Pork chops
2 small pieces of steak
3 bags of shin of beef
4 bags of  steak & kidney
3 portions of bacon scraps
6 thick burgers
12 sausages, 8 will be needed for breakfast.
I have a pork joint but will save that for next month if possible.

What do I need? Eggs as my next delivery isn't until 16th, maybe some potatoes & other veg though we do still have carrots & sprouts from the garden.

Something to think about

This card was part of Tracing Rainbow's giveaway, I feel it deserves a post all of it's own.

Saturday 8 February 2014

Flowers in my home

 My daughter Helen bought me these last Sunday & they are still lovely, usually tulips droop & fade quickly.
 The Narcissus my L&M bought me now has lots of flowers & lots more buds on it.
And the poinsettia I was given before Christmas is still beautiful.

Thursday 6 February 2014

I'm a winner

Look at this lovely lot.
Angela a Tracing Rainbows, http://angalmond.blogspot.co.uk/ held a giveaway when she reached 200 followers & I was lucky enough to win it.
There is a pinny, a tea cosy, tissue holder all beautifully made made by Angela, some books & toiletries.
 Thank you Angela

Tuesday 4 February 2014

Busy evening

So far this evening I've made 7 jerk chicken & veg rice ready meals for my L&M's lunches, though actually it's jerk turkey, using up Christmas leftovers, it's saves buying extra meat this month.
I've also made ten portions of cauliflower cheese as I bought a 4 pint bottle of milk & to cauliflowers for £1.26. I also used up a piece of  left over Roquefort cheese. Some of these will do for lunches for me, some will be used at the weekend. I made a large rice pudding as well.
I've also made some chocolate orange brownies to cheer up my colleagues at work.
I'm going to use up all the meat in the freezer before I buy any more, I have some mince, shin of beef, sliced roast beef, sliced roast pork , pork chops & lots of turkey. I'm sure it will last this month & hopefully part way into next month.

Monday 3 February 2014

Isn't this so cute

A friend at work knitted this for DD Helen, it's a jumper but it looks like a tux with a bow tie. We know one of the twins is a boy, if the other is a boy she will knit another one, if twin 2 is a girl she will knit a pinafore dress from the same pattern book.


I don't usually gamble, I don't bet on the horses or play online bingo or poker, but today I have taken a gamble. I bought some unwanted items from a colleague & I've put them on ebay. Wish me luck, I won't make big bucks, but a few extra £££ would be nice

Sunday 2 February 2014

Imbolc Weekend

We've had a lovely weekend, we had a visit from DGD Norah on Friday, we took her to gym club, she stayed the night & I took her home about 10ish on Saturday morning
At 11ish I collected Neal from Helen's we came back & collected my L&M from work & we went to B&Q, my L&M & Neal had a great time looking at all the tools & equipment there. My L&M also treated me to a Narcissus to celebrate Imbolc, it cost the grand sum of £1.48 but means a lo to me as my L&M knew I was trying to think of how to celebrate & this was just perfect. Afterwards we treated Neal to a McDonald's before taking him home.
Today I dog sat for Lizzie, she was holding Norah's birthday party & Lulu would find 10 little girls all aged five or six a bit overwhelming so she came here for walks & cuddles.
We have a very strict rule in our house that dogs aren't allowed on the sofa, however, sitting under a blanket on my knee doesn't count, and anyway as I explained to my L&M, Lulu isn't a dog, she's a rat that barks!
Not long after Lulu was collected by Carl, our SIL, DD Helen arrived with Neal & Molly with flowers as a thank you for some wood we'd dropped over to her a fuel for her multi fuel stove.

Garden 2nd February part 2

My L&M working hard


Cloches to warm up the ground

Garden 2nd February

My L&M working in the garden

It's looking really bare & soggy

This is my excuse for getting nothing done today

Saturday 1 February 2014

Indoor & outdoor gardening

 Carrots on the decking

 Potatoes chitting in the spare room
Tomatoes & Cucumbers in the other spare bedroom
Cauliflower & Cabbage  in the shed 
 Leeks & Cabbage in the shed
 Cabbage & Onion in the shed

Fruit and veg box

 This is what was in my box today. Carrots, cabbage, spinach, avocado, apples, oranges and a huge beefsteak tomato. I've already eaten a...