Saturday 2 December 2023


When one of the residents went into the attic above the summer house they discovered that the roof was leaking. The manager organised a couple of quotes, both came in at around £1000.

This seemed a bit steep  to have half a dozen tiles replaced so Steve and two other residents decided to do the job themselves.

They did the job this morning, which included replacing some of the tile batten that was soaked through and rotten.

Whilst the men worked at repairing the roof myself and another resident put the tree up in the summer house and decorated it. As it got to lunch time and the men were still busy I offered provide soup.

Someone went to the nearest shop for some baguettes and I heated up the soup I'd made. Steve is having to accept that my cooking is not as bad as he thinks it is as the soup and baguettes went down a treat with many people having seconds.

I've offered to make mince pies and cheese palmiers next week. It makes a pleasant change to cook for people who don't turn their nose up at home made food.

The crisis for today.

Steve can't get his phone to send a text.

This is a crisis as he needs to contact Harry, our next door neighbour. Ten paces would take him to Harry's front door, but he's rather sit and rant!

Only half of y'days post actually posted, nemmind, it was only waffle.

It's starting to get foggy now, it was clear but damp when I walked Beano this morning.

Steve has decided I need to put a Christmas tree up on the unit in our window, I have two problems with this idea. Firstly the unit is piled high with crap, tools, medication and other essentials of Steve's life. Secondly we don't own a Christmas tree. I gave  my decorations to my daughter when we moved on to the boat.

Also on said unit there is a vase with flowers in that I received from DD2 for my birthday, she's not actually talking to me currently but at least she sent flowers! There is also a beautiful poinsettia that my son gave me for my birthday.

Steve has always hated Christmas and complained bitterly if I put trimmings up, suddenly he's decided he doesn't want the neighbours to think he a grinch so I'm expected to trim up. I do have a supply of decorations that I will put up soon. I'll just let him suffer for a while first.

Friday 1 December 2023

Sods law.

So I decided to start posting again this morning and we lost our internet!

It seems to have returned though I'm not sure how long for.

Beano is loving the cold frosty weather and is going for extra long walks and more of them.

Harry, our pack-rat neighbour has been having a bit of a clear out. He's already given us a full length mirror that is now a hanging in our bedroom and y'day he gave us an over-mantle mirror with a heavy gold frame. He also gave another resident a glass fronted storage unit.

Wednesday 29 November 2023


 Things are settling down here I'm hoping to do a proper post in a short time.

Thursday 2 November 2023

And breathe!

I popped into the summer house this afternoon just after I'd walked Beano.

When I returned home Steve wanted to know why I went over there, so I explained that I wanted to ask  Betty when I needed to make soup for.

Steve immediately started to rant on, it seems he wants to decide how the soup and roll events are worked out.

He's like Monica in Friends, having a meltdown if people don't obey his rules. 

People don't want to have a rule book for every event, Steve does the BBQ's in the summer and then complains that it all gets left to him.

I walked back to our flat with another resident who isn't happy about the foodie things that are being organised.

She wanted to know why I was getting involved with cooking. I explained that as I had lost the ability to knit, sew and crochet, cooking was the only skill I have left that I can share. She was somewhat discomfited by my reply.

Tuesday 31 October 2023

Losing confidence.

I'm losing my confidence, I've made brownies and rice pudding for lunch club today but Steve is convinced that what I make is crap so I'm becoming concerned.

I'm supposed to be making the main course next week and I've been asked to make soup for the soup club.

I used to enjoy cooking but stopped cooking for Steve earlier in the year when he said everything I cooked was crap!

Steve is currently in full on whinge mode, everything I've done is rubbish. I was really looking forward to today but I may now just send Steve over with the food and take Beano out for a walk instead.


When one of the residents went into the attic above the summer house they discovered that the roof was leaking. The manager organised a coup...