Friday 29 December 2023

Sorry for the lack of posts.

I have a dreadful cold and have had two sleepless nights.

One for no obvious reason, the other because Beano decided he needed a drink or water at 2 a.m.

Tuesday 26 December 2023


I did nothing on Christmas day apart from cooking the Christmas lunch. This consisted of turkey,  ham, stuffing, roast potatoes, carrots, cabbage, sprouts and gravy.

Today I vacuumed through as both my son's were visiting, and Beano has an extra long walk. We had turkey/ham sandwiches for lunch and again for our evening meal.

Tomorrow I need to get my arris in year and prep any veg left and freeze it. I will freeze the veg on trays and bag it up once frozen. I've insisted on having a freezer drawer just for my food so Steve will not be able to fill both freezers with the party food he lives on. I need to start making soup my lunch, hopefully in larger amounts and freezing some of it.

I'm all Christmased out now so tomorrow I'll probably take the decorations down.

Boxing day

Many years ago before my children had their own children my daughters and I used to spend a day Christmas shopping. Then my ex found out and he phoned the girls constantly to discover which day we were going out so he could scupper our plans. We stopped this as the grandchildren arrived as the children don't enjoy shopping.

I used to host a family buffet on boxing day, there would be my four children plus partners and children. It was noisy and chaotic but great fun. The food was served from midday onwards.

After a few years my ex found out about this and decided HE needed to host the family on boxing day. He insisted that everyone needed to be at his house by midday but food wasn't served until 7 in the evening. By which time the little ones were over-tired and hungry.

Eventually everyone insisted that they would visit but they weren't prepared to spend the entire day jumping to his every whim.

I have no idea what he does nowadays but both my son's are visiting today, one is coming at 1 ish the other at 3 so he can walk Beano.

Thursday 21 December 2023


Both daughters visited today at different times. DD1 visited at 9 a.m.  with three of her tribe. She'd warned me she'd be early so I took Beano out about 7:30. He wanted a long walk so we weren't back long when she arrived.

I took Beano out again at 11 a.m. after  they had gone and again we were out for about an hour. DD2 arrived about 4 p.m. after they'd left Beano decided he wanted to go for another walk and again at about 7 p.m. He's definitely got his steps in today and so have I.

Tomorrow morning I need to make another batch of mince pies as we are having afternoon tea in the summer house.

Monday 18 December 2023

All my clothes

All my clothes fit into a wardrobe with lots room to spare I also have a drawer that holds underwear.

Steve went into town today to have a pub breakfast and to get a key cut. Harry called whilst Steve was out, asked if Steve would knock when he got home. It seems Harry needed a shelf out up to hold his shoes, he was having trouble fixing it to the wall. Actually no amount of shelves will help Harry. He has hundreds of pairs of shoes, his entire flat is rammed solid. There is nowhere to sit and he only has a small space on his bed to sleep on, the rest of his bed is piled high with clothes.

Harry's living room is equally full but still he collects stuff from the bin store to take home. He is going away for Christmas to visit family, I hope he has a lovely time.

Sunday 17 December 2023

Saturday was a good day!

Our neighbour Betty came round to ask me if I'd like to go to Sainsbury's with her, I jumped at the chance.

I think Steve was a bit aggrieved that she didn't ask him but as Betty said Steve goes out with Harry two or three times a week and she never sees me goung out apart from walking Beano. She is also not fooled by Steve's jolly persona when he's in company. It seems her own husband was the same. As she lives next door I expect she can hear Steve ranting on when he's upset.

We went to Sainsbury's and to B&M which is next door, I didn't buy much but it made a pleasant change from sitting in the flat.

Friday 15 December 2023

I fecking hate Fridays

I slept badly last night which doesn't help but I really do hate Fridays.

Steve has arranged to play chess on a Friday morning with a resident.

He also gets the Tesco delivery on a Friday morning. I did suggest moving the Tesco delivery but this does not compute.

Steve gets up by 9 on Friday morning and immediately starts checking his phone for delivery updates. He then starts rushing around the flat and up to the car park in case the delivery driver is there and can't find out flat. This continues until the delivery arrives. Once it's here he rushes around, picking up the shopping, putting it down and moving it around. If I try to help I'm told to get out the way as I'm destroying his plan. If I sit and let him get on with it, I'm being unhelpful!

Add to this he is panicking about missing his chess game.

Today as he was in full blown panic mode he shouted at me to get out of his way as I was upsetting his Tesco unpacking I told him he was behaving like a dickhead, I said this in front of the delivery driver, shock horror! Then I grabbed my coat and took Beano out for a walk.I

We are having fish and chips in the summer house at 6 a.m. Hopefully I will be able to be civil to Steve by then.

Wednesday 13 December 2023

Dingbats and whingers

Neighbour A wants me to go to church with her, she thinks my immortal soul is in danger.

Neighbour B walks in front of our window on the grass instead of using the path, I'm worried she will fall. She also complains about the noise whenever Steve does some diy even when he's painting the railings at the request of the manager.

Neighbour C complains whenever she finds a dead pigeon in the garden as she believes Beano has killed it. She also tried to stop us walking in the nearby copse as she feels her cat has priority.

Neighbour D complains about the flowers we have in our hanging basket as they are the wrong sort.

Neighbour F is lovely, very kind and helpful, unfortunately, this week her sister is staying with her. Her sister is firm in her belief that we need her advice and recommendations on how to live our lives. 

Yesterday it was my turn, she asked how often Beano was groomed, I explained that whilst I brushed and washed him regularly but I don't have him professionally groomed. I don't think Beano would cope with being sent to be groomed. Also I purposely didn't wants dog than needed expensive grooming, I wanted a short haired dog that I could care for myself, Beano is broken coated, a mix of long and short hair. I received a long and forceful lecture on why Beano needs to be groomed professionally regularly. 

She then asked if Beano was crate trained. Personally since Beano was found as a stray I'm just glad he is toilet trained. I explained that I don't have a crate for Beano, he is allowed on the sofa and on the bed.  I understand that this wouldn't suit everyone but to me a dog is part of the family. Apart from not liking big bouncy dogs, Beano is mainly laid back, friendly and very tolerant of children.

This, I was told, WILL NOT DO. Beano needs to be in a crate unless he is being walked, I was not particularly polite. I have no idea why she feels the need to make decisions about my dog. I fell back on my usual saying of " Who died and made you Queen of the May". This did not go down well!

My daughter has a crate for her dog, it is somewhere that the dog can retire to if it wants a bit of peace away from the children. It never does, it always wants to be in the thick of the action. I have another neighbour who has two dogs that spend all day in their crates apart from when they are walked. They both pull and bark hysterically during their walks!

if you want to crate you dog that is your choice, I shan't voice my opinion unless it's asked for. But don't tell me what to do with my dog, I'm not a control freak, I don't need an immaculate and tidy home. If rather have a few dog hairs around!

And breathe

I've been busy cooking and I enjoy cooking and baking, I had very little opportunity when we lived on the boat. The only person I fed was Steve and as he has severe issues around food, there was very little pleasure to be had from cooking.

I often cooked for 12-15 people before my children left home and I got divorced. As my eyesight deteriorates I've lost skills, I can no longer knit, sew or crochet. Cooking I can still manage though I'm not sure how long for. So I intend to make the most of it!

Keth, thanks for the information, my surgery has a lot of problems as there are only two part time Drs. who work 2.5 days between them, covering two surgeries. The reception staff are mostly approaching retirement and don't cope well with IT but I will take your advice. I've have asked repeatedly if It could be marked on my records that I am deaf but I've been told they are not able to do this. The also don't accept emails as a form of communication.

It doubt if I have Sjogrens, I've had stress hives on my chin and neck on and off since I was a child. I have been told by the opticians that my dry, itchy eyes were caused by my age. As I said, my surgery has two part time Drs that are shared between two different surgeries that are 10 miles apart.

Catriona, there is no practice manager, all letters are shared between reception/Drs.

Ellen, Steve still thinks my cooking is crap, he just thinks the other residents are just being polite.

Monday 11 December 2023

Still alive.

Sorry for the radio silence, I've been busy cooking for some local get togethers.

Saturday 9 December 2023

Itchy and bitchy.

I've developed a cracking swathe of stress hives all along my chin and round my neck. Part of the joy of living with Steve, he's not up yet but will be in a strop when he realises it's raining today.

Beano is almost as grumpy as Steve, Beano also hates the rain, it took two attempts to get him out for a walk this morning.

I've been asked to make more mince pies so I need to go out to buy a large cooking apple. I've got all the other ingredients I need. 

My kitchen is very small, my work surface is covered by a toaster, kettle, air fryer and microwave. I rarely use the air fryer or the microwave.  But Steve uses them and wants to keep them. The only place I can roll out pastry is in the glass cooker hob.

I cleared the top of the unit in the bay window of all Steve's crap, the wrist support, catalogue, hammer, working hands salve, hat, kitchen roll, etc. as Steve was insistent about putting up decorations. I put the little tree up and added the lights and baubles. There are also two other small Christmas decorations, some flowers in a jam jar and a poinsetta. There is now also a wrist support, catalogue, hammer, working hands salve, hat, kitchen roll etc. Steve complains regularly about how untidy I am!

I should explain about my Dr's surgery, I phoned two or three times a week for months in an attempt to obtain an appointment. There were never any appointments free. This was when I could still hear. I have visited in person to explain that I'm deaf and that making phone calls is difficult, I asked if I could make an appointment via email but they don't accept emails for appointment requests. I also asked if they could mark on my records that I am deaf and find phone calls difficult. I was informed that this wasn't possible. I asked how I was expected to make contact with them and was told I need to get someone to phone on my behalf. I don't have anyone who has time to phone the surgery to my behalf for weeks on end.

Friday 8 December 2023

Doctor's appointment

I'm still waiting for an appointment to see the Dr after being discharged from hospital in December last year so I can't see me being able to make an appointment any time soon!


Steve's friend Bob is allegedly getting married in May. Obviously Steve wants to go to the wedding. He has suggested I ask my daughter to look after Beano. My daughter has a dog and by May could well have three more children in addition to the ones she already has. She also lives a half hour drive away.

Today I bumped into a lady who lives nearby and does doggie day care. I asked if she'd be happy to look after Beano when we go to the wedding and she agreed. I have her address and it's very near where we live.

When we arrived home Beano refused to go into the living room whilst I took my coat of and insisted on staying right by my side. He usually runs in to get a treat from Steve. He eventually came into the living room and when I sat on the sofa he jumped up beside me. Steve gave him a dentastik but he refused to take it, he just stared at me. I explained to Steve about the doggie day care and booking it for Bob's wedding. Beano still sat and stared at me, ignoring his dentastik.

It wasn't until I'd made us both a coffee and I sat on the sofa to drink it that Beano finally realised that I wasn't about to dump him somewhere, he relaxed and is now snoozing beside me.

Thursday 7 December 2023

Dried out and dessicated

The joy of old age, my eyes are dry and often sore, probably because I spend too long reading each day. I

My mouth is often dry despite drinking copious amounts of water.

And as for my nether regions, they are definitely dessicated, I've tried many different creams and lotions but nothing helps!

Steve went into town today to buy a turkey breast for Christmas day, I've no idea why he couldn't just order it from Tesco with our weekly shop. I think it was just an excuse to go to a pub for breakfast and a few beers.

I hoped he'd return in a better mood, my hopes were soon dashed. On his return he decided to write our Christmas cards, complained about the poor selection, until I reminded him that he'd purchased them himself. He then had a lengthy rant because I could not reel off all the residents and their respective flat numbers.

I spent the time he was out having a leisurely shower without him keep telling me I had the water too hot or that I was taking too long. I put up some more decorations and added more baubles to the tree. Beano and I also went for a few walks, dodging the showers as we went.

When he returned he'd purchased a huge turkey breast as he didn't want to buy one already stuffed or already covered in bacon. It won't fit in the freezer so it needs to be defrosted and cooked and then it can be carved and frozen in smaller portions.

I'm the only one who eats turkey!!

Tuesday 5 December 2023


 Its gone 1a.m. and although I'm tired I can't sleep.

Steve is snoring loud enough to wake the dead.

Even without my hearing aids I can hear him.

Mince pie cock up.

 I offered to make some mince pies for this afternoon. I didn't realise that I had no pastry cutters, a lot of stuff was lost or destroyed when we left the boat. Steve's been complaining that I should have made the mince pies on Saturday, I think they would be a bit stale by today.

I've made them anyway using two different size glasses. I've ordered a cheap set of cutters but they won't arrive until tomorrow. I

No doubt Steve will complain that I'm showing him up but most of the residents are just happy to eat something home made.

We have our Christmas lunch out at a local pub today, I think it's the pub where I held my works leaving do. I'm assuming I ordered the turkey for lunch and it is my favourite but I have no idea what pudding I ordered. Nemmind, it give Steve another excuse to moan.

Monday 4 December 2023


 That's horrible for both of you

Soup part two.

Yesterday Steve was finishing up the new cupboard he has built in the hall and I was blitzing the kitchen. I'd just stopped for coffee when Steve came rushing in, needing to get changed.  It seems he sneezed and filled his pants! This was all down to my homemade soup, not that he had any, and had nothing at all to do with the 15 cans of lager he drinks every evening.

I hate to think what a diet of beer, meat and BBQ sauce is doing to his constitution.

Today he's going to a local cheese shop with two other residents to buy cheese for tomorrow's meeting. I've asked him to get me a small piece of stilton so I can make stilton and broccoli soup one day. My soup today is leftover veg from Sunday lunch. Peas and cauliflower, I shall add onion and carrot as I have some in the fridge.

I shall walk to the local pet shop today as Beano is out of biscuits, he only likes the small bone shaped ones. Everything else is too big for him.

I shall trim up tomorrow, it will take me less than half an hour, I'm sure. Steve is getting quite stressed as he doesn't want the other residents to realise how much he hates  Christmas. This means that whilst he is happy and jolly in public, he's extra grumpy indoors.

Saturday 2 December 2023


When one of the residents went into the attic above the summer house they discovered that the roof was leaking. The manager organised a couple of quotes, both came in at around £1000.

This seemed a bit steep  to have half a dozen tiles replaced so Steve and two other residents decided to do the job themselves.

They did the job this morning, which included replacing some of the tile batten that was soaked through and rotten.

Whilst the men worked at repairing the roof myself and another resident put the tree up in the summer house and decorated it. As it got to lunch time and the men were still busy I offered provide soup.

Someone went to the nearest shop for some baguettes and I heated up the soup I'd made. Steve is having to accept that my cooking is not as bad as he thinks it is as the soup and baguettes went down a treat with many people having seconds.

I've offered to make mince pies and cheese palmiers next week. It makes a pleasant change to cook for people who don't turn their nose up at home made food.

The crisis for today.

Steve can't get his phone to send a text.

This is a crisis as he needs to contact Harry, our next door neighbour. Ten paces would take him to Harry's front door, but he's rather sit and rant!

Only half of y'days post actually posted, nemmind, it was only waffle.

It's starting to get foggy now, it was clear but damp when I walked Beano this morning.

Steve has decided I need to put a Christmas tree up on the unit in our window, I have two problems with this idea. Firstly the unit is piled high with crap, tools, medication and other essentials of Steve's life. Secondly we don't own a Christmas tree. I gave  my decorations to my daughter when we moved on to the boat.

Also on said unit there is a vase with flowers in that I received from DD2 for my birthday, she's not actually talking to me currently but at least she sent flowers! There is also a beautiful poinsettia that my son gave me for my birthday.

Steve has always hated Christmas and complained bitterly if I put trimmings up, suddenly he's decided he doesn't want the neighbours to think he a grinch so I'm expected to trim up. I do have a supply of decorations that I will put up soon. I'll just let him suffer for a while first.

Friday 1 December 2023

Sods law.

So I decided to start posting again this morning and we lost our internet!

It seems to have returned though I'm not sure how long for.

Beano is loving the cold frosty weather and is going for extra long walks and more of them.

Harry, our pack-rat neighbour has been having a bit of a clear out. He's already given us a full length mirror that is now a hanging in our bedroom and y'day he gave us an over-mantle mirror with a heavy gold frame. He also gave another resident a glass fronted storage unit.

Lights out again!

Yet again our on-site lights have failed! I'm up and dressed and about to visit our site manager who is due here today. Last time this h...