Wednesday, 12 May 2021

A good trip.

Today started badly, Beano took a tumble, possibly in a rabbit hole and has been limping all day.

When we went to fill up with fresh water and empty the black water tank there was a boat moored on the water point. The maximum stopping time allowed for doing this is four hours but this boat had been there for two nights and wasn't intending on moving for a few more days yet.

This meant we had to go to a different pump out and had to pay £18. 

Because of this it was midday by the time we set off to our next mooring. Despite the hiccups the journey went smoothly and didn't take too long, our friends came along as crew, on Friday we will do the same for them.

There was plenty of room on the mooring and one of Beano's friends, Sparkle is moored nearby.

The afternoon was warm and sunny and we sat on the back deck until 6 o'clock chatting to passers by.

Beano's foot seems to be bothering him less now, hopefully it will be completely better by morning.

Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Could have been worse.

Steve was sat on the back deck when he was hailed by another boater. They had just come through the lock above us,  the lock has scalloped edges and the rubbing strake had caught on the side of the lock and the boat had tipped violently. Only having a second boat in the lock had averted disaster as it had stopped the boat from turning turtle and sinking.

The boaters were pale and shaky and asked if it was ok to moor next to us. Everything had fallen off their shelves and lots of stuff was smashed. We offered help and asked what they needed, we popped to and fro with tea, coffee, sugar etc.

They were hoping to travel on but decided to stay here and set off in the morning. I gave them a lift to the nearest garage to stock up on beer to help them relax.

Sunday, 9 May 2021


 Anonymous, I am unsure why you feel I should have reported something to the police that is being dealt with by social services. Also I did not say the boater was violent to the child. I have however frequently made reports to the police and social services when I believed someone was in danger. I have done this as a member of the public and as part of my child protection duties at work.

Button, I'll have a look in YouTube the bowl copies sound interesting.

Hugs Debby.


 Steve is searching.

He is convinced that somewhere out there is THE ONE for him.

Pre covid, he would have searched in person, currently all his searches are online.

He's had short ones and tall ones, thin ones and fat ones, soft squishy ones and hard tough ones.

Unfortunately none of them have been THE ONE!

So for Steve the search continues, I meanwhile have a cupboard full of squeegee's and the solar panels still need cleaning.

Saturday, 8 May 2021

Heart breaking

I watched Home Truths yesterday, Ian Wright talking about domestic violence, he suffered badly as a child and although he had anger issues he seems to have released these on the football pitch rather than on his family. 

There is a boater who posts on Facebook, she criticises her local social services for taking her children away. She sees no problem in subjecting them to her lifestyle of alcoholism and domestic violence.

Three out of my four foster grandchildren were removed from their parents because of drug/alcohol addiction and domestic violence. The children are doing well now, but two of the children are still affected by what they endured and who knows if problems will occur once they are old enough to have their own children.

There are two members of my extended family who were affected not by domestic violence but by a total lack of love from their parents. One had a mother who only wanted daughters,  she was cold and disinterested, the effect on her children was such that they were given full time free nursery places in the 1970s to offer them some level of care, when such things were rare.

The other child along with a sibling was seen as an encumberance after a divorce, shunted from pillar to post, relative to relative,. The parents rowed continually about who's turn it was to care for the child who was unwanted by both. This person now struggles with feelings of inadequacy, and despite being successful in their career has doubts about their own self worth.

More ramblings

 JanF, I bet that does cause some smiles.

It's Saturday, I've worked that much out.

Yesterday Steve had to put extra pins in to hold us steady, many boats were travelling way too fast.

It's raining today and due to rain all day.

I pity the poor hire boaters who are collecting their boats today.

Beano will only go out when absolutely necessary and then for the shortest possible time, his choice, not mine.

A lamb casserole is simmering on top of the log burner, it should be done by this evening.

I shall bottom out the bathroom once Steve has finished in there.

I quite fancy some cake so I might make one later, or I might buy a slice of carrot cake from the nearby cafe.

I've been offered space at a craft fair, well I say offered, in fact someone needs help filling a space, I need to wrack my brains for something to make. I have lots of stuff, fabric, yarn, beads, I just need ideas. I shall have wander around Pinterest this afternoon.

Friday, 7 May 2021


 I've no idea what day it is so I've given this post the title of Today!

Exactly Kate, disagreeable old git sums it up.

My dgc twins are 7 soon, and they are self isolating as a child in their class has tested positive for Covid. They are getting mice and guinea pigs as birthday presents, their older sister already has rabbits and gerbils and DD has a dog.

We had breakfast at the canal side cafe this morning, the CRT have just doubled the rent which I think is appalling.

I've done two loads of washing as it was sunny this morning with plenty of solar, most of it is almost dry.

Now it's time for another episode of the Repair Cafe and some crochet.

A good trip.

Today started badly, Beano took a tumble, possibly in a rabbit hole and has been limping all day. When we went to fill up with fresh water a...