Wednesday 28 September 2016


I'm waking up with tooth ache every morning as I am sleeping with my teeth clenched at night, I do have one sensitive tooth that has flared up because of the clenching.

My face and neck are covered in stress hives, I have an eruption on my lip that flares up occasionally, I treat it with tea tree oil, it stings like buggery but works fast.

I just want to put my head in my arms and bawl my eyes out, sometimes I actually do it.

Most times I get washed and dressed, I drag my sorry arse out of the house and I go to work.

I have a manic look in my eyes, yesterday we found out that changes are being made to his shift pattern with no consultation or discussion.

Today I am going to HR to talk about it.

My house need smudging as it is full of tension and stress.

I am getting my spell book out at the weekend, I'm trying to arrange a lottery win for a couple of staff members so they can take early retirement.

I am remembering the Wiccan rede which is 'An it harm none, do what you will.


Today my RAOK was not to kill anyone, and it was a pretty close run thing at times.

I was up during the night with an attack of diverticulitis, the sort where the bottom drops out of my world, only the other way around.

After that it was a trip to the Dr's for a fasting blood test, the nurse was running 30 minutes late, always good when it gets to 10 am and I've still not a cuppa. Because of the delay I had plenty of time to watch the big screen in the waiting room.

This lists an assortment of ailments, most of which I had diagnosed myself with after sitting there so long.

There was also a lot about mouth cancer and the need to avoid oral sex. I'm glad I wasn't there with a child, I could envisage many an entertaining conversation explaining that one.

There was a radio playing in the waiting room, 3 people playing games on their phones with all the associated beeps and screeching, there was also and an elderly lady with a continuous cough, I took my hearing aids out eventually as the noise level became too much.

All this added to my already raised stress levels, my L&M is still not well, changes are being made to his job whilst he's off sick, so I have raised this with HR as this is not allowed.

We are still trying to see our way forward financially so lots of juggling going on there.

I'd really like to find time to do some meditation, but every time I sit down and try, my beloved comes trotting in to ask if I'm ok, what I'm doing and if I'm annoyed with him!

Tuesday 27 September 2016

What ever next

So someone at work has come up with the bright idea of Random Acts of Kindness probably a nice enough idea in theory but not this way.

We all had to pick a name out of jar and we have until Friday to do a RAOK for that person.

It all seems very forced and artificial, I always try to be kind to the staff that come to my room, I always help the ones that are disorganised or panicking, even those that are rude to me.

I work on the theory that they may have problems I know nothing about, though usually I do know what their problems are.

I also keep tissues in my room and staff know they can sneak in if they need a shoulder to cry on.

Now I'm faced with being kind to someone I don't know because they don't use the facilities in my room.

We have been told we don't necessarily have to spend money and that a RAOK could just be giving the person you have been allocated, a big smile!

Oh yes, I can see me tromping over to the other side of the school and leering at some poor staff member who doesn't know me from Adam!

Monday 26 September 2016

And that saves money how?

Someone at work asked my why my grey roots were so long.
I explained that I was no longer going to dye my hair as an economy measure, so I would be going grey.
She then suggested that I dye my hair grey as there are some lovely shades of grey out there.
Erm, exactly how is this going to save me money?
Obviously she doesn't understand the concept of economy!

Sunday 25 September 2016

How Much!!!

An email was sent out at work last week, my team's Christmas Do, £64 a head, for a boil in the bag meal in a bloody tent.
Strangely enough I won't be going, I shall be doing Christmas for less than £100.
My L&M will not be buying each other anything and we will not go mad on buying food either.
It will just be a couple of quiet days at home together, maybe a walk to the local lock if it's not too wet.


There is a large chestnut tree near where we live, Norah collected a small bagful of conkers yesterday.
She took some home with her but before she left she put some in the corners of the living room to deter spiders.
I don't mind them but Eileen and Suzy are scared of them, so Norah hopes that by leaving some here there will be no spiders here to scare her sisters.

We were piped at the post again yesterday but my L&M is visiting another property tomorrow, maybe this will be the one.

Saturday 24 September 2016

Feeding the ducks

We have Norah staying so after breakfast and after we'd made 2 dozen sausage rolls we headed out.

We went to the park, Norah went on the swings, there was a small boy at the park with his mother, he was wearing swimming goggles.

'Allergy?' I asked his mum sympathetically.
'No' she replied 'We are going down to the lock next, he's wearing the goggles in case he falls in'.

I'm glad it's not just my kids that do funny things.

From the park we too went on to the lock, Norah reminded me that it is no longer ecologically sound to feed white bread to the ducks. So we took a small bag of frozen peas, cheap ones kept just for this purpose.

I have to say the ducks greeted the offering of peas with all the enthusiasm of a teenage boy being given a plate of salad when he'd ordered a Big mac and fries!

Friday 23 September 2016

Stop bloody whingeing

Ok, lets see if I can do a post that isn't full of moaning and whingeing.

My L&M has been signed off for 2 weeks with work related stress, so yesterday when DD2 wanted to go to school and help her 5 year old with a family timeline, he looked after 2 year old suzy.

She has him wrapped round her little finger, she knows where he keeps his chocolate (in the fridge), points to the fridge and says 'Up Nanadaddy'.

NanaDaddy, means he is the Daddy (man) that lives with Nana. So he picks her up and gives her chocolate. Then she points to the other fridge and says 'Up Nanadaddy' he picks her up, opens the fridge and she points to the juice, this performance is repeated until she has a drink in her cup with a straw.

She says 'pees' and 'tac you' and smiles sweetly at him and gives him cuddles. He is putty in her hands.

Once she has a drink and chocolate she takes his hand and leads him to the hall, says 'Up Nanadaddy' so he lifts her up so she can make my wind chimes play.

After that it's the shape sorter that she plays with and then she feeds the fish. After the fish it's bubble time, she knows where they are kept and then a game of chase in the garden.

By now my L&M is worn out, so he sits on the sofa, where she presents him with the remote controls and says 'Peppa Pig'.

Suzy speaks quite clearly for a 2 year old but as the youngest of 4 she speaks in sentences rather than single words. She already knows to look in grandpa's ears and shout if he doesn't have his aids in.

Wednesday 21 September 2016

Cracking under the strain

Plans are still ongoing, not saying much as I don't want to jinx things.

My L&M is beginning to crack under the strain of stupid decisions being made at work, I'm hoping to persuade him to take a few days off.

As a trial run for when things get really tight, for the next year, I'm allowing myself  £10 a week for spends, this has to cover my writers circle it costs £3 a visit, any treats for the DGC and if I treat my self to lunch at work. I can get soup and freshly made bread £1.40.

I'm growing my hair, so no more money for hairdressers, no more hair dye, I'll go grey.

Food spends are limited to £30 a week for 2 of us, breakfast, lunch and dinner, easy to do at the moment as the cupboards are full and so is the freezer. I spent £46 at the butchers yesterday, so there is chicken, liver, lamb shanks, minced beef, pork chops, sausagemeat and lots of bacon in the freezer now. I also have 5 packs of fish in there so fish pie is on the menu.


Because my beloved is such a fussy eater I tend to cook the meals listed below as I know he will eat them!

Old fashioned food, but cheap and easy to cook, everything is cooked from scratch, no jars or packets.

1) Liver and bacon with onion gravy
2) Sausage & mash with onion gravy
3) Fish pie
4) Smoked haddock with poached egg.
5) Spaghetti Bolognese
6) Carbonara
7) Cottage pie
8) Pork chop
9) Chicken pie
10) Steak and kidney
11) Chow Mein
12) Roast dinner

Sometimes I cook extra so we can take leftovers for lunch the following day.

Otherwise, lunch is sandwiches or sausage rolls for him, soup or salad for me.

Tuesday 20 September 2016

Sausage rolls

By L&M has developed a sudden addiction to sausage rolls and every so often I make a batch.
He took two for his lunch one day last week.
One of his colleagues asked him about them, saying they weren't very neat and were different sizes.
My L&M explained that they were home made, his colleague seemed bemused as to why anyone would bother to make something that could be bought in a shop and that would look neater.

Monday 19 September 2016

Damn their eyes

Or rather, damn mine.

Hospital today, just a regular ophthalmology check-up, but unfortunately some bad news, I now have a macular traction in my right eye.

This is what I had in my right eye, I had surgery, a sodding great needle stuck in my eye. The procedure failed and I ended up with a split retina, limited close vision in my left eye and sod all distance vision.

And now it is happening with my right eye, oh bugger. I'm not bothered about the procedure, it is unpleasant but not painful, but if I lose the sight in my other eye I will by truly and seriously buggered.

From ophthalmology I went to audiology to get my hearing aids checked, and they replaced both as the tubes were getting stiff.

Hopefully I will be able to follow conversations better now, I was beginning to get like Alf Garnett's wife, always 2 conversations behind!

Sunday 18 September 2016

A day out

DD and I had a lovely day yesterday, I made a picnic lunch and used the picnic basket DD gave me a few years ago. It looked very pretentious but in fact was just an easy way to ensure there was enough cutlery and crockery for us.

We went to a workshop aimed at increasing our spiritual awareness. I sometimes feel that all the rushing about I do leave very little time for me, especially the inner me.

It can't be helped it is just how life is at the moment, and I always happy to help with the family and grandchildren.

I just felt that a day of me time was needed, I could have booked a spa day, but round here they are incredibly expensive and as I don't like people touching me, any treatments would be wasted.

The two people running the day were both people that my DD had nannied for in the past but as I'd booked the day in my name they were surprised to see her. There was a lot of catching up to do, DD keeps in contact with all her charges, but not usually with the parents.

As we were the first to arrive we helped in the kitchen, making drinks and setting out the breakfasts. When we broke for lunch we shared our lunch with some of the other people because, as usual, I had over catered!

The day was very interesting but I found the meditation quite difficult as I kept falling asleep.
It must have done me good though I got home around 6, cooked a meal and by 7 I was  asleep  on the sofa at 9 my L&M woke me up and sent me to bed. Once in bed I then slept until 6:30 when I made tea, with just one loo break. I went back to bed with a cuppa and slept through until 9:30 this morning.

Friday 16 September 2016

The Thames

A colleague asked me today if the river Thames went all the way from Reading to Cheshire!!!
Sometimes I despair, I really do.

Wednesday 14 September 2016

A little piece of peace

A whole peaceful day at with no machine breakdowns, woohoo.

Tomorrow I have to collect DGD from her Auntie's house and then take hubby to the station to buy his train ticket for Saturday, he is on a property hunt.

I have 11 items to wrap that I sold on Ebay last night.

I have someone coming from Freegle to collect some bedding.

On Friday I have to collect DGD Suzy at 2:30, Eileen at 3:10, Norah at 3:25 and then collect their Dad at 4:30. DD2 will have worked a 60 hour week this week!

On Saturday I'm at a workshop with DD1!

Monday 12 September 2016

Free lunch

We had a free lunch today, I ate mine in my room as my team had already gone on ahead without me as usual!

Mind you I didn't feel like eating in the canteen after watching one of our cleaners today. He wiped all the tables over, then lifted the chairs and stood them on the table feet down whilst he swept the floor!

There was an engineer trying to get my machines to run reliably again today, one of them broke down within minutes of him leaving site.

Sunday 11 September 2016

Cheap and cheerful Sunday lunch

When my children were still at home, every Sunday lunch, regardless of what meat was being served, came with Yorkshire puddings, stuffing balls and lots of vegetables. It meant a little bit of meat would stretch a long way.

When I cooked roast chicken I used to cook a packet of sausages as well, it meant there was enough chicken left to make a pie the following day and then the carcase was used to make soup.

This was today's lunch, last week I cooked a half shoulder of lamb that I bought reduced, I took all the meat off the bone once it was cooked and what we didn't eat a I popped into a plastic tub and put it in the freezer.

Today I took it out the freezer and spread it out on a Pyrex  lid, to heat through and crisp up.
I served it with roast potatoes, new potatoes, peas, carrots, cabbage and Yorkshire puddings.
I cooked a lot of extra new potatoes as they were going soft. I shall make some potato salad with some, the rest will be reheated and served with salmon tomorrow.

I had a nectarine afterwards, I don't make puddings as my L&M isn't keen on them.

Interestting viewing

We now have a better idea of what we don't want having looked round a few properties.

One we looked at had obviously been done up to sell, they have done everything my L&M and I have done.
Only as it was such a small place there was hardly any furniture and no storage what so ever. We have minimised our furniture but there is still sufficient for our needs.

There was nowhere to put a table but there was a breakfast bar, great you might think, but no the bar wasn't wide enough to take anything bigger than a tea plate.

It looked stunning and the people before us and after us, we were in a sort of queue,  both couples were upset be me saying how stunning it looked. They both immediately asked if we were in a position to move and were relieved when we said no, that we were just getting a feel for what is available in our price range.
I checked this morning and the property is under offer!

Saturday 10 September 2016

Tired with a K

As my ex MIL used to say, I'm on my knees and cross eyed with exhaustion.
I was up for a couple of hours last night with a dicky tum.
I have been so stressed at work and when that happens my digestive system goes haywire.
My L&M tried to help by buying a takeaway, it was very nice, but it did me no favours.
On the up side there are enough leftovers for him so I don't have to cook.
I'm managing with dry toast and water, which he is providing now he is home.

My lovely DGD Suzy had me in fits today, we were driving along with the radio on. Islands in the Sun by Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers started playing.
There is a line in the song that goes 'We rely on each other, uh huh'.
Suzy decided to sing along with the uh huh, only she was saying uh oh, it was so funny.
She has now gone home, my L&M is watching snooker from years ago on you tube and I'm going to have a nana nap!

Friday 9 September 2016

Case closed

The Ebay case opened against me has been closed, so either the items arrived or the complainant was blown out of the water by the email I forwarded showing that she was not able to pay on time!

I have faults on my machines at work, my room has been full of engineers sucking their teeth and shaking their heads.
Yesterday they cured one fault by jamming a piece of paper into the machine, very professional, not!
They claimed to have cured the other fault, but they hadn't so out they came again today.
Because of one fault the machines are very slow and need unjamming regularly.
Because of the other fault the machines won't hole punch, this means every document has to be punched by hand, only the hole punch doesn't punch properly.

Tomorrow my L&M and I are viewing a property, we were planning on viewing 2 but one is now not available until later this month.

Wednesday 7 September 2016

Buggering Ebay

So some idiot has opened a case against me on Ebay as the items I posted haven't arrived yet, well that would be because I didn't receive the payment on time.

Obviously I was expected to post off the items without being paid for them.

I hope this won't be a black mark against my Ebay account, I should be ok as the delay in payment is clearly documented.

Sunday 4 September 2016


My Ebay sales are chugging along, the Fifty Shades effect is still working.
Funny isn't it, some people are very slow to pay and some are whinging already.
The purchaser's of my bondage gear pay very promptly.
I just hope they have hours of fun with the toys they have bought.
I still have another dozen or so items to list.

The lost trousers

My beloved L&M went out with friends yesterday, he announced on Wednesday that he couldn't find the trousers he wanted to wear.

He has 3 or 4 pairs but of course he NEEDED the one pair I couldn't find.

I hunted high and low to no avail, so on Friday I washed another similar pair and put them over the radiator to dry.

The trousers he needed turned up eventually in the study (black trousers on a black chair with a black backpack on top of them).

In the interim I washed another similar pair and hung them over the radiator.

My L&M, despite being told a) these were not the ones he was looking for and b) they were still wet, pulls them off the radiator with a huge flourish and manages to knock a wedding photo that was hung above the radiator, down behind the radiator!

It's a photo from our wedding transferred on to canvas.

Can we get it out?

Can we heck as like! I love that photo, I will fecking swing for him one day!    

Saturday 3 September 2016

Silence is golden

It's so quiet here I can here my ears ringing, I have tinnitus, some days it's worse than others.

DD Lizzie collected her dog yesterday, we'd had the dog for 3 weeks, 2 weeks whilst the rat catcher was leaving poison and one week whilst Lizzie and her family were on holiday.

DD Helen dropped her 10 and 11yo off for a sleepover yesterday, she collected them about an hour ago.

My L&M is out with friends, there is just me and the silence is deafening.

I shall have a tidy round and then a Nana nap.

On Monday it's back to collecting DGS at 7 and taking him to work with me.

Lizzie has been offered 2 weeks work, holiday cover at the company where she works on Saturdays, she is hoping it will lead to an offer of full time work.

Until then she will still be doing her night shift job as well, Helen is looking after Lizzie's youngest, Suzy, when Lizzie is at work. I shall be collecting Suzy from Helen's and delivering her to Lizzie after work every day for the 2 weeks and collecting DGS and dropping him home on the way back through.

I shall not be at all surprised to meet myself coming back one day.

We will cross any other child care issues as and when they arrive, if Lizzie is offered full time work.

Friday 2 September 2016

Chaos continues

Got to work at 6:30, made a start on various jobs.
Staff member come in 'Is my copying ready yet?'
Me, 'No, it's 30500 copies, that's about 7 machine hours work'
Staff 'Oh, I need it for 8:30, I didn't realise how long it was going to take'
Me 'And?'
Staff 'Can I have this part this morning and the rest this afternoon?'
So, by dint of running around like a demented ferret, using every machine in the school and pissing off everyone else who needed copying, I got the first lot done by 8:25 and the rest done by 12:45.
At 1 o'clock the staff had lunch, then they all started coming in saying 'This work you've printed, it's wrong'
About 30% of what I copied either has spelling mistakes in or has the wrong information on it.
Not my fault, but it means I'll be doing it all over again on Monday and it will be a mad rush as it's needed for the students who are starting back on Monday!

Thursday 1 September 2016

A new term and chaos reigns

As always the first few days of term are chaos and not just in my department.

I worked from 6:30 - 3:30 today, I worked through my lunch break, the machines running non-stop, I still have 30,000 documents to print and 500 booklets, about seven hours for each job.

I also went to Helen's to look after the children for an hour so she could go to the chiropractor. She has a painful neck and back, she didn't want to have to ask me, but not many people want to watch 4 children for a couple of hours.

We used to be given a free lunch on inset days but that has stopped, my team decided to club together and buy pizza for lunch today, as usual they forgot to include me. Fortunately I had taken in a really delicious salad.
I had iceberg lettuce, yellow pepper, cucumber,  spring onion, hard boiled egg, chopped anchovy's, a spoonful of hummus and one of coleslaw, yummy.

Lights out again!

Yet again our on-site lights have failed! I'm up and dressed and about to visit our site manager who is due here today. Last time this h...