Sunday, 22 July 2018

Non-moving day and funny questions.

We were intending to move on today but the next two places on our journey are full. So we will stay here at Woolhampton until Monday, when I will check again to see if there is room.

We need to be in Thatcham by Friday as we are spending three weeks travelling towards Bath and back.

People often stop and talk to us when we are working the locks, well they usually chat to CHS, I'm mostly red-faced and puffing from having galloped along the towpath and cranked the lock paddles.

Yesterday I was helped through a lock by a chap who had just bought his own boat but hadn't collected it yet, he wanted to gain some experience at locking before attempting it on his own.

Another chap asked me about water, I was opening the swing bridge for CHS and kept it open for the boats exiting the lock. He asked why CHS had turned off to the left instead of heading straight into the lock. I explained that we needed to fill up with water, he didn't realise we had a tank that we filled with water, he assumed we were connected to mains water somehow.

Once we moored at the water point someone also stormed over shouting 'Don't you realise there is a hosepipe ban?' 
Well there isn't a ban yet and even if there was I'm sure it's to stop people using a hose for watering their garden and washing their cars. It doesn't apply to filling up a water tank on a boat!

Saturday, 21 July 2018

Moving day

We moved today. We spent a pleasant week at Tyle Mill, we left there at 10 this morning.

CHS moved the boat and I bridge hopped. I'd park the car, walk back to the lock, lock the boat through, walk back to the car, drive to the next place etc until we made it to Woolhampton.

We stopped at Aldermaston Wharf to fill up with water and then again at Frouds Bridge for a pump out.

I didn't mean for my last post to be cryptic, I have become embroiled in a  court case that should have been resolved at the end of this month but it will now drag on to the end of August.

Thursday, 19 July 2018

Heart sore and head sore

I'm heart sore for the lovely John at Going Gently, he is grieving for the end of his marriage.

I'm head sore from trying to deal with other crap that is going on that is not really my concern but I'm getting dragged into willy nilly.

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Lights, camera, action

There have been some strange goings on near where we are moored. There has been some very professional looking security manning a five bar gate.
I've looked on Google maps and it just shows a blank space though there is at least one house there.
This evening there are generators running and lots of bright lights, they must be filming something.
I shall be nosy tomorrow and see what I can find out.

Sunday, 15 July 2018


We've moved the boat today and filled the water tank. This entailed going through a lock and a swing bridge, winding,( turning round) and then back through the bridge and lock. I helped a few other boats through whilst CHS was filling the water tank, no mean feat in this heat.

We then walked back to collect the car and parked it nearer the boat. We will stay a week before we move again.

Yesterday I arrived back in the evening after feeding Ds's cats to find two women on bikes standing by the five bar gate. As I went to open it one of them that it was unsafe to enter the field. When I asked why she told me that there were bulls in the field. I told her there were no bulls there but she was adamant. She pointed to one of the cows with its huge horns, she was certain it was a bull. Looking at it carefully I explained that as it had no penis or testicles but that it did have udders, I was certain it was a cow. As I went to open the gate she asked why I was so determined to walk through the field. I pointed to my boat and explained that I was intending to sleep on it and not on the side of the road.

I blame the film Barnyard, it showed all the cows, male and female with udders, believe me, bulls do not have udders!

Saturday, 14 July 2018

An abundance of male genitalia

Today CHS helped DD1, Helen marshal a local village bike ride, all the riders seemed to be men and the lycra leaves very little to the imagination. 

I stayed home with my four year old grandchildren. I was not a successful carer, I managed to break a glass and mislay a grandchild. The little bugger was prancing around the front garden naked!!

Whilst I was there a rather scary letter arrived for me. I have to phone on Monday for more information!

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Busy week

I have a busy few days ahead, today I did my Drivetech course, fed DS's cats and used his washing machine.

Tomorrow I'm looking after Dgd whilst DD2 is working, feeding Ds's cats and watering his garden. I will take Dgd with me in the morning as Ds's cats are friendly and placid and dgd is gentle. I will visit them again before I collect CHS from work.

Friday it's shopping and cat care.

Saturday CHS is helping DD1 with race marshalling whilst I'm taking care of her four year old twins, I need to visit Ds's cats before and after this.

Sunday cat care and boat moving, phew!

Non-moving day and funny questions.

We were intending to move on today but the next two places on our journey are full. So we will stay here at Woolhampton until Monday, when I...