Saturday 2 December 2023


When one of the residents went into the attic above the summer house they discovered that the roof was leaking. The manager organised a couple of quotes, both came in at around £1000.

This seemed a bit steep  to have half a dozen tiles replaced so Steve and two other residents decided to do the job themselves.

They did the job this morning, which included replacing some of the tile batten that was soaked through and rotten.

Whilst the men worked at repairing the roof myself and another resident put the tree up in the summer house and decorated it. As it got to lunch time and the men were still busy I offered provide soup.

Someone went to the nearest shop for some baguettes and I heated up the soup I'd made. Steve is having to accept that my cooking is not as bad as he thinks it is as the soup and baguettes went down a treat with many people having seconds.

I've offered to make mince pies and cheese palmiers next week. It makes a pleasant change to cook for people who don't turn their nose up at home made food.

The crisis for today.

Steve can't get his phone to send a text.

This is a crisis as he needs to contact Harry, our next door neighbour. Ten paces would take him to Harry's front door, but he's rather sit and rant!

Only half of y'days post actually posted, nemmind, it was only waffle.

It's starting to get foggy now, it was clear but damp when I walked Beano this morning.

Steve has decided I need to put a Christmas tree up on the unit in our window, I have two problems with this idea. Firstly the unit is piled high with crap, tools, medication and other essentials of Steve's life. Secondly we don't own a Christmas tree. I gave  my decorations to my daughter when we moved on to the boat.

Also on said unit there is a vase with flowers in that I received from DD2 for my birthday, she's not actually talking to me currently but at least she sent flowers! There is also a beautiful poinsettia that my son gave me for my birthday.

Steve has always hated Christmas and complained bitterly if I put trimmings up, suddenly he's decided he doesn't want the neighbours to think he a grinch so I'm expected to trim up. I do have a supply of decorations that I will put up soon. I'll just let him suffer for a while first.

Friday 1 December 2023

Sods law.

So I decided to start posting again this morning and we lost our internet!

It seems to have returned though I'm not sure how long for.

Beano is loving the cold frosty weather and is going for extra long walks and more of them.

Harry, our pack-rat neighbour has been having a bit of a clear out. He's already given us a full length mirror that is now a hanging in our bedroom and y'day he gave us an over-mantle mirror with a heavy gold frame. He also gave another resident a glass fronted storage unit.

Wednesday 29 November 2023


 Things are settling down here I'm hoping to do a proper post in a short time.

Thursday 2 November 2023

And breathe!

I popped into the summer house this afternoon just after I'd walked Beano.

When I returned home Steve wanted to know why I went over there, so I explained that I wanted to ask  Betty when I needed to make soup for.

Steve immediately started to rant on, it seems he wants to decide how the soup and roll events are worked out.

He's like Monica in Friends, having a meltdown if people don't obey his rules. 

People don't want to have a rule book for every event, Steve does the BBQ's in the summer and then complains that it all gets left to him.

I walked back to our flat with another resident who isn't happy about the foodie things that are being organised.

She wanted to know why I was getting involved with cooking. I explained that as I had lost the ability to knit, sew and crochet, cooking was the only skill I have left that I can share. She was somewhat discomfited by my reply.

Tuesday 31 October 2023

Losing confidence.

I'm losing my confidence, I've made brownies and rice pudding for lunch club today but Steve is convinced that what I make is crap so I'm becoming concerned.

I'm supposed to be making the main course next week and I've been asked to make soup for the soup club.

I used to enjoy cooking but stopped cooking for Steve earlier in the year when he said everything I cooked was crap!

Steve is currently in full on whinge mode, everything I've done is rubbish. I was really looking forward to today but I may now just send Steve over with the food and take Beano out for a walk instead.


Laughing hysterically at the thought of Beano ever being hungry!

When we first collected him from the rescue centre we were told to give him three small meals a day until he'd reached his target weight.

We did do this up until he started to ignore the food in his bowl in preference to the treats Steve gives him. 

I've insisted that Steve swapped from ham to chicken in an effort to provide a healthy diet for Beano.

Steve would love to be Beano's favourite person but isn't prepared to make any effort apart from treats.

Beano also prefers women and children to men.

Sunday 29 October 2023


Beano doesn't approve of the hour change.

He was wide awake this morning, staring at me, wondering why I wasn't getting up.

This afternoon he was asking for his tea by 2 o'clock so I fed him. He only gets one meal a day so it really doesn't matter when he eats.

He has also gone out for his last constitutional and is now waiting to go to bed.

I'm happy to follow his lead for now, I expect he'll soon adjust to the clocks changing and if he doesnt, it's no big deal.

Rainy days.

We've had a few rainy days lately, not non-stop rain, just showers but some of them very heavy.

As I've said before Beano absolutely hates the rain and a couple of times we've gone out in the dry and then it's started to rain heavily. At this point Beano turns and heads for home, at a gallop.

Y'day he asked to go out about 3:30 in t he afternoon after he'd been fed.  Once he'd looked out the door and saw the rain he changed his mind and returned to the flat. He must have a bladder the size of an elephants as, despite me suggesting he go out again, he didn't. He just snuggled down on the sofa and slept.

At about 10 o'clock I told him it was bed time and we went to the door again. 

It was still raining, Beano looked at the rain, looked at me, signed deeply and plodded out into the rain to empty his bladder.

Friday 27 October 2023


Col, I don't seem to be notified about the payment but I do receive it, I shall transfer it to my savings account when it

Next month I finish paying for my hearing aids so I will be able to increase my savings pot from December.

I do use the oven when I need to, Steve likes to witter on but I ignore him.

There were no meetings in the summer house today, work was being done on the windows and doors.

Thursday 26 October 2023

Electricity bill

We read our electricity meter and pay our electricity bill monthly so there are no big unexpected bills. We don't have gas which is a shame as I prefer to cook on gas. We've not yet put the heating on, I wear layers and I have a heated throw that I can use if I get cold.

I rarely cook now, I can't be bothered just for me and I refuse to cook the party food that Steve wants. He can cook it in the air fryer for himself. Food is a bone of contention, Steve would like me to cook daily for him and I won't. He was pulling faces y'day as he walked into the kitchen and there was half an onion and a leek on the chopping board. He would have complained but couldn't as Harry was here. Steve spent the rest of y'day in bed with a painful wrist, he thinks it's arthritis, I hope it improves soon.

The weather is dull, damp and overcast here but Steve will have to get up as the bathroom fitter is coming to finish the floor, Steve will be in a grump all day, he hates the winter.

There was no quiz y'day, the quiz master had a migraine, there is still no firm decision on whether the quiz will be moved to the afternoon. I've agreed to go to the Friday morning crossword meeting as Steve is happy to put the shopping away on his own.

I need to make a shopping list as I've offered to make chocolate brownies and rice pudding  for the next Tuesday lunch meeting. Barbara is making cottage pie. This and the fact that I've offered to make the main meal on the following Tuesday, was also met with much face pulling from Steve. He wants KFC, or at least a home cooked version of it. I'm not sure how he expects me to cook chips for up to 10 people since I'm not allowed to use the oven. I am going to cook chicken in gravy in my slow cooker. I have to cook and serve the vegetables separately. I really don't understand why Steve wants to go to these lunchtime meetings. Maybe he's hoping to convert everyone to his way of eating.

Tuesday 24 October 2023

Little things please me.

There was a Jay on the grass outside our flat this morning, it didn't stay long but it was lovely to see. Earlier on in the year we were visited by a flock of starlings for a few days. They must have found grubs in the grass and had a great time digging them out.

This afternoon I watched Bob the Knob meticulously picking all the tiny weeds out of the flower bed. No sooner had he finished and his back was turned than Korky the cat wandered over, dug a hole in the nice soft earth and took a crap!

We've just been given a tall slim mirror, I'm delighted as we've not had a decent mirror for years. Steve hung it on the bedroom wall, I've given it a dust and have just about stopped jumping every time I see myself in it!

Monday 23 October 2023


The residents are thinking about moving the weekly quiz from Wednesday morning to Wednesday afternoon. This doesn't suit me but seems to fit in better for everyone else.

It's been suggested I go to the Friday morning crossword meeting instead. I'm not so good at crossword puzzles and I'm not keen on Tilly Twinkle who runs the Friday morning sessions.

Tilly is relentlessly cheerful but moans non stop, she will insist on pronouncing my name with a Z, zhou. I've no idea why but I've learned to live with it.

I will possibly go along but it depends on what Steve is doing, we have our shopping delivered on Friday morning so I'm not sure.

Sunday 22 October 2023

Wedding invitation.

Allegedly Steve's friend Bob is getting married next year, it must be love! She chose an engagement ring that cost £5000, Bob hasn't stopped moaning about the cost since he purchased it.

They are planning on marrying in Windsor and having their reception on a boat, it will include a river trip.

I haven't said anything to Steve yet but I may decide not to go. My eyesight is deteriorating rapidly and the train journey would be difficult. Especially the return journey with Steve, no doubt as drunk as a skunk.

The social life here is getting better and better. As well as the afternoon meetings and the Wednesday morning quiz, there is now a Friday morning meeting for crossword addicts. There is also a weekly lunch meeting starting on Tuesday where someone makes food for those who attend. It's liver and veg the first week and cottage pie the next week. To my amazement Steve is intending on going along! I think he's expecting me to make him his usual ham sandwiches to take with him as he won't eat what is provided.

Saturday 21 October 2023

This and that.

Whilst a lot of the country is struggling with flooding, all we've had is a bit of rain. I noticed the river is is running high when I walked Beano in the park this morning and the marina FB page showed the boats sitting high against the jettys.

Phil the plumber was here again this morning for a couple of hours and has done more work on the bathroom. He's coming over again on Wednesday when hopefully it will be finished.

Steve and Harry are shopping on Monday for the coloured silicon to finish off the floor.

Steve hates the winter and the rain so is complaining a lot. Beano also hates the rain so we have to dodge the showers when we walk.

We have no tumble dryer or outdoor drying space here so I'm considering buying a Lakeland heated airer. I had one years ago and found it quite successful. Next month I will make the last payment on my hearing aids so I might have a look at the Lakeland site.

Friday 20 October 2023

Quiet day.

We had a Tesco delivery today and once everything had been put away Steve set off to meet his brother and a friend in town.

I've taken Beano out four times for a walk, the rest of the time I've been in the flat.

Steve eventually arrived home just after 5 p.m. I asked if he'd had a good time and he had.

He then announced that he was taking his hearing aids out as his ears hurt. If I wanted to talk to him I'd have to wait until tomorrow!I

It's a good job I don't depend on Steve for conversation isn't it.

Thursday 19 October 2023

So excited

 It was damp and drizzly y'day, Steve and Beano both hate the rain. So when Steve realised we were running out of bread I offered to go to the shops to buy some fresh rolls.

To my amazement he agreed! 

I wouldn't go so as to say he was happy about it but he did agree. He drew me a map of where to find the shop, it's only at the top of our road! He also drew maps of the inside of both shops, Lidl, for bread rolls as they have an in-store bakery, Aldi, for the rest of the shopping on the list he wrote for me.

I took my shopping trolley as I knew I'd find stuff I'd want to buy and I did. I bought some frozen fruit to go with my breakfasts, mango and fruits of the forest and some mini mars bars. Along with the rolls and the stuff Steve wanted.

If course he started yelling the minute I arrived home, like a relieved mother who's lost child has reappeared. Beano was pleased to see me and cuddled up as soon as I was sat down.

Obviously I'd purchased the wrong stuff/spent too much money/taken too long/got wet in the rain.  

I told Steve to shut the fcuk up but I expect from now on he will go to the shops even if it is raining!

Wednesday 18 October 2023


 Rambler, yes, in theory if Steve started attending the quiz mornings I'd have to stop as Beano doesn't cope well with being left. He doesn't do any damage but just sits, frozen with fear until we return. Fortunately Steve doesn't enjoy quizzes.

Unknown, I'm very confused by the gentleman with no peripheral vision, he had his licence taken away some time ago but managed to get it returned. Nobody knows how he managed this as we know he asked his Dr and the Dr refused to help him as he knew he was dangerous in the car. It's a mystery.

At last.

There have been temporary traffic lights outside our flats for three weeks. It's been chaos!

It's a fairly busy road used by lots lorries and trucks used in road building, crossing it is a challenge even for those more nimble than I am. The flats are situated between two bends in the road which limit visibility. There have been many near misses and the occasional accident when someone has pulled out of our car park thinking the road was clear. One of our residents has no peripheral vision so he is really a danger when he pulls out. As I'm on foot I tend to be a danger only to myself and Beano.

This morning the traffic lights have finally gone at last.

I took Beano out before 8 o'clock as rain is forecast, we got home after 9:30. This doesn't mean Beano had a long walk, just that he stops and sniffs everything. We managed only 4000 steps. It's now 10:15 and it's raining so I'm glad we got home before it started.

No plans today apart from more dog walks of I can persuade Beano that he won't melt in the rain!

Tuesday 17 October 2023

Quiet week

It will be a quiet week this week, our neighbour Harry is away so he won't be popping in for coffee.

There is no Tuesday morning meeting in the summer house, it was cancelled as the HA were intending to hold a residents meeting, this was cancelled late on Monday.

There is now a Friday morning meeting for people who enjoy crosswords, chess, cards and backgammon. Steve is taking his games compendium along. I did ask if he intends to go to the morning and afternoon meetings and he does, though not this week as he is visiting his brother on Friday.

The quiz mornings are restarting in a couple of weeks, so I will go to those. 

Monday 16 October 2023

Back to normal

This morning I felt back to normal, I took Beano out for a walk and we walked quickly, much better than the slow stagger that is all I managed for a few days.

The weather is a lot cooler which Beano prefers. Despite this Steve is still wandering around in shorts and teeshirt. He obviously feels cold as he keeps offering to put the heating on for me. I realised eventually that he can no longer fit into any of his trousers, he's ordered two pairs of joggers. If they aren't big enough he'll have to go into town to buy some.

Steve's been trying to persuade me to take over all the cooking, I've refused, he only wants deep fried junk food which means I'd have to cook separately for me. I cooked stuffed chicken breasts y'day and fish fillets today. I'm not cooking tomorrow, he will have to fend for himself.  I've made some leek and potato soup for me and there is enough for tomorrow. 

Steve's becoming very involved with the jobs the residents want doing, which is fine. But he isn't pulling he  weight around the flat and everything is falling to me. He won't do housework but usually empties the bins but now I'm doing that as well.

Saturday 14 October 2023

Staying in the black.

My pension was paid into my account overnight so I'm in the black. I need to keep a close eye on my account as I went in the red last month and it was touch and go for the last few days.

I receive a slightly bigger pension than Steve as I worked enough years to make up the shortfall when my ex husband stopped paying my NI stamp.

Steve has had periods of being unemployed/self employed when he didn't play his NI contributions.

For some reason, last month, when he purchased the radiator for the bathroom, Steve used my account instead of using the savings. He then started complaining that my account was in the red.

Friday 13 October 2023

Over the worst.

I've finally rejoined the land of the living!

Although the pain subsided after a week I still felt dreadful, I couldn't think what I needed when Steve shopped last week, hence there was very little I could eat.

A neighbour was very kind and made me a huge pot of vegetable stew, just the ticket.

Fortunately I was feeling better by this Thursday when Steve placed the Tesco order so I was able to order some decent food ready for delivery this morning.

Steve has little to no grasp of healthy eating, if I ask him to buy me apple's he's most likely to buy apple pie. He believes fresh fruit and veg are dirty as they are grown outside!

His attitude to food is obsessive, apart from potatoes the only veg he eats is lettuce in his lunchtime sandwich. He eats ham sandwiches every day and has fried food for his evening meal everyday. I've tried to explain that this isn't health but he doesn't accept this. Because he uses the air fryer  he thinks he's not eating fried food. He doesn't understand that the stuff he's eating was fried before it was frozen.

Saturday 7 October 2023

Oppositional defiant disorder

If Steve was was a school child today I think he'd be diagnosed with ODD. Or maybe he'd just be classed as a pain in the arris!

I've spent the last four days in bed in a lot of pain, I've had a diverticulitis flare up! I've got up only to stagger to a patch of nearby grass for Beano to relieve himself as Steve won't walk him. I've not eaten since Tuesday morning but I am drinking lots of water.

Steve doesn't cope with illness so he's spent the past few days with various residents. He's replaced bathroom fans, hung pictures and fitted cupboards. He's very popular with some of the residents, he saves them having to ask friends and family or paying a professional. He will always do a good job and leaves everywhere tidy.

Unfortunately he will not help with walking Beano, neither will he work on our bathroom which is half finished. I asked him to start a load of washing but it turned into an argument. He decides that I'm using the wrong programme and starts shouting at me.

I'm now feeling slightly better but I'm faced with about 6 loads of washing and no food in the house that I can eat. Well actually there are eggs in the fridge, I can have scrambled eggs. This means there will not be sufficient eggs for Steve's cooked breakfast, he will have to walk to Aldi when he runs out!

Monday 2 October 2023

In the red.

My bank account went in the red last night, only by a few £££.

All our bank accounts are joint ones, this meant that we both received a notification about the account going in to the red.

There ensued a rant from Steve, what was I spending my money on!

When I checked he'd ordered a heated towel rail from my account without telling me!

A spend of £133 without warning was enough to tip the account into the red.

I would usually have enough to cover this but I'm still paying for my hearing aids at £250 a month,  only two more payments to go.  I've also increased my payment towards the bills for the flat by £150 a month. I'm now paying £375. I pay Beano's insurance from this account.

He's now transferred money from the savings to the account and it's back in the black.

Tuesday 26 September 2023

I can't abide a bully.

Despite being short and fat I was not bullied at school. I perfected looking slightly vague and disinterested and so the bullies tended to leave me alone.

I had an employee who admitted to being a bully at school and when I told her I'd not been bullied she told me why. She said she would only pick on people who she knew would cry. She would never have picked on me in case I hit her back and she'd lose face.

I only suffered from bullying once, I had a line manager who didn't like me and as she had the support of her boss she did her best to make my life hell.

I'm not the sort to cry, I'm more likely too lose my temper and thwack someone. I didn't lash out but I did leave. I also made it quite plain why I was leaving which made my line manager very unpopular.

Bullying isn't limited to children, we have a resident here who is a bully. I've had a few run ins with her and always refused to engage. Unfortunately this means she has now started to pick on someone else and is causing a lot of problems. She asked me how I stopped the bully. Unfortunately she is far too polite to tell the bully to feck off. I don't want to get involved but I will suggest she speaks to the court manager, I will also speak to the court manager about my experience.

Sunday 24 September 2023

I cooked!

I rarely cook a meal anymore, not since Steve told me my cooking was crap. That was back in April, I cook for myself but only stuff like scrambled eggs.

Steve is busy today, he's sanding down the railings outside our flat. They were done not long ago but to a very poor standard and the paint is hanging off in strips.

Because he's busy, I offered to cook today, a fake roast, two chicken breasts wrapped in parchment paper stuffing, roast potatoes, broccoli and gravy.

I don't think he was keen on the meal, the chicken wasn't dried out, the stuffing was cooked, the potatoes weren't crunchy in the middle. But Steve ate it without complaint and I enjoyed it.

Saturday 23 September 2023

Unexpected visitors

Steve's friend  Bob paid us an unexpected visit y'day. He and his current squeeze, Sandra arrived by motorbike, it took them 50 minutes to get here. It should have taken under 30 minutes. As usual Bob got lost, even with his new satnav. I'm convinced that Bob's poor navigational skills are the reason he enjoys racing his bike on a track. It means he can't get lost as he's only going round in circles! 

Despite having visited us quite a few times since we moved here Bob couldn't remember which flat was ours. He remembered we were on the ground floor so wandered around peering in windows until we spotted him.

Bob and his gf were as usual, talking about getting married. Bob always discusses marriage with whoever he is going out with. This usually signifies the beginning of the end. Bob is also starting to get irritated by Sandra's attitude to food. He likes the fact that she is slim to the point of being skinny but he is finding her dietary requirements a bit tiresome.

We've been out with them for a meal three times now, to local pubs. All the pubs have extensive menus but there is never anything on the menu that Sandra will eat. One time she ordered sticky toffee pudding as her main course the other times she's picked chips from the ploughmans that Bob ordered. Steve once suggested I should have some of his chips instead of ordering a meal when we were out with them. I ordered a salad with halloumi and slapped a £20 note on the table to pay for it. Bob and Sandra go out many times a week. I very rarely eat out and when I do I expect to eat what I want!

Friday 22 September 2023


My daughter Cass has just messaged me to let me know she's out of surgery, so that one less thing to worry about. It was only a minor surgical procedure but I'm glad it's all done.

Steve is currently ranting on about a radiator he didn't order, he has suggested that I must have ordered it myself. Why would I order a radiator especially one designed to run on gas central heating. We are all electric here.

My hair is long, thick and grey, it grows quickly and as my daughter Jen is currently not speaking to me, (she used to take me to the hairdresser who cut her family's hair) my hair is now past my shoulders. 

I could visit a hairdresser or there is a mobile hairdresser that visits the flats. But I'm reluctant to spend the money, as my hair grows so quickly , any style soon grows out. I wear it up in a comb and never go out with it down round my shoulders.

Two residents came to the flat on different days last week, both of them caught me with my hair down. Both commented on how nice my hair was.

Thursday 21 September 2023


Steve went shopping this morning, well actually he went into town to get breakfast in one of the pubs.

Within 10 minutes of arriving home he's shouting and swearing at me!

All because I won't agree to his demands with regards our TV licence or lack thereof.

Not long after we moved here Steve purchased a TV,  he ignored my concerns that I wouldn't be able to see a TV unless it was huge and purchased a smaller set.

After a few months of me not watching the TV he got rid of it, returned to whoever he bought it from.

We are now receiving notifications from TV Licencing with regards our lack of licence.

I've used their website to announce that we no longer have a TV but despite this they continue to contact us.

None of my children own a TV and they all received regular reminders about the need for a licence if they should decide to purchase a TV 

Steve meanwhile has been following someone on Facebook and is now an expert!

I'm quite prepared to explain if a member of staff from TV Licencing visits that we don't have a TV as I can no longer see or hear well enough to use one.

This, it appears,  is not the done thing.

Steve wants me to learn a script and spout off if anyone should call here with regards to our licence.

Give me strength!!

Wednesday 20 September 2023

Give me strength

Beano is sulking, it's raining out and no matter how much Beano mithers I am unable to stop the rain from from falling. He asks to go out but when we get to the door he looks out, dithers for a while and then returns to our flat. On the third attempt he couldn't wait any longer so finally went out and across the road to relieve himself.

Steve is also sulking, he hates the cooler weather and will now sulk until next summer! He spent three days totally wiped out from working in the bathroom. He does nothing but complain, not just about the weather but also the neighbours and me of course.

I received an email notification that the radiator I ordered has been despatched. I didn't order a radiator so I checked with Steve who also claims he hasn't ordered the radiator! I expect he's forgotten, unfortunately the radiator is way too big for the space available. It will have to be returned but it will need to be  collected.

Steve is, once again, complaining about food. He doesn't want to have to cook for himself and can't understand why I won't just learn to cook the way his mother used to cook. Before he had his stroke he was perfectly happy with my cooking. Now he wants frozen stuff covered in breadcrumbs and deep fried. Since he covers everything in BBQ sauce in sure it must all taste the same. I don't have the energy to prepare/cook two different meals every day so I'm being selfish and prioritising my meals.

Monday 18 September 2023

As far as he can go.

Steve has done as much as he can to the bathroom, the plumber will be back in a couple of weeks to do the last bits.

The plumber is retraining as a bus driver as his arthritis is making bathroom fitting difficult. He did ours as he knew he'd only have to do the bits Steve couldn't manage.

Steve is on a bit of a roll now and is considering putting an extra cupboard in the kitchen. There is one full floor cupboard and two half floor cupboards and on the walls one double cupboard and a single.

He's also going to change the flooring in the kitchen. It's all very dated but I'm not really bothered as I can't see well enough to cook anything fancy anymore.

Saturday 16 September 2023

Short on sleep

I was still awake after midnight and awake again at 3 a.m.

There was no point going back to sleep as the plumber was due at 8 a.m.

Still it was worth it.

He worked through from 8 o'clock  until 5 o'clock, Steve will tile the wall behind the unit and he has fitted the flooring.

Friday 15 September 2023

Crashing and banging and delivery!

 Steve is in the kitchen getting his breakfast. He's ranting and swearing because he can't get the ice cubes out of the tray!

Tesco is delivering this morning between 10 & 11, I'm going out with my daughter about 11. I shall take Beano with me as it will be easier for Steve to work without him underfoot. And easier for Beano not to have Steve shouting and swearing. I have to admit Beano takes no notice of Steve's ranting when I'm here but I'd worry if I left him here. 

If Steve has nothing to do they would be ok together but as Steve's busy I think Beano may find it stressful.

The Tesco order has arrived, if I pick anything up he tells me to put it down as he knows where it is all to go. So I go to the kitchen and start sorting the salad drawer, he starts shouting for me. What am I doing? Where am I?  I return to the shopping to collect the salad stuff. Everything I pick up he takes from me, some he returns so I can put it in the salad drawer. Some he places back with the shopping! I shall collect it later and put it own the fridge.

If I query his behaviour he explains, in a hurt tone of voice, that he is only trying to help!!

Thursday 14 September 2023

Bathroom, still ongoing.

Steve has overdone things working on the bathroom fit out.

By mid afternoon he was wiped out and in a dreadful mood.

He was in bed and asleep before 8 o'clock.

Still, the carpet is up, the adhesive has mostly been scraped off.

We have the dehumidifier running overnight to dry out various damp patches.

We've decided to keep the grey/blue cupboard that should have been white but Steve still needs to decide how to return the duplicate toilet cistern he bought along with some other stuff.

Steve wanted ceramic tiles on the floor, I didn't so he managed to find some other sort of tiles to fit instead.

I'm going out with my daughter tomorrow, we will take Beano with us, he won't want to stay here as Steve will be ranting and shouting.

On Saturday there is a home made soup and French bread get together in the summer house, I might make a light fruit cake to share. Steve is taking his own soup, he only eats Knorr chicken noodle.

Wednesday 13 September 2023

Bathroom again

I was awake by 5:30, my arthritic toe was giving me gip.

I walked Beano early so I was back in time for the delivery. Steve got very stroppy as he thinks he's fine to sort out the delivery. The fact that we received two toilet lids, two cisterns and the wrong colour cupboard rather proves he's not! He ordered a mixture of colours and fixings so I need to sort that out.

I'm hoping to go to the quiz morning today but it does rather depend on when the bathroom fitter arrives otherwise all the stuff could be ruined before he gets to start!

Tuesday 12 September 2023


Steve's ordered all the stuff needed for the bathroom refit and the fitted  is booked.

Everything was ordered on the same day and he's had an assortment of emails giving the delivery days and times.

Everything is available that is apart from the floor tiles, they are on back order and are due in a couple of weeks. Imagine our surprise when they arrived this morning about 11 o'clock!

I shall get up early for the next few days as things are arriving any time from 7a.m.

Sunday 10 September 2023

Security conscious

Steve is very security conscious, this means that what ever the temperature outside, everywhere must be locked up tight. When we were living in the boat he insisted that the boat was locked up tight by four in the afternoon. Here in the flat he still likes everything locked up by five o'clock. Sometimes I overrule him as it just gets too hot.

We've  had rain here and it's cooler now, more comfortable especially for Beano in his fur coat.

Steve spent two hours online ordering the new toilet, basin and flooring this morning. He ranted and swore for the entire two hours, I took Beano out to avoid the noise. Beano seems impervious to Steve's ranting, he seems to realise that it presents no danger to either of us.

Our manager visited us a couple of days ago, we were expecting her. She's visiting every flat and getting the paperwork up to date as we haven't had a manager for three years now. I don't count the one that was here when we arrived as she didn't last five minutes.

When our friends visited they mentioned that one of the lock keepers had asked after me. He described me as the little lady on the widebeam who's husband was always shouting at her.

We've just had our meal, roast beef with roast potatoes and Yorkshire pudding. I had an assortment of veg with mine. I made the mistake of saying how nice the beef was. But according to Steve it was underdone despite it not being pink in the middle. He likes his beef rock hard and chewy. He's just cooked it for another 30 minutes so it is now just the way his mum cooked it. He's now exploded again, shouting and stressed, just because I preferred the beef before it was cremated.

Saturday 9 September 2023

All booked.

Our plumber has just visited us, he's ready to do the next stage of the bathroom refit.

We had the shower fitted some time ago and now we are having a new basin and toilet fitted.

I was a bit concerned as Steve wanted a toilet that wasn't floor standing. I didnt think this was a good idea as Steve is huge and I was worried that it wouldn't take Steve's weight. After a discussion with the plumber an alternative toilet has been chosen.

I shall be relieved when it's done as there is a lot of damp in the bathroom from leaking pipes.

I was thinking of buying a set of bathroom scales but I doubt if Steve would use them. From the way he criticises my weight I don't think he realises  just how heavy he is. Every time he shops for clothes, which is every year,  he has gone up a size.

I'm still wearing the same tops I wore when I was working   though I have bought some new leggings ready for winter. They are still the same size and I've had the same four summer dresses for some time now.

Friday 8 September 2023

Black and blue and lumpy.

That's me, black and blue from where I bumped into things on the boat. I seem to have lost the ability to balance when I'm on board. Thank heavens we returned to dry land permanently when we did.

I'm also covered in gnat bites, these I got at home, not on the boat. I frequently get bitten and I get huge itchy lumps. They are both unsightly and irritating but not life threatening.

It must have been slightly cooler last night as Beano slept all night. When it's hot he keeps pacing around which means neither of us gets much sleep. Because I slept better it meant I was awake at a reasonable time and got Beano out for a walk whilst it is still relatively cool.

Tesco delivery this morning, gawd knows what Steve has ordered. He placed the order whilst I was at the vet with Beano. Considering how unpleasant he's been lately he has probably ordered a shed load of chocolate for me. He doesn't understand why I'm upset or annoyed but he does realise that I am.

Thursday 7 September 2023


It was Steve's birthday on Tuesday and he wanted to do a BBQ, he went shopping with Betty next door and bought enough food to feed about 30 people. He ran around like a blue assed fly in full on panic mode. I offered to help but I was not needed as I'm completely stupid and know nothing about cooking. Amongst other things he bought about 50 chicken legs and cooked them in the air fryer, it took forever and set the smoke alarm off! I did suggest using the oven, but it seems that was not acceptable. We had a BBQ in the garden for the residents and some friends of ours who's boat was moored near by.

On Wednesday our friends collected us and took us on a boat trip. It was warm and sunny, Beano and I sat in the prow in the shade whilst the men steered the boat and worked the locks. We left here at 9am and got home around 7:30. We should have got home nearer 5 o'clock but there has been an accident and the bus couldn't get through. We eventually walked home, it's not far but there are no pavements, so the bus is safer. Steve wanted to join our friends again today but they wanted to leave around 6am, Steve didn't get up until 11:30.

This morning Harry gave Beano and I a lift to the nearby vets where Beano had his dew claw trimmed, he's also been given a course of antibiotics as the claw was slightly inflamed. 

The reason I use the vets and not somewhere like Pet Smart is because the vets is in a nearby village, a couple of miles away. The nearest groomers is about 7 miles away also Beano's dew claw was infected.I

This evening Steve managed to trigger the smoke alarm again, he was cooking chicken in the air fryer and the flat gradually filled with smoke. This is a regular occurrence, possibly because he doesn't wash the air fryer basket between uses.

Monday 4 September 2023

Busy week.

This afternoon was spent in the garden under the gazebo, Betty, a neighbour had made a chicken casserole and invited a few of us for lunch. The casserole was delicious and to follow there was chocolate cake, it was left over from a wedding that another neighbour has attended. It was lovely to spend time with people and Beano was very well behaved, in fact he snoozed the afternoon away in the shade of the gazebo.

Tomorrow Steve is doing a birthday BBQ, I shall attend but I'm not keen on burgers or sausages. I think Betty may be providing salad and Betty's salads are delicious. 

Wednesday we are meeting friends and travelling on their boat for a short distance which I'm really looking forward to.

On Thursday I've managed to make an appointment for Beano at the local vet to have his dew claw sorted out. I don't think Beano will appreciate the visit and I'm not looking forward to the bill but I have savings so I will be able to pay and then claim back on the insurance. Steve will either spend a second day on the boat or he may spend the day in town.

Friday is the day our shopping is delivered so there is something happening every day.

Sunday 3 September 2023


There were courgettes and a marrrow on the wall near where I walk Beano this morning. I only took one of the courgettes as it's only me that will eat it. I shall make a fake ratatouille. I have most of the ingredients in and I will eat it with some chicken.

All the recipes I can find serve four at least so mine will be a guesstimate. It will have the flavour if not the correct ingredients.

Tomorrow I need to make chocolate brownies, Steve is doing a BBQ on Tuesday, we have friends visiting as they are passing on their narrow boat. It will be lovely to see them. I shall also make some individual rhubarb crumble and keep them in the freezer.

I shall probably be wiped out after that but it will be worth it to get things done

Saturday 2 September 2023

Wits end

I've just ordered a large quantity of bicarbonate of soda as I'm at my wits end about the way the flat smells. I don't like the smell of most air fresheners but I desperately want the flat to smell clean and fresh.

Steve is obsessed with BBQ sauce, there are at least 10 bottles of different sorts in the kitchen cupboard. He smothers all his food in the stuff. The only meal that he eats without it is the occasional bowl of cornflakes.

He coats all his food in the stuff and this, combined with the amount he drinks is a lethal combination.

If I go to bed after him I sometimes can't face going into the bedroom because of the stench. We can't sleep with the windows open as we are beside a very busy road with traffic rumbling by continuously. Plus as we are on the ground floor it possibly wouldn't be safe.

I do open all the windows when I get up but I think the smell is now ingrained.

Wednesday 30 August 2023

5 a.m.

For the second morning running  I'm awake before 5 a.m.

This time Beano woke me as he wanted to go out.

Because I'm deaf I don't know whether it's the wildlife outside that's disturbed him  or if he's asking to go out because he needs to go to the toilet.

I'd rather avoid an accident if possible, so out we go.

It was obviously the local wildlife that disturbed him so we return indoors and Beano is soon snoozing away again.

I don't return to bed as if Beano hears another noise he will want to go out again. Instead we go to the living room where he is less likely to be disturbed.

Tuesday 29 August 2023

Going out.

Steve's going into town today, he usually goes once or twice a week. He will go to a pub and have a cooked breakfast and a couple of pints of lager. He will be back in time to attend the afternoon meeting in the summer house.

Tomorrow there is a morning get together with a quiz that I shall go to.

Thursday Steve and Harry will go to the local tip to get rid of the garden rubbish they have accumulated and probably have a cooked breakfast in Morrison's which is nearby.

Friday the Tesco shop is delivered and that's another week gone.

Monday 28 August 2023

Small joys.

 I try to find small joys every day.

I like to enjoy the gardens I see when I walk Beano every day.

Something I also see every day are Rowan trees, there are quite a few nearby all laden with bright red berries.

Also Hawthorne bushes which are also covered in red berries but a deeper red.

The Horse Chestnut trees on the nearby green are full of conkers still in their bright green outer shells. They are supposed to ward off spiders but I don't mind spiders. I do like to have a bowl of shiny conkers on my window sill.

Sunday 27 August 2023


I wouldn't trust myself with a glass anything Mary, I'm a klutz, incredibly clumsy and awkward.

Beano has just been told off, this is a rare occurrence, he's being a PITA but I don't know what he wants, he's been out, been fed and has water. I think he'd rather like the rest of the beef we had for lunch. He's out of luck, no matter how much he stares at me, and when he pats me repeatedly to get my attention that's when he gets told off. When I say NO in that particular tone of voice he knows he's gone too far, so he's turned his back on me and gone to sleep!

Saturday 26 August 2023

We have rain.

I had all the windows open and then it started to rain, I went round and closed them all. Steve was in the garden cutting back some ivy when the rain started, I expected him to come indoors but he didn't. He went to Harry's for a cuppa instead. 

The rain was heavy but brief, it's dry again now.

One of our neighbours had visitors this morning, they brought their dog with them. It's not very big, possibly a cockerpoo. This sent our cat lady in to orbit, I could see her car lazing on the lawn. At the sight of the dog the cat stared at the dog but didn't move. The dog also ignored the cat, the only one who seemed bothered was the cat lady. She started wailing about the stress that was being caused to her cat!

I'm thinking of  buying a water jug for the fridge, the water from the tap never seems cold though it is filtered as we had a filter fitted when we replaced the taps.

Steve is still not wearing his hearing aids indoors so is constantly shouting as he doesn't realise how loud he is. He is currently watching YouTube videos about very expensive boats. Boats that cost millions. I don't mind what he watches but he will insist on showing what he's watching and I'm not at all interested.

Friday 25 August 2023


Steve came with me to walk Beano y'day morning, Beano loves it when Steve comes with us. It was only whilst we were walking through the park that I realised from Steve's conversation that he thinks he comes with us most days. In fact he hasn't joined us for months.

Sooze, we seem to be in the same boat don't we, I do sympathise when I read your blog.

Tesco delivery today, we are buying fewer things every week as Steve can't/won't find the things I ask for and often can't find the stuff he wants! Though we still get 6 boxes of 18 Fosters every week. Food, as far as Steve is concerned comes either battered or breadcrumbed. I've tried explaining that most of the stuff he buys has been fried before it's sold, but because he hasn't fried it himself he believes his food choices are healthy.

There is a meeting in the summer house with our site manager today, it's the same old bullshot every time. The managing company take the attitude that because we are all over 60 we are all senile. It's very frustrating to be treated this way. I admit we are not helped by a few of the residents being exceptionally stupid/self absorbed. We have the mad cat lady who wants to spend every meeting talking about her pussy. Bob the Knob insists on talking about which plants he will and will not allow it the communal garden. Also the two residents who insist they want to stay with the current company that owns the court, despite being told many times that it isn't an option.

Thursday 24 August 2023

New mown grass

The windows are open and the gardeners are mowing the lawn, it smells wonderful.

Kate Steeper has commented on my last post, she understands what life is like with a partner who has a brain injury. Whether is is caused by a stroke, medication or age. It's not easy and it's not fair, but it's not fair on the person suffering either.I

They too are struggling to make sense of their world and like a lot of us they lash out at their nearest and dearest.

Some of our neighbours realise and understand some don't, Steve isn't the only damaged person living here.

If I retaliated when Steve annoyed me, he wouldn't understand and be hurt and upset. So what's the point.

Wednesday 23 August 2023

Hearing aids 2

Steve is now only wearing his hearing aids when he's outside. When he's in the flat he refuses to wear them and complains that he can't hear me. He says they don't fit\don't work\hurt his ears etc.

Yesterday Steve persuaded me to go for coffee in the garden with some of the residents.

It started well, a sociable get together, six or seven residents there. Betty was making us laugh, she's off on holiday soon and is having problems with her packing. She seems to feel the need to take her entire wardrobe of clothes and so is finding it difficult to stay within her weight allowance.

She's also takes her spare hearing aids with her as she has a bad habit of going swimming whilst still wearing her aids. This got Steve started on the subject of hearing aids, mine in particular. He either hasn't listened or hasn't understood that my daughter Cass paid for my hearing aids and I'm paying her back bit at a time, every month. We have more than enough in savings that could have paid for my new aids but Steve can't understand why I pay for mine when he gets his free.

So he started complaining in front of the other residents about how much my aids cost. He doesn't know how much so just started telling everyone that I was paying £250 a month for them.

Now I could have retaliated by telling everyone that he won't wear his aids in the flat because they are uncomfortable.

Or that he spends £4000 a year on alcohol!

I did neither, I simply returned to our flat with Beano but it will be a while before I go into the garden to socialise again.

Tuesday 22 August 2023

Hearing aids

I'm very pleased with my relatively new aids but I can see a problem in the future. As my eyesight deteriorates I'm going to have problems changing the wax shields. They are incredibly small and fiddly. There would be no point asking Steve, for although his eyesight is stable and isn't deteriorating, he can't see well enough to be able to change the shields for me. I'll just have to hope that with a good light and a magnifier I can manage for a while.

We have a leak in the bathroom, Steve will contact a plumber to see if this can be remedied. Last time I told Steve there was a leak was in our house before we moved into the boat. I pointed out a damp patch and suggested we get it sorted. Steve refused to accept there was a leak and insisted I was wrong. A few months later his brother visited and immediately noticed the damp. Steve then got it repaired!

It was overcast when I walked Beano earlier but now the sun is shining and there is not a cloud in the sky I shall take Beano out again shortly.

Saturday 19 August 2023

Lucky finds.

Laura Z, I have some parchment liners, Steve refuses to use them so I refuse to clean the air fryer except when I've used it.

On one of the routes I walk Beano there is a house where they often leave bags of apple's on their garden wall. I'm not sure what sort they are but I've cooked some and also eaten some raw.

Today I walked a different route and there was rhubarb and runner beans, On a garden wall with a notice saying " Please help yourself". So I did!

The rhubarb will be made into a cake and the beans I'll  have with my chicken for tea.

Thursday 17 August 2023

Spending spree

I've spent a lot of  money today and on nothing exciting.

When I say a lot, I mean a lot for me, so what exciting things have I purchased?

First off, a pill sorter, I have one but it's just a one week sorter and some of the lids have broken. So I've ordered a bigger one, a four week sorter.

Next I ordered a new basket for the air fryer, I've realised that Steve, despite using the air fryer 2 or 3 times a day never washes the basket. He seems to think it's like the oven and that I'll clean it. I have explained that he needs to clean it properly after every use. Today he cooked himself two burgers and filled the entire flat with smoke that took ages to clear. I rarely use the air fryer so hadn't noticed how bad it was.

When the flat filled with smoke this morning Steve turned the extractor on that sits above the cooker. This was totally ineffective as the filters were all old and filled with grease. I've ordered new filters for the extractor.

And that's my spending spree, all very boring but very necessary.

Wednesday 16 August 2023

We've been to the pub

We took Beano for a walk along the towpath this morning, he was so excited that Steve was with us.

We caught the bus, we travelled just one stop, there is no pavement and it's a busy road with huge lorries thundering by.

The towpath is shaded by lots of trees so it wasn't too hot for Beano and we found a shaded table in the pub.

Steve has a beef burger, I had fish. Beano lay on the grass beside us, just chilling out until it was time to catch the bus home. We had the same driver both ways, Steve and I travel free with our pensioners bus pass. We pay £1 for Beano.

The last box

There was a box in the bottom of my wardrobe, it's been there since we moved in. I finally got round to emptying out. It contained, amongst other things, a couple of crochet blankets, some Christmas decorations and in the bottom were a handful of crochet hooks.

I messaged Cass to ask if she wanted the blankets, I can't use them as Beano gets his claws caught in them, Jennie wouldn't want them as she dislikes crochet. Cass said she'd like them so they are in a carrier bag ready for when I see her in September once the children have returned to school.

I asked one of the residents if she knew anyone who did crochet and she suggested I passed them on to Betty. This I did and Betty was very grateful, so grateful in fact that she has just gifted me a crochet blanket!!

Monday 14 August 2023


There are three ladies who live here who are frenemies.

They seem to live in a constant state of falling out with each other.

One of the ladies invited me to go with her to a local garden centre, this wasn't long after we moved in.  I was unable to go as she uses a local bus service that I was not eligible for.  I wasn't that keen on going with her as the garden centre isn't very big and the planned visit a seemed to be  very lengthy.  I was told later that I'd only been invited as she'd fallen out with the other two and I'd be dropped like a hot potato once she was back in with her friends.

One of the frenemies has her flat on the market, once it's sold there will just be two of them, will they admit another person into their group so they can continue to be frenemies. 

Who knows, I shall continue to keep my distance, I'm really not interested in that sort of interaction.

Saturday 12 August 2023

Another BBQ.

Steve did another BBQ y'day afternoon, one of the residents had her b'day  in June but wasn't well enough to celebrate.

Steve's fed up now with doing the BBQs, but since he moans and bitches when others people do them he's stuck with the job.

I ate very little as I'm not keen on burgers or sausages. There was lots different cakes and I tried a piece of chocolate cake but it was too heavy on the herbs so I didn't enjoy it.

The cake contained fennel, dill and poppy seeds as did the potato and butterbean salad.

A couple of replies to comments.

The resident with the new companion isn't a friend of Steve's.

I have no idea where to donate the Marmade  to, there is no one on-site who wants it.

Wednesday 9 August 2023


There is a saying that there is no fool like an old fool!

One of the residents, who is in his eighties and is in poor health, had been saying for some time that he was looking to remarry. 

This was because he was bored, he has family who visit a couple of times a week, he attends an assortment of clubs in the local area and also the meetings in the summer house. Despite this he was still bored.

He started his attempts to find a wife by telling all of the residents that he is a millionaire twice over. Now call me cynical but if he's a millionaire why is he living here? He could be living somewhere exotic, or in one of the expensive complexes that provide a lot of on-site entertainment. He could even live on a cruise ship and travel the world.

Eventually he managed to find a companion, she is 55 and loves to shop. He drives her into town, parks up, gives her money and sits in his car until she returns. She has her own car, but they take his as he has a blue badge. She must have nerves of steel to get in the car with him as he is a truly scary driver, he has no peripheral vision. He seems to count to ten and then pulls out of the car park. He was reported to the DVLA and lost his licence but he has persuaded his Dr to write on his behalf and has had his licence reinstated.

Once his companion has fulfilled her shopping needs he takes her for lunch. This has caused a small problem for some of the residents here as he wishes to take her somewhere different every time. Because of this he is constantly knocking on doors asking for recommendations on where to take the lady for lunch. There are only three or four residents who own cars, are married and go out to lunch on a regular basis. These are the people he targets repeatedly, unfortunately he will insist on knocking on their doors after 11 o'clock at night or before 7 am. He is becoming a real nuisance.

He has suggested she move in with him but she isn't keen and I can't blame her. The thought of trying to keep him entertained and amused every day must be exhausting.

Tuesday 8 August 2023

Clearing out.

There was a box in the bottom of the wardrobe and today I finally got around to emptying it. 

There were a few crochet hooks, some chunky yarn and some crochet shawls and blankets. As I can no longer see to crochet I shall pass the hooks on to a neighbour who can use them, the shawls and blankets will go in to DD1's dressing up box. Also in there was an old dressing gown and a winter jacket, these have gone in the bin.

The empty box has been flattened and  the bottom of the wardrobe is bare apart from a tin containing a few small Christmas decorations.

I found the Christmas cards we received when we moved here, I need to add the people to my address book and then bin the cards.

In a kitchen cupboard I found a tin of Marmade, I will hang onto it a bit longer to see if I feel like making it up, if not that can also be binned.

Monday 7 August 2023

New cookbook.

My new cookbook arrived today, it's the Be-Ro book. I used to have a copy but lost it, along with many other items when we moved off the boat. Fed up with constantly having to look up recipes online I finally got round to ordering a new copy and it arrived this morning.

There is a garden I walk past when I'm walking Beano that I particularly enjoy looking at and I told the owner so as she came out of her house. She said she used to have an allotment as well but gave it up last year.

As I walked further I met my upstairs neighbour who was walking her dogs, She was hurrying back to watch yesterday's football that her husband had recorded for her.

Steve's phone seems to have developed a fault, it keeps pinging as though he has received a text message. When he looks there is no message. The phone pings repeatedly throughout the day and night. Steve has resolved this issue by not wearing his hearing aids indoors! I have suggested various things he could try so as to resolve this issue. He refuses as the pinging doesn't bother him!

I have washing drying on the maiden, as there are no drying facilties, I do small amounts of washing every couple of days. Everything needs to be dried indoors with the dehumidifier chugging away. If it's sunny and there is no manager on duty I sometimes stand the maiden by the front door. The nearest launderette is three miles away and not on a bus route!


Saturday 5 August 2023


I took Beano out for an early walk as rain was forecast, good job I did as it's chucking it down now and has been since about 8:30.

Steve will be in a grump all day as he hates the rain as much as Beano does. He's just got up and is shouting his head off, he won't wear his hearing aids so has no idea how loud he is. He gets very annoyed if I mention it. Once Betty next door gets up she'll pop round and tell him he's being too loud. When Steve does wear his aids he speaks very quietly, this way he can sigh dramatically in a long suffering manner, if I ask him to repeat himself. Though now I have my new aids I can hear most of what everyone says.

Lame Wolf, I had a work colleague who was horrified when I told her that I ate vegetables that Steve had grown in our garden. She didn't understand that shop bought vegetables had mostly been grown in soil also.

I've had to give up watching TV as my eyesight has deteriorated more in recent weeks. I need to find more books to read on my kindle. I've recently re-read all my Harry Dresden books and all my Ben Aaronavich. I need to find some new authors to follow. Fortunately if I set my kindle to the largest font I can still read for now.

I cooked a huge chicken breast when I first got up and sliced it thinly, it will do for sandwiches for lunch and probably for my tea tonight with added salad.

Friday 4 August 2023

Breaded chicken thighs!

Our Tesco shop arrived today, six delivery trays each containing a box of 18 cans of lager and a small amount of shopping.

In amongst the shopping were some chicken thighs. Steve decide he wanted these breadcrumbed. He purchased the breadcrumbs some months ago but hasn't found them very successful as they don't stick to the chicken. Today in desperation he decided to ask me how to get the breadcrumbs to  stick to the chicken. He complained bitterly that my instructions were far too complicated. I told him that my way worked and that the reason the breadcrumbs hadn't stuck on previous occasions was because he hadn't follow the correct procedure.

The thighs are currently cooking in the air fryer, I'm not sure how successful they will be as Steve didn't follow all my instructions as they were a waste of time.

I have to say that cooking has proved a great disappointment to Steve. He's always assumed that cooking must be easy as I can cook most things successfully. He considers me to be stupid, therefore cooking must be easy.

Thursday 3 August 2023

5 a.m. is early even for me.

Beano got me up at 5 as he needed to go out, I'd rather get up than have an accident to clear up after.

It seems Steve has decided to no longer empty the kitchen bin or the recycling.

I was a bit slow on the uptake as I only realised today as I emptied them for the third day running.

This is possibly because he has just forgotten or it could be in retaliation for me refusing to cook for him, hey ho, nemmind. It's a small price to pay.

Steve is currently refusing to wear his hearing aids and I'm getting tired of shouting. He still wears them when he goes to the summer house to mix with the other residents.

I had a nice chat with another resident this morning, she's lovely and always friendly. She doesn't like dogs though isn't afraid of them. I just need to stop Beano getting too close to her as he tries to sit on her feet.

I don't mind if people don't like dogs, especially if they tell, me so I can keep Beano out of their way. I get irritated by people, like the mad cat lady who creates drama and havoc, complaining about Beano terrorising her cat and killing the local pigeons. Beano is terrified of her cat and far too slow to catch a pigeon also he is always on the lead in the grounds.

My youngest son is coming over tomorrow so we can walk Beano together, Beano will walk further if Chris is with us. I'm not sure why he won't walk more when he's with me, he won't wander off if it's just the two of us. Maybe he thinks I need protecting, though I don't know why, I'm not of a nervous disposition and I don't scare easily.

I've tidied all of Harry's stuff up in the hall, this might be a mistake as now there is more room he may just add to it when he gets back from his holiday.

Wednesday 2 August 2023

Beano has a cob on.

Beano would like to go to bed when Steve does, and he wants me to go too. I don't want to go to bed at 8:30, I prefer to go to bed about 10:30. 

Last night when Steve went to bed Beano sat and stared at me, he wanted me to go to bed as well. But I wouldn't, he sat by my feet staring and whining occasionally. Eventually I picked him up and put him on the sofa beside me. He immediately turned his back on me!

Flis, Steve won't eat any home made food, the only pudding he will eat is tinned rice pudding.

With regards to the neighbour with the cat, she has mental health problems and is a PITA for everybody, not just me. I have enough problems with Steve's mental health without dealing with her as well. We have a new manager at the complex, who I will speak to about my concerns. Our local mental health agency is too busy to deal with anything apart from serious crises, which she isn't yet. 

Sooze, I use "Who made you Queen of May?"

Commentors have suggested I get my B12 levels and my testosterone checked. When I came out of hospital just before Christmas. I was told my Dr would contact me about a follow up appointment. I'm still waiting! And yes I have phoned to progress this and I'm told that they are too busy and have no free appointments for the foreseeable future!

Tuesday 1 August 2023

Wipe out.

For the third day running I'm wiped out, I have zero energy. I feel like I've been run over by a steam roller.

I have no idea why, I'm trying to eat a decent diet and i try to get a good night's sleep.

I'm managing to walk Beano but that's about it. Steve's not impressed and thinks I need to try harder. He won't come with me when I walk the dog and just suggests re-homing him.

I really could have done without the local cat lady starting on me as I was walking Beano. today.

She gave me a list of instructions.

Beano is not allowed to walk in the nearby copse, as her cat likes to walk there. The cat already has the run of almost half an acre of garden. 

All residents have been instructed not to walk across the car park when she is there with her cat.

I'm to wait until 11:45 before Beano goes out for his last widdle as her cat is indoors then. As I go to bed about 10:30 this is not feasible. 

Next came a list of all the thing wrong with Beano and me, he needs his coat trimming etc.I

I need to get my hair cut and coloured, I'm too old to be wearing it up in a comb.

At this point my patience was exhausted so I walked off muttering under my breath.

She heard me muttering and is going to report me to our new manager!

Monday 31 July 2023


and overcast here today, it rained overnight and into the morning.

Steve seems to have rejoined the human race today, he was up and dressed by 11 o'clock.

He went on a bender on Saturday  and drank far too much, Sunday he was grumpy and miserable all day.

He's better today but is refusing to wear his hearing aids, he believes there is nothing wrong with his hearing, I just don't speak clearly!!

Funnily enough he wears his hearing aids when mixing with other people!

I need to walk to the pet shop today or tomorrow and get Beano a pack of dentastix. I also need to make a batch of chocolate brownies for a meeting on Wednesday with the new manager and some of the residents.

Yesterday I got a small bag of cooking apples, they were on a garden wall along where I walk Beano. I shall make some individual servings of apple and blackberry crumble for me. We have blackberries growing near our flat that I can pick.

Saturday 29 July 2023

Beano builds a nest

Whilst I was in the kitchen making a cup of tea, Beano decided to build him self a small nest of cushions and blankets.

There are two of the sofa cushions, two blankets that are kept over the back of the sofa for daytime naps and chilly evenings. There is also a small patchwork blanket made for Beano by a boating friend.

Thursday 27 July 2023

Wild flower meadow

This is just outside our door, Steve and Harry planted it not long after we moved in. It was previously just covered in old estate agents boards and ivy. Of course some of the neighbours complained. They preferred the boards and the ivy. 

I've thought for a while about how difficult Steve is, living here there seem to be a few people like him. Always complaining and moaning.

The mad cat lady is complaining about the area above as it presents a risk to her cat. She has also complained about Beano and the two dogs on the top floor. There are new people moving in who have two cats, we have been asked by her to sign a petition stopping this as her cat can't cope with the thought of other cats on its territory.

Wednesday 26 July 2023

Itchy bitchy

The skin under my chin and along my jaw line is covered in itchy lumps and bumps, I think it's stress hives.

It's something that I get occasionally usually just for a few days, but this time I've had them for three weeks.

I'm sure they will go eventually.

Unfortunately I have now developed a twitch in my right eye, which is a bit of a bugger and I find it irritating.

I'm obviously falling apart at the seams.

These things are sent to try us and try us they do!

I'm not stupid.

Neither am I a genius but I do understand why we need to make a decision.

The freehold of our flats is up for sale, the housing association that currently owns the freehold is disposing of all their owner occupied flats. They wish to concentrate on their rental portfolio.

Because of this we have had numerous residents meetings and many pieces of paperwork delivered to us.

Despite all the information we have been given we still have three residents who are adamant they wish to stay  with the current housing association!

None of them can accept that this is not possible.

Another meeting tomorrow, we have had discussions about us, as residents buying the freehold. As some of the residents are extremely argumentative I can't see this being viable. Some of the residents think they have more rights than others to decide what should be done. Some because they have been here longer, some because they believe themselves to be more intelligent.

What will be, will be, I'll wait and see.

Sunday 23 July 2023

Cunning plan.

Steve came up with a cunning plan.

As I refused to take over cooking duties he announced that he had injured his wrist.

He couldn't remember how he'd injured it but it was very painful, though not swollen.

Harry agreed to give him a lift to the nearest pharmacy so he could buy a wrist support.

I agreed to cook for a few days as he claimed his wrist was too painful.

The meals I have provided have been simple, we've had fish and chips from a nearby shop. Steve also requested a plate of ribs in BBQ sauce one day and chicken wings in BBQ sauce another day.

Today I had a gammon joint, some leftover wings and I cooked some chicken breasts. I served these with buttered new potatoes and salad.

To Steve's disgust there was no gravy, I don't serve gravy with salad as they don't seem to go together to me.

Steve reluctantly ate the food provided but I notice he is no longer wearing his wrist support. I assume he will take up his cooking duties again soon.

Saturday 22 July 2023


I've just spent a pointless 15 minutes trying to persuade Steve that there are not two Saturdays in a week.

In the end I gave up, he's trying to fill his tablet dispenser, it holds a month's worth of tablets. I used to fill it for him but gave up when he continually criticised my way of filling it.

In Steve's world there is only one way of doing everything, his way!

He seems to have strained his thumb though he doesn't know how, maybe it's arthritis, he is sporting a wrist support and eating painkillers like sweeties.

Friday 21 July 2023

Sticky Willies

Poor Beano chose to run through a patch of grass this morning on his walk.

Unfortunately the grass was full of Cleavers otherwise known as sticky willies.

It took ages to walk home  as Beano kept stopping to try and remove the Cleavers from his feet.

By the time we arrived home the fur around his mouth was covered in them.

I'm removing them in batches and letting him rest in between as he doesn't like having them dragged out of his fur. Some of them I'm cutting out but I need a steady hand trimming his beard.


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