Sunday, 18 March 2018

Thank trap

All is hustle and bustle here on the marina, there was an influx of workmen last week and lots of jobs got done.

The broken paving slabs at the end of the jetties have been replaced. An extra passing point has been added to the drive, fence posts have replaced the old tree stumps lining the drive and a push button entry system has been added to the gate.
This is very welcome as standing in the rain fighting with a recalcitrant padlock is no fun at all. Mind you the key pad has been fitted to the gate post so it is still necessary to get out of the car to open the gate.

The car park has also received an extra layer of gravel, in some place the layer is somewhat over generous and the car park resembles a tank trap! My little car struggles a bit to navigate this, I'm thinking of buying crampons to assist in climbing out of the ruts.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

A tisket a tasket.

I have a brand new basket!
The joiner came today and fitted a basket in place of 2 shelves in one of my kitchen cupboards.
No more rolling on the floor with a torch to see what is in the Armageddon cupboard!

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Goldfish bowl

There is one aspect of boat life that I don't like, it's like living in a goldfish bowl.
I don't mean the people who peer in the windows, trying to see what the inside of the boat looks like.

No, what bothers me is everyone knowing what I'm doing at every point of the day.

A couple of weekends ago we took the boat out for a few days, at one point in our journey we had to call out the CRT as one of the bridges was faulty. Now there were no other boats moving on the canal apart from the fuel boat and he was behind us.
How come on the first day we were back at least 3 people mentioned the problem we had with the bridge.

Saturday, 10 March 2018

Panic panic

Ten days into the month and CHS'S colleague has run out of money!

He's gradually taken out more loans and credit cards over time, he believes it's sheer necessity, I beg to differ! He spent £3000 on Christmas, not the £2000 he thought they'd spent.

CHS and the other team member have already agreed that their skint colleague can have all available overtime, they did warn him that there would be months when there wasn't much overtime but this was ignored.

In January there was very little overtime available and he's realised that he cannot pay his bills on a standard months wage.

Mental health care

We all know that mental health care is underfunded but this is ridiculous.

My DD has been diagnosed as bipolar she is not helped by having a husband who suffers from a chronic illness and that to keep the family afloat she works too many hours at three different jobs.

I'm looking after her youngest on Tuesdays for the next 9 weeks as DD's mental health team are insisting she attends a course entitled Getting Back into Work when you have Mental Health Problems.

She is being paid to attend and if she uses a babysitter she can claim back the babysitter's pay!

Crocodile Dundee

Do you remember the bit in the film where Mick Dundee climbs a tree and swings something over his head to call to his friends?

It made a thrumming noise, well that's the noise my car is making, the bearings are going on my back wheels, it's going to the garage on Tuesday.

Last Tuesday DD1's car went on the fritz, there was a problem with the brakes, she took it to the garage Friday morning, I collected her, we had an early mother's day lunch at Henry & Joe's in Newbury and then I took her home. Her car should be ready sometime today.

Also last Tuesday DD2'S car developed a stutter, it's going in to the garage on Monday.

The garage owner, George couldn't believe he was seeing all three of our cars in one week.

I spent hours with DD2 last week, sometimes helping with child care, sometimes just because I was in the area and I would drop in a 4 pinter of milk or some fruit.

Monday, 5 March 2018

Managed agreement

I have appointed a managing agent for my tenant, the agreement started on the 1st March. Unfortunately as the tenant decided to phone on Sunday evening she assumed that the agent wouldn't be available, I assumed she had been unable to contact my agent.
We both assumed wrong, from now on I shall refer her to the agent whatever time she calls.
Yesterday the problem was solved by the agent and my sleepless night was unnecessary.

Thank trap

All is hustle and bustle here on the marina, there was an influx of workmen last week and lots of jobs got done. The broken paving slabs a...