Wednesday, 28 July 2021

Hungerford to Froxfield

 We travelled from Hungerford to Froxfield, unfortunately at one of the locks Beano discovered the corpse of something grey and furry. It was too decomposed to determine what it had been. Beano decided to roll it it!

He stank to high heaven, I washed him with a sponge but he still stank so instead of travelling on the boat with Steve, Beano and I walked from lock to lock.

When we finally moored up Beano had yet another shower!

We only stayed a couple of night at Froxfield as we were so close to the railway line so it was extremely noisy.

We have now moved on again.

Saturday, 24 July 2021

Beano's had a bad day.

Unknown, yes correct.

Weaver, we were in Hungerford, it's very pretty but we're moving on now. We've filled the freezer with meat from the local butcher, the cupboards are full, the water tank is full and the poo tank is empty.

Janf, we have to keep moving, we have to abide by the 'constant cruiser' rules. Tow path moorings are two weeks, this mooring on Hungerford Wharf a is two days, some places are one day, some are seven day.

Ellen as our boat is 10ft wide there are parts of the canal where the locks are too narrow for us to travel through.

Beano has had a couple of bad days. In Thursday he had a shower, as soon as I turned the water on he ran and tried to hide. When I tried to pick him up he scrambles away crying. Eventually he ran to the back of the boat and jumped on Steve's lap. There was no escape, I lifted him down and carried him to the shower. I have no idea why he hates being washed so much but he does hate getting wet. 

By Friday he'd just about forgiven me for getting him wet when my son in law arrived to take Beano to the vets with me. Poor Beano had to have his jabs, he also had his claws clipped and his skin checked over. The vet believes Beano has an allergy as he doesn't have fleas or mites. He now has some tablets to take, apoquel a four week trial. I left the vets £116 lighter! Beano has forgiven me again.again

Here he is asleep beside me despite the thunder, lightening and heavy rain.

Still sunny

Thank you for the info about the app, I think Steve has it on his phone but hasn't used it. I've tried to download it but I can't get it to work. 

This was the view from my side hatch yesterday, we will move on soon as we are on a 2 day mooring although we can stay for 7 days if we need to.

Wednesday, 21 July 2021

Give me strength!

 I've always had problems with the pharmacy I collect Steve's prescriptions from.

Most visits take about 20 minutes because they can never find the prescription I'm trying to collect.

They couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery.

Every time they tell me there is no trace of the prescription until I show them the email confirming it. 

It's always my fault that they can't find it, I've always been too early or too late. There must be a three minute window when the prescription would be ready to collect, I miss this window and after that the prescription disappears into some sort of black hole.

Today, they excelled themselves, not only did they claim there was no trace of the prescription but when they did eventually track it down they weren't happy with the address on the prescription and wanted chapter and verse about why the address had been changed! Why now? It was changed months ago, are people not allowed to move now without permission from their pharmacy?

Then just to be  really helpful when I asked for my prescription which is issued three monthly on something called Fast Track, I was informed that they don't do that any more! Common courtesy would suggest that informing me of this before I had run out of tablets would have been a good idea!

So do I have to contact my surgery for more tablets? Their only answer was a shrug. Can I get through to my surgery? Of course not!

Sunday, 18 July 2021

Hot, hot, hot

I think most of us are. I'm not complaining though as we have had weeks of grey overcast weather.

I've had Wi-Fi problems, computer problems and a few other things too, the problems won't be resolved but hopefully I can come to terms with them.

Kate, yes I know about the problems getting car parts, if you they just said that I would understand. I'm annoyed at the constant changes and lies.

Beano has had a few short walks along the tow path as it's shady. 

Despite the heat Steve still wanted a full cooked breakfast and a roast dinner, beef today, I bought it from the butchers near where we are  moored. I shall buy another piece to put in the freezer.

Our old friend Micky the Bodger turned up this morning and is moored behind us. We've also been keeping an eye on another boater who is having difficulty walking in a straight line. Nice chap but permanently pissed.

Wednesday, 14 July 2021

Calling bullshit

 My car is still not ready, firstly they were waiting for parts.

Then I was told the parts have arrived and the car would be ready on 8th July, then the 15th July. Today I was told that they were waiting for parts. I explained that was wrong as they have used that excuse already. Then they changed it to the car is being re-sprayed.  

No it isnt, the vandalism didn't cause damage to the paintwork. I called bullshit, and told them to get on with the work.

Now the garage are blaming covid and saying the car cannot be collected and must be delivered, more bullshit!

I shall get my son to drive over to the garage and check it out. He's a trained mechanic and will find out what's going on

Jaccs has asked why I'm giving up driving.

I had macular traction in my left eye, I had surgery to correct it but the surgery failed, my retina was split instead. Because I had the surgery I'm now developing a cataract in that eye.

I have now developed macular traction in my right eye, because I had a severe reaction to the previous surgery and because it failed I am not eligible for further surgery.

I can still see well enough to drive for now but had decided to give up when I reached 70 later this year.

I have now decided to give up a few months earlier.


Tuesday, 13 July 2021

Decision made

 My car should be ready for collection on Thursday, I shall phone tomorrow to confirm. If it's ready a friend will collect it from the garage and it will be taken to the marina where we overwinter. If it's not ready by Saturday my friend will be on holiday for 6 weeks and will not be able to collect it. In which case I will ask DD2 to collect it. It will need to be sold but it may have to wait until we return to the marina. We are booked in for the 1st November and I'm giving up driving on the 21st.

Hungerford to Froxfield

 We travelled from Hungerford to Froxfield, unfortunately at one of the locks Beano discovered the corpse of something grey and furry. It wa...