Saturday 2 December 2023

The crisis for today.

Steve can't get his phone to send a text.

This is a crisis as he needs to contact Harry, our next door neighbour. Ten paces would take him to Harry's front door, but he's rather sit and rant!

Only half of y'days post actually posted, nemmind, it was only waffle.

It's starting to get foggy now, it was clear but damp when I walked Beano this morning.

Steve has decided I need to put a Christmas tree up on the unit in our window, I have two problems with this idea. Firstly the unit is piled high with crap, tools, medication and other essentials of Steve's life. Secondly we don't own a Christmas tree. I gave  my decorations to my daughter when we moved on to the boat.

Also on said unit there is a vase with flowers in that I received from DD2 for my birthday, she's not actually talking to me currently but at least she sent flowers! There is also a beautiful poinsettia that my son gave me for my birthday.

Steve has always hated Christmas and complained bitterly if I put trimmings up, suddenly he's decided he doesn't want the neighbours to think he a grinch so I'm expected to trim up. I do have a supply of decorations that I will put up soon. I'll just let him suffer for a while first.


Catriona said...

You do make me laugh with your adventure with Steve. It’s lovely to see you are posting again. Catriona

Anonymous said...

Hi, it is good to hear you again and look forward to reading about the shenanigans around you. Take care and breathe 🙏. Jan in Castle Gresley

Marjorie said...

Thank you for posting. I think of you every day. Good luck with the Xmas decorating. My husband suggested my cookie jars should go in the china cupboard where I keep my Nutcrackers. He was told no. Get rid of my Nutcrackers then I am going with them.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you’re back. A silent reader who has read your blog for years. Thank you. Daisy.

sandy said...

I love how you put up with his rants, I’ve decided to do this here, I’m enjoying reading your blogs, brightens my day

Anonymous said...

I hope things are looking up, you sound a lot brighter,love Carrie x

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