Thursday, 13 August 2020

Blogging may be sporadic

 Our internet is on the fritz, my phone is broken, Beano was sick in the car and Steve could start an argument in an empty room.

Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Catch up and comments

I have my thumb strapped up hopefully I'll be able to get it checked soon. The lock mechanism was faulty and failed as I was trying to open the paddles. The wheel spun round and trapped my thumb . 

I walked the dogs yesterday evening and was almost mown down by a cyclist, I'm now taking Steve's walking stick out with me, I don't need to lean on it, I'll just use it as an offensive weapon!

I shouted at the cyclist to slow down and his mummy remonstrated with me, her precious baby is only 15 and had never heard the F word until I shouted at him. If it had been a group of boys if have been more polite, not because I'm scared but I don't expect groups of teens to be sensible, I do however expect parents to be sensible.

Radio, music etc, I don't listen as I can't hear them, I could play music via my tablet, I bought some headphones to wear with my hearing aids but I still cannot hear it. 

We cannot go back in the marina until October when we are booked in.

Col, thank you.

Ian, again you made me laugh, I have your books, they cheer me up.

Walking in beauty, I've lost your email address, if you contact me again I'll send you DD's address. Which answers your question Janf my post goes to my daughter's address.

Monday, 10 August 2020

Childe Beale to Sonning

We spent a few days travelling from Childe Beale to Sonning. We stopped outside Tesco in Caversham to buy milk, the signs say the charge to stop or moor there is £100 even if you stop for just a few minutes. I cannot find anyone who has paid this though. We then moved on to Sonning, below Sonning lock the mooring cost £5.50 a night, above the lock it costs £10 a night. We managed to find a space below the lock, the first night is free.

There was no satellite signal, no phone signal and no Wi-Fi signal, it was a bit of a black hole. But it's so hot that I was glad just to sit and read.

This morning we turned around and set off back towards the Kennet and Avon, one of the locks was faulty and  I managed to break my thumb, it's only the top part so it's not too inconvenient but I cannot bend my thumb as it is stiff and swollen.

Saturday, 8 August 2020

Normal service had been resumed.

 Yesterday I was having an off day, we've been travelling now since the middle of July and in that time I have spoken to one person. This is the norm on the canal network, I've spoken to women at locks in previous years who have blurted a month's worth of conversation in the time it takes for a lock to fill, approximately 15 minutes.

Unfortunately I'm the sort of person who likes a certain amount of social interaction and this is sadly lacking when we travel. 

I'm hoping to see DD2 on Monday but it depends on travel times and mooring availability.

Thank you everyone for your kind comments, Rambler, thank you, I've deleted the anonymous comment but I appreciate you taking the time to offer support.

I've signed up to various websites and receive emails from my local council they suggest things to do to remain positive.

Such as listen to music, something cheery and uplifting, watch your favourite tv show on catchup, keep in contact with friends and family. Unfortunately all things that are not available to me.

Still enough of my whinging, what can't be cured must be endured!

Towpath conversations

The chap on the boat behind us has just told Steve that the boat he is on is a long term rental.

The owner comes along once a fortnight and moves the boat to another mooring.

These are 24 hour moorings, I can only assume the time limits are not strictly enforced.

We are moving on tomorrow.

Friday, 7 August 2020

Am I enough?

 'I am enough' is currently a very popular mantra.

Unfortunately I don't feel I am enough.

I cannot hear well enough to join in conversations.

I cannot see well enough to do the things I enjoy.

The lockdown has hammered my mental health.

I most definitely no longer feel I am enough.

Wednesday, 5 August 2020

Small dog problem

I've just walked the dogs, it rained yesterday evening and the towpath is damp.

Loulou is wet up to her shoulders!

Blogging may be sporadic

 Our internet is on the fritz, my phone is broken, Beano was sick in the car and Steve could start an argument in an empty room.