Saturday, 4 April 2020

Get a fecking grip!

The Canal and River Trust are being inundated with demands by boaters to close the towpath.

Some boaters are constantly phoning the police to report people walking on the towpath.

A boater has tried to stop people passing his boat by putting noticed up claiming he and his wife are in isolation, if they are then why are they both still working and shopping every day.

One boater has reported that 3700 people are passing her boat every day.
If she's looking out her window for ten hours a day that's 370 people an hour.
Considering where she is moored that is highly unlikely.

Some poor bugger is getting hundreds of emails complaining about the use of the towpath, I hope he's not trying to answer them all.

Friday, 3 April 2020

Hot Lips

I have a trout pout, in fact I have a hot trout pout.

No I haven't gone mad and had filler injections.

I'll tell you what happened.

I was walking Beano around the marina, at the same time a chap was walking his dog Gyp, she is a Jack Russell Staffy cross.

Beano and Gyp are great friends and there is no way to keep them apart once they've seen each other.

The two dogs were racing around chasing each other and then both ran straight towards me. I bent down to stroke them both as Gyp jumped up.

We met in he middle and Gyp managed to headbut me straight in the mouth.

It was a complete accident, Gyp is a lovely girl and just wanted a cuddle.

Thursday, 2 April 2020

Peaceful day

Steve went to bed early yesterday, he stayed in bed most of today. He finally got up at 4pm but he stayed up only long enough to watch the news and eat a meal. He was back in bed by 7.

I've spent the day taking him sandwiches and drinks but I don't mind that. It's been nice not having him sat at the breakfast bar like a thunder cloud.

I've just watched an episode of GP's behind closed doors. One of the patients had kidney stones. It reminded me of the Christmas when my ex husband had kidney stones. His mother insisted that I'd caused the kidney stones by not cooking the turkey correctly!

Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Another day

Today started with a bang, literally, I took Beano out at sparrowfart o'clock as normal. He was just sniffing around, deciding which patch of grass to gift with his morning dump when someone fired a shotgun.
This happens a lot round here in posh Berkshire and Beano usually takes no notice. This time he took of towards home like a bat out of hell. Initially I thought he'd been hit as he was running on three legs, but on careful inspection I could find nothing and I think he just hurt his leg as he took off so fast. Beano was quite distressed, shaking and trembling, it was some time before he calmed down.

The day didn't get much better, Steve has a cold, lots of sneezing but no temperature, he is bad tempered and convinced he's at deaths door. Fortunately he spent the afternoon in bed which gave me a bit of a break. He wants me to buy a thermometer as he is convinced I'm lying about him not having a temperature.

This evening I was working on my tapestry when my phone rang. I put the tapestry needle down carefully on the table and answered my phone. Once I'd finished the call I looked for my needle, there was no sign of it. I do have others but needed to find it in case someone stood or sat on it.

Eventually I remembered that my phone case has a magnetic catch on it. Sure enough, there was the needle stuck to the case.

I'm not making scrubs because I'm generous, it's because I'm bored and desperately need things to fill my time.

Sewing Mamie, we could leave the marina but there are no mooring spaces available close enough. Usually all the boats move around but even the canal is now on lockdown

Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Every little helps

My local hospital has an Amazon Wish List, I bought them some face masks and hand cream.

I've also signed up to For the Love of Scrubs, I've ordered fabric, tape and the pattern.

I can't do more as I think we will be stuck in the marina for the entire year, which means mooring fees of £300 a month.

Monday, 30 March 2020

Late 1960's

In the late 1960's I was living in a bedsit near Wandsworth prison I was 16.

My parents divorce was relatively amicable but I was "not wanted on board". When the marital home in Wimbledon was sold  they both moved on with their lives. I was considered old enough to fend for myself.

I had been training as a hairdresser, I had no interest in this, it had been my mother's decision. I expect she fancied saving on her hairdressing costs.
My wages were £3, I worked in a salon in Knightsbridge once I was on my own I couldn't afford a bedsit in Knightsbridge nor could I afford the train fare to Knightsbridge so I found a bedsit and a job near Wandsworth prison.

My wages were  now £4 per week and my rent £3 10 shillings, £3.50 in today's money. I had a gas and electricity meter I don't think I ever put any money in the gas meter but I put a few pennies in the electric meter. I just sat with my coat on in the winter and washed in cold water most of the time. There was a shared bathroom, I was allocated to have a bath on Wednesdays. It was a race between the three of us who were on the Wednesday list to get the first bath when the water was hot. This was not really much of a hardship as I'd grown up with no hot water and no central heating. 

Once I'd moved in I bought one item every week when I got paid, a sheet,  a blanket, a plate and a cup, a knife, fork and spoon all from the local market, I bought the bare minimum so I could have some home comforts.  Apart from that I bought only food, soap and toothpaste. A loaf of bread, a tub of margarine, a lump of cheese. One meal a day, a cheese sandwich, fortunately we got free tea and coffee at work. At home I drank water.

I walked to and from work, it was about half a mile. I had little social life as I had no money to go out but occasionally a friend would visit.

Sunday, 29 March 2020


Still bitterly cold here.

Still wearing my  shrug with the crispy edge.

Beano only wanted very short walks today.

Steve's got a cold and feels unwell, mainly panic I think.

Couldn't find anything interesting to watch on tv so did way too much tapestry and now my thumb aches like buggery.

I can't watch catchup tv as we only have a limited mifi.

I did a load of washing, what a boring post.

I'll try harder tomorrow.

Get a fecking grip!

The Canal and River Trust are being inundated with demands by boaters to close the towpath. Some boaters are constantly phoning the police...