Friday, 22 October 2021

First frost

We had the first frost of the year last night and the stove went out over night. It's no fun getting washed in cold water in an unheated bathroom.

Looking on the bright side, I no longer drive so I didn't have to scrape the car wind screen.

I'm on childcare duties today, not that it's any warmer here, DD2 doesn't have the heating on during the day and her back door is always open so her dog can go in and out.

Tuesday, 19 October 2021

In the marina

 We came into the marina as Steve was worried about the solar readings.

The engineer checked everything over, there is nothing wrong it's just Steve being over anxious.

We had intended to leave today but it's been extremely windy and now we have heavy rain and possible thunder.

I've been vacuuming and working my way through the washing, not both at the same time, even when plugged into shore power I can either have the immersion heater on or the vacuum or the washing machine. I have worked my way through all the cupboards, throwing stuff away, cleaning the inside of the cupboards and putting stuff back neatly.

Sunday, 17 October 2021

What a trollop

We're in the marina it only took just over an hour.

There were new people on the next jetty, we had a chat and their little dog came over to greet Beano.

She is a small black rescue of indeterminate breed.

After greeting Beano she turned round and reversed into Beano cocking her leg until she was sat on his face!

Beano promptly mounted her, he's never done that before.

Fortunately they have both been neutered but neither of them seen to realise this.

Saturday, 16 October 2021

I'm no saint

The air was blue with muttered invective during the curtain shortening but I know so many wives who's husband's are unable to do the simplest task with out assistance.

Yesterday we had a pub lunch courtesy of Steve's brother, fish and chips, I had a small portion, it was delicious.

We caught up with news on his family and on our investment in the properties he's building. The first block of 8 apartments is finished and the apartments are either sold and occupied or SSTC. There are six more being built either side that that have just been started. He was aiming at the first time buyer market but has found that they are being purchased by people downsizing some of whom have suggested more storage space would be useful. So the next properties are being built with that in mind. We will receive the return on our investment within the next few weeks.

We are moving tomorrow, Steve thinks there may be a problem with the solar  panels so we will stay in the marina for a couple of days to get them checked out. I shall spend the two days running the washing machine, vacuum and having a shower and washing my hair without having to boil the kettle!

Thursday, 14 October 2021

How to shorten a pair of curtains.

 I finally persuaded Steve to replace some of the curtains on the boat, the existing ones were dark brown and the linings were in threads. The fabric was also very bulky which meant the curtains  blocked a lot of the windows even when opened fully. The new curtains needed shortening so Steve and I discussed staying in one place for a couple of days as it would take a while.We decided to change the kitchen blinds as well, they were also brown, Venetian blinds which were a bugger to clean.

We were moored near a branch of Dunelm so went to choose some new blinds and curtains. We eventually settled on some in pale duck egg blue, pale, restful and most importantly, not brown.

We also purchased new blinds for the kitchen.

We agreed to stay on the mooring for three days, two days for me to shorten four pairs of curtains and one for Steve to fit the blinds.

On day one I cleared my knitting from the coffee table and got out pins, tape measure, scissors and chalk. I went to wash my hands before I handled the fabric. I returned to find the new blinds, Steve's drill and tool box on the coffee table, he decided to start putting the blinds up!

I offered to delay starting the curtains but no, Steve decided we would only stay one day, I tried explaining that shortening four pairs of curtains in a day was a bit of an ask, especially as he'd want help with the blinds. Steve totally refuted the idea of needing any help with the blinds whatsoever!

I cleared the breakfast bar so I had somewhere to lay out the curtains, I can't use the floor as there is no room. I also set up my sewing machine.

I unpacked the first pair of curtains.

Steve needed help measuring the window, that done I started to measure the curtains and mark the cutting line. 

Steve needed me to hold one end of the tape.

Then he needed me to move the curtains so he could spread the blinds out. 

Then he needed me to hold the fabric still whilst he cut it.

Then hold one of the brackets so it was level.

Then find his pencil, drill bit, bracket, end piece, pencil again make innumerable cups of coffee, offer constant reassurance and so on and so forth. 

Eventually the blinds were up, and it's early evening and by now we are hungry so I prepare a meal.

The first pair of curtains lay abandoned over the back of the sofa my sewing machine has been moved back to its usual place in the bedroom.

Steve looks around and comments on my lack of progress!

Not even one pair of curtains finished!

Earlier in the day Steve has received a text, informing him that his prescription is ready for collection. As we are moored near a train station I suggest we stay put an extra day and he can go and collect his prescription, he agrees.

The following day Steve sets off on the 9:15 train.

By the time he returns on the 2:20 train I'm just finishing the last of the eight curtains!

It's a pity you didn't do these yesterday like you were supposed to says Steve.

Wednesday, 13 October 2021


Thank you for your comments.

Our boat is 60ft by 10ft. I had to stand a long way back to get all the boat in the pic.

The living area is 50ft long, it's divided into kitchen, living area, bathroom and bed room.

Sunday, 10 October 2021

Moved again

 We moved less than a mile but we got a pump out, filled up with water and bought gas, £60.

We are now moored outside the supermarket.

We will shop twice a day to fill the cupboards up and then move on again.

We then moved here under the willow tree.

It's a beautiful place but Steve doesn't like the leaves falling so we are off again.

First frost

We had the first frost of the year last night and the stove went out over night. It's no fun getting washed in cold water in an unheated...