Monday, 30 November 2020

I'm fed up with Bermondsey

 I've nothing against the place itself, I've never actually been there.

Unfortunately my kindle is convinced that's where I am which means the weather forecasts are wildly incorrect.

I repeatedly enable location services and it works for about ten minutes but then after that it reverts to Bermondsey again.

Saturday, 28 November 2020

Oh my poor back

 Today Beano and I met up with DD2 and her dog Loulou for a socially distanced dog walk. Both dogs had a lovely time, chasing each other around and rootling in the undergrowth. Loulou is a good little hunter and was looking for rabbits. Beano was just enjoying her company.

Unfortunately we lost Loulou for a while and by the time we'd tracked her down and persuaded her to leave the rabbit hole we'd been out for an hour longer than intended. My back has put in an official complaint!

My kindle is still throwing the occasional hissy fit, the light level keeps changing and I cannot send or receive emails.

I need to get out my laptop, charge it up and get emails that way. Why is nothing ever simple?

Thursday, 26 November 2020

Defrosting the freezer

That was this morning job, obviously I did it all wrong!

The correct way includes tearing a strip off your shirt and knotting it around your forehead and painting green stripes across your cheekbones (anyone else seen Rambo?) Then the sofa and bar stools all need to be thrown into the bank and the carpet rolled up and removed also. Then commences a couple of hours of hacking, swearing and screaming when the hacking hits fingers rather than ice.

My way is different, I unplug the freezer and take the drawers out, I fill two containers with hot water, place them in the freezer along with a small towel in the bottom of the freezer, another one in the floor in front of it and close the door. I empty the contents of the drawers, wipe the drawers over, list the contents in my notebook and then refill the drawers. I then make a cup of tea. Once the tea is drunk I remove the containers of now cold water and the towel, wipe the inside and outside of the freezer and replace the drawers.

My freezer is very small and not frost free.

So what is in my freezer?

Gammon steak x 2

Hot and spicy chicken wings 1 pack

Burgers x 2

Hotdogs 1 pack

Sausages 1 pack

Pork chops x 3

Chicken breast x 3

Minced beef x 3

Steak x 3

Sea bass x 3

Fish fingers 1 pack

Naan bread x 4





Injury peas (frozen peas not to be eaten but to apply to an injury) I pinched this phrase from someone else.

Wednesday, 25 November 2020


I have some led candles on my altar as I won't have real ones, I consider them too much of a fire risk. I'm dangerous enough at the gas hob with my layers of scarves without adding extra naked flames to the mix.

I used to have glass vases with fairy light in but there are no flat surfaces on the boat so I got rid of the vases and the lights.

There were butterfly fairy lights on the old boat but Steve didn't like them so I gave them to one of the dgd's

Next year's calender arrived today, paintings done by Dru Marland of life in the West end of the K & A. My delivery of felt and buttons has also arrived so some crafting lies ahead.

Tuesday, 24 November 2020


 We went to l look at the Christmas decorations in the garden centre, they were very pretty. 

I didn't buy anything as I don't decorate the boat. I may hang a cluster of mistletoe up but that is for Yule and I hang it against the wall so it is not for kissing under.

I used to love Christmas, not the money side of it. I loved the lights, the music and the sparkle. Steve has always hated Christmas and his continuous whinging eventually ruined my love of it and now I ignore the event as much as possible.

Saturday, 21 November 2020

Definitely a damp squib

 As Alison says today has definitely been a damp squib.

It's not a big birthday, I'm 69 but it would have been nice to see my kids.

Afternoon tea had been planned but cancelled due to lockdown.

Still first world problems.

Steve and I are planning a trip to the garden centre on Monday, weather permitting.

They may have their Christmas display up and it will be nice to see all the sparkly stuff.

I'm fed up with Bermondsey

 I've nothing against the place itself, I've never actually been there. Unfortunately my kindle is convinced that's where I am w...