Monday 28 November 2022


 Will it/won't it?

Our furniture is due to arrive at the flat today so Steve has gone over to let it in.

Yesterday Steve was wittering on about how he needed to be at the flat by 6am in case the furniture arrived early. I told him Jennie wasn't picking him up until after the school run. Cue meltdown number 1.

He announced part way through the evening that the items were being delivered at 11am and 4pm, I did ask which was arriving when but this caused meltdown number 2 so I didn't get a straight answer. 

Sometimes Steve invents things to give him an excuse to go out when it's not actually necessary so I left him to get on with it.

He's messaged me to say nothing has arrived, cue meltdown number 3, I asked which item was due at 11am but got no response, or not one that made sense.

He's since messaged me to say the bed base will be another 10 days. It doesn't matter as we  can either sleep on the mattress or on the sofa, if either of them turn up!

If neither of them arrive I am still moving in and I will sleep on a reclining garden chair until things are sorted.

I know the sofa was definitely ordered as I placed the order myself.

As for the bed? Who knows, maybe Steve only thinks he ordered it!

Friday 25 November 2022

And so it begins.

I've said all along that one of my reasons for leaving the boat was the isolation.

It got worse after Steve had his stroke, he started to avoid people, during lockdown we were in the marina and we had friends there. After lockdown we all went our separate ways and Steve was able to moor away from people which made it more difficult for me.

I know my deafness made it harder than normal but I've been losing my hearing for years now so I know what I can and cannot cope with.

Steve is not happy with the place we have chosen partly be cause it has a thriving social life but if he wishes to avoid people he still can.

We don't move in until 2nd or 3rd December as Steve is delaying it until the last possible moment but I can cope with that.

Yesterday I had a message from someone I used to work with, she helps run a social group not far from where I'm moving to and she invited Steve and I along.

I'm pretty sure Steve will refuse to go but I shall visit. It might not be my thing but I shall give it a go.

I sometimes find social events difficult because of my hearing, I'm better with small groups but I shan't know unless I try and I'm determined to try anything and everything available.

Monday 21 November 2022

Shopping trip

 We went to the new flat today to measure up and then on to buy furniture.

We bought a sofa and chair, a nest of coffee tables and I bought a small slow cooker. We came home and Steve has ordered a mattress and bed base. We wanted a folding table but couldn't find one small enough.

Our friends Clive and Wendy came over to see us, we told them about our  shopping spree, Wendy mentioned that her mum was getting rid of a small table with four chairs. It's exactly what Steve wants so Wendy will drop it off with us one day soon.

All in all a very successful day.

Sunday 20 November 2022

More about the flat.

The flat is fully carpeted and has curtains, a cooker, fridge/freezer and microwave.  We have our own microwave and probably won't use the cooker much as we have an air fryer.

We hopefully will only need a few pieces of furniture. 

We are going tomorrow to measure up and then on to a large charity warehouse to buy what we need. Steve would prefer to buy new but he always buys cheap crap that falls apart in no time.

Jennie went over on Friday and said the flat got very warm, very quickly when she tried the heating. She also spoke to a resident who was very pleased to hear that is a couple moving in as they are short of men. I'm not telling Steve as he will automatically decide he's not going to speak to anyone. 

I intend to join in with anything and everything on offer, I've spent too many years isolated on the boat. I'm hoping that if I start joining in that Steve will be but if not I still will.

Saturday 12 November 2022


I'm still feeling under the weather.

I'm supposed to be taking an assortment of medication, I've run out of one already. The surgery  won't supply it because the hospital should have supplied enough and the hospital won't supply what I need because it's up to the surgery!

Steve is spending part of every day having a meltdown, it seems it's all my fault! He launches from one complaint to the other, hardly pausing for breath.

He feels very hard done by as I expect him to come with me when I walk Beano at lunchtime, I manage the other walks on my own. But I feel Steve really needs to get some exercise, he spends every walk telling me how he'd rather do a ten mile walk than the stroll in the woods that we do. He's not done a walk on his own in the twenty-odd years I've known him! Still be likes to complain that I'm holding him back. 

He seems to have a complete fantasy life tucked away in his brain somewhere. I just smile and nod and let him witter on.

He's taken over ALL the cooking, apart from the days he can't be bothered, in these days in allowed to cook, though mostly I do it wrong!

We finally have a moving date, we'll we have four or five actually, I'm not getting excited until all parties can agree on a single date.

Monday 7 November 2022

It's all going tits up!

DD1 is in hospital she had surgery y'day and hopefully will be home today.

Steve's had a phone call from his youngest brother, their stepfather is causing problems with his neighbours. He's made a pass at a neighbour, the house is filled with rubbish and they don't know where he is, the neighbours think he may have been admitted to hospital.

Steve and I went to a wedding earlier in the year, one of Steve's brothers, his wife has left him and taken the car he bought her!

Our landlord has said we can stay put until after Christmas, their relatives are only staying for a couple of days. This is great news as trying to find another Airbnb was driving me to distraction.

Thursday 3 November 2022


Sorry for not replying to all your comments, I do appreciate them but I'm struggling a bit.

It's partly the after effects of being unwell and partly lack of sleep. My blood pressure is through the roof unsurprisingly and I'm likely to punch the next person who tells me to relax! 

Our bed is too small, Steve is a very restless sleeper and throws himself around the bed throughout the night, thrashing and kicking. He is also struggling as he doesn't cope well with stress.

We visited our solicitor yesterday to sign some documentation, he explained the hold up. It seems the vendor is, understandably desperate to complete rapidly but has mislaid documents he is supposed to sign! Godess give me strength!

It now looks like we will not be in by  Christmas, our landlord has family staying for the Christmas period so needs this place back.

As you may imagine Steve is reacting very badly to this news. I'm decidedly unhappy too but I'm less vocal about it.

I'm not sure I can cope with moving into yet another  Airbnb a couple of days before Christmas especially since we now have all our boxed up belongings surrounding us.

Tuesday 1 November 2022

Thank you

 For all your comments.

I'm feeling slightly better today although I still get tired and nap during the day. I don't sleep well at night as Steve is tossing and turning, it's like sleeping on a trampoline. Roll on getting into our flat and a different bed.

Beano hasn't attempted to run away again and Steve is still doing the cooking and housework. He is also calming down and not screaming and shouting throughout the day which is much more restful. Though he did have one rant today about the new flat, insisting he wants to pull out as its taking too long. Exactly where he thinks we will go I have no idea, but I just ignored him! It must be nearly killing him not being able to scream and shout. He's not used to practising self control since he had his stroke.

We are walking about four miles a day but this is divided between 3 or 4  walks, today we have had torrential rain and hail and had to get changed when we arrived home. Beano was most disapproving.

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