Thursday 7 December 2023

Dried out and dessicated

The joy of old age, my eyes are dry and often sore, probably because I spend too long reading each day. I

My mouth is often dry despite drinking copious amounts of water.

And as for my nether regions, they are definitely dessicated, I've tried many different creams and lotions but nothing helps!

Steve went into town today to buy a turkey breast for Christmas day, I've no idea why he couldn't just order it from Tesco with our weekly shop. I think it was just an excuse to go to a pub for breakfast and a few beers.

I hoped he'd return in a better mood, my hopes were soon dashed. On his return he decided to write our Christmas cards, complained about the poor selection, until I reminded him that he'd purchased them himself. He then had a lengthy rant because I could not reel off all the residents and their respective flat numbers.

I spent the time he was out having a leisurely shower without him keep telling me I had the water too hot or that I was taking too long. I put up some more decorations and added more baubles to the tree. Beano and I also went for a few walks, dodging the showers as we went.

When he returned he'd purchased a huge turkey breast as he didn't want to buy one already stuffed or already covered in bacon. It won't fit in the freezer so it needs to be defrosted and cooked and then it can be carved and frozen in smaller portions.

I'm the only one who eats turkey!!


Anonymous said...

I had the same problem regarding the nether regions post menopause (I am 59). My doctor gave me very low dose hormonal pessaries which took a couple of months to sort it out, but then did exactly what it said on the tin. I have used them twice a week for a couple of years. Worth asking about next time you see a doctor.

lexie said...

What patience you have !

Thanks for coming back to your blog

Lola's Mum said...

If you want something natural there is Yes vaginal moisturizer I get a NHS prescription for it from the G P.

flis. said...

The first Christmas my darling retired he suddenly began emptying my kitchen cupboards and declared dirtiness - It was 10.30 a.m - He proceeded to wash the contents -I refuse to cook Xmas from then on x

Marjorie said...

Hugs for flis and yourself.

Anonymous said...

The dry eyes and mouth are also classic symptoms of Sjogrens Syndrome. said...

The test for Sjogrens is an ANA, anti-nuclear antibody blood test. It is looking for auto-immune disorders. You will also need a urine test. Call your GP today and see when they can get you in to be tested.
Take care of yourself. And Beano!

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