Who's who

A lot of people wander around in my blog, here is a list of who's who to save remembering who I'm waffling on about.

L&M, my Lord and Master, otherwise know as hubby, this title is of course somewhat tongue in cheek!
Tom, my eldest son, works in the big smoke & earns stupid amounts of money and loves to travel.
Helen, my eldest daughter, foster carer to 3, pregnant with twins, dog owner, bases her fashion choices on Carrie Bradshaw.
Ronnie, Helen's partner, father of twins.
Lizzie, next daughter, my rock when I was ill, married, mum of 3, pregnant with her 4th, owner of small mad dog, stalwart of the PTA.
John, baby of the family, mechanic and car bod, loves to live dangerously.
Carl, son in law, has the patience of a saint and is a fantastic husband and Dad.
Josh, oldest DGS, 15, ex drug addict, never does anything wrong twice, but the list of things he doesn't think are wrong seems endless, lovely, kind and a true blond.
Mark, DGS, 9 talkative, bouncy, loves football and computer games, a deep thinker.
Molly DGD 7, incredibly bright, doing well at school, loves to read, knit & crochet.
Neal, 6, also very bright, seems not to feel pain, bounces off the walls unless walked regularly.
Norah, 5, chatty, loves to feed L&M's fish and bake with Nana.
Eileen, nearly 3, also loves to feed the fish and to smear fingerprints across the fish tank and TV.
Add to this 3 dogs and L&M's family and it can get chaotic.


Everyday life at Number 38 said...

Lovely to meet you all. I'm enjoying this new blog with photos xx

Unknown said...

Sounds fabulous!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to have found you again, I read every single HH blog post and was really upset when you stopped. I would love to adopt you as my mum even tho I'm too old as I desperately miss my mum who I lost 3 years ago. You are really an inspiration to me


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