Friday, 20 May 2022


Steve thinks cruising with friends would be too much for us and he could be right. Personally I think the cruise he has planned will be too much as well.

Another failed loaf!

I used to be able to make nice bread but I seem to have lost the skill.

I find it really difficult to find a way of proving the dough, it needs to be somewhere warm. I can assure you there is nowhere warm on my boat!

Wednesday, 18 May 2022


I'm struggling with a couple of things at the moment haven't felt like blogging.

I was really looking forward to a few weeks cruising with friends, Steve has decided he doesn't want to do this now and I'm very disappointed.

I'm also dreading a forthcoming wedding, well not the wedding, I'm sure that will be lovely. It's the reception, I can see it being a nightmare. I can't see well enough to be able to recognise people I hardly know and I won't be able to hear what people are saying. I shall try to find a quiet corner to hide in!

Wednesday, 11 May 2022

What day is it?

The days all run into one another, I think it's a Wednesday and if so it's cooked breakfast for Steve this morning.

We moved on Sunday, we went into the marina for a pump out, filled our water tank and got a Tesco delivery, this took until 1ish.

In theory it should have been an easy trip, just one lock but the couple at the lock couldn't move the lock gate. It is heavy but I can manage it. They both of them pushed the gate but couldn't budge it so the husband  climbed back on the boat! Steve and I went out and helped with the gate, eventually they were through the lock, a widebeam followed with very few crew so we helped them and finally it was our turn. By now I'd got the shakes and was desperate to moor up and rest but it was another hour and a half before we got through the lock and swing bridge and found somewhere to moor.

I'd arranged to meet up with a fellow crafter, she is running a craft creche at Glastonbury. I'd offered her all my leftover yarn,  40+ balls, she came over to collect it, she gave me two big bags of super chunky yarn and some size 10 needles to see if I can use them.

I'm wondering how many strands of super chunky I'd need to make jumbo yarn for arm knitting?

Monday some idiot left the lock paddle up, so at silly o'clock in the morning all the cupboard doors flew open, the boat was listing badly. There's about 6 or 7 boats in the same predicament but of course Steve's now in full on panic mode and I'm getting yelled at. I went back to the previous lock and let the water out plus some extra and we were soon floating again.

Yesterday I took my daughter out for a birthday lunch, it's not her birthday for a while yet but she happened to have a free day.

Saturday, 7 May 2022

Beano makes a friend.

I gave Beano a shower yesterday, much to his disgust but now he is clean and fluffy.

He always stands by the shower when I'm in there, I'd had a couple of attempts to get him in but couldn't get hold of him so I stripped of and got in the shower my self. Once he was lulled into a false sense of security I stepped out grabbed him and have him a wash. Once I q was semi dried and dressed I sat on the back deck in the sun to dry Beano. He sulked for ages but eventually decided to sit on my knee, I'd put a towel on my lap which soaked up most of the water.

We took him for a walk about 5 o'clock, we went along the towpath that is part of a pub garden. There was a mother with a baby sat on the grass. The baby's face lit up at the sight of Beano and he started to crawl towards him. Mum grabbed the baby and I asked if the little one wanted to stroke him. We called Beano over and he stood there wagging his tail while the toddler beamed and patted him. Steve explained that Beano was used to children as we have so many grandchildren.

I always let children pet Beano as he doesn't jump up and he doesn't lick them. Left to his own devices Beano will ignore almost everyone adults and children alike.


We have been very lucky so far with our marina, we only pay when we are actually there. They have been getting gradually busier and busier after a change of management and greatly improved services. The jetty we usually use is very short, it only reaches to our back deck so it is the last jetty to be filled. This year we may have to pay to keep our place or we may lose our place altogether to some alterations being made. 

Some marinas are residential and boaters pay council tax, some marinas turn a blind eye to liveaboards but tend to be expensive. I believe Tingdene in Caversham charge between £10,000 & £12,000 per annum mooring fees then there electric, Wi-Fi and pump out fees on top.

You can book in advance or turn up and hope for the best. It is first come first served if there are vacancies but all the local marinas have huge waiting lists.

I like the security of being in the marina during the winter in case the weather is bad  but my mental health is better out on the cut. At least I get to speak to people on the cut even if it just the pub handy man who comes to strike Beano or the shop assistant I buy bread from. 

We went through one lock and one swing bridge today, helped by volunteers so it was nice and easy. We have about an hours cruise tomorrow morning to get a pump out and collect our shopping, then we have to move on, hopefully to near the wharf cafe.

Thursday, 5 May 2022

Moved again.

We moved again today, tomorrow I will buy bread and milk from the little village shop, we may have a pub lunch.

We are hoping there are volunteers on, on Saturday but if not we'll manage

Sunday we are booked into the marina for a pump out. We cannot stay as they are rammed solid.

Once we have emptied the black water and filled the water tank we will be on our way again.

Tuesday, 3 May 2022

Moving on

We have moved on again, we stayed long enough to watch the River Rescue guys break up and remove a boat that was hit by a falling tree, had fish and chips and very nice they were too.  Then we visited the nearby Co-op, bought milk and bread and set off.

We were warned that there was no room at Midgham and assumed we'd have to travel further but luckily there was a space and we moored up near Mark and Julie from Weir on the move, they have a YouTube channel.

We had a bit of excitement last night, there was a message on FB asking if anyone was near lock 92, a boater had been taken Ill and an ambulance had been called but was having trouble locating the boat. We walked to the road to flag it down. I don't like the particular boater he's sexist, misogynist, racist and dirty and he's been on his current mooring for 5 months despite it being 14 day. He constantly overstays and is a thorn in the side of CRT. However we went to help as there was obviously a problem. He is currently in hospital and I'm hoping to get an update in a few days.

Saturday, 30 April 2022

How much!

I know everything is going up in price so I was very glad when the coal we bought was still £14 a bag. The bottled gas had however gone up to £45, ouch.

The last bottle only lasted two months they usually last three months.

 I shall have to be more careful though we use more gas in the summer than we do in the winter because in the winter we have the stove lit 24/7. We keep the kettle full of water on the stove so it takes very little time for it to boil. My suggestion that we put less water in the kettle falls on deaf ears so I've ordered a vacuum mug to keep the water not once it's boiled. The water would mainly be used for washing up so if the jug affects the flavour of doesn't matter. 

I will try to cut down on making toast as well, it's often my go-to meal when I've cooked Steve something I don't like. Scrambled egg or  beans is an easy meal but I need to think of an alternative.

I used to batch cook but I don't now, partly because of Steve's fussyness and partly because I have no microwave. So anything I cook and freeze still has to be reheated in the oven.

Friday, 29 April 2022


It was the second convoy or maybe the third so there were hundreds of firefighters involved.

This year we didn't  buy a single Easter egg, we've only ever bought small ones as a token but this year we didn't. 

What with having one grandchild who is diabetic and one who is lactose intolerant it seemed pointless. Instead each family was treated to a take away.

We have three birthdays  next month DD2 and the twins all have their birthdays in May.

Yesterday we treated our selves to fish and chips, today we went to the small supermarket for bread. I treated myself to some grapes.

I'm not sure if we are moving tomorrow, we can stay a week, it. just depends what Steve wants to do.

Thursday, 28 April 2022

Wednesday, 27 April 2022

New mooring.

 We moved again today, it's cold and overcast so not really pleasant travelling but we've made to a nice level mooring where no gangplank is needed. We are within walking distance of a shop where I can buy bread tomorrow. There is also a fish and chip shop so we may treat ourselves tomorrow.

We raced another boat to the last mooring spot but offered to let them breast up beside us as they only wanted to go to the pub for lunch. The river here is wide so they could moor without causing  a problem.

Sue Jay, I haven't heard from Chris, I've been following the convoy on FB, they have travelled 1400 miles, 700 on blue lights through 6 countries and delivered 20+fire service vehicles.

I've persuaded Steve to light the fire, he refuses to admit he's cold and will end up feeling unwell. I told him I was cold so he lit the fire.

The gubbins under the cratch

 The cover over the front of the boat is called a cratch cover.

Most boaters have chairs or cushions out there, we use ours as a shed, so if you think of what you keep in your shed ours is similar. There's buckets, tools plant pots etc.

Chris has reached his destination, there is a post on FB about it.

Tuesday, 26 April 2022

Yesterday didnt go to plan

We had a day of minor irritations yesterday, we couldn't moor where we wanted as there was no room, Steve got stung by a bee, I got my hand caught in a faulty gate, we ran aground because someone moored on a bend. We spent almost six hours travelling and ended up almost back where we started albeit in the offside so well away from the lycra louts.

The problem with such a long day is that Steve gets exhausted and starts talking bollocks. Everything becomes a whatsit or a thingummy and I can't follow his instructions because they don't make sense. Steve gets more and more enraged when he can't make himself understood.

Steve went to bed early but I had to stay up to let Beano out for a late night widdle, otherwise he'd get me up at 3am. I slept badly as I was cold, I got up at 2:30 and put an extra blanket on the bed.

Steve suggested that we stay put today and have a rest day, which we did. Personally I think the term  'rest day' is something of a misnomer. I stripped the bed and remade it, swept the boat inside and out planted four troughs of flowers and herbs, walked Beano five times, locked umpteen boats through the lock and blitzed the kitchen. Steve sorted out the gubbins under the cratch, got the stove ready for the next cold snap and hunted out some bracket to rehang a picture.

Tonight I'll make sure there are enough covers on the bed before I go to sleep.

Sunday, 24 April 2022

Who needs sleep

The convoy my son is with has reached Poland and is now heading to Ukraine. I shan't sleep well until I know he's back safe.

There are some brilliant pics of the convoy on FB loads of fire engines and lorries full of equipment.

We moved today, we're not on a good mooring but it's only overnight, the towpath is quite narrow and we take our life in our hands when we step off the boat we just have to hope there isn't a tribe of lycra clad morons heading our way.

Jaccs, I've been told that an abundance of food increases the amount of drakes. I have been known to wield the boat hook in an attempt to rescue a drowning duck.

Saturday, 23 April 2022

What's happened in the last few weeks

The first mooring spot turned out to be directly in the swan flight path, they're big buggers and after a few near misses when we thought they were going to land on the back deck we moved a few feet along and out of their way.

The council workforce try hard to keep the park and surrounding areas litter free but it's an uphill battle. I picked up any glass I found, I think the locals thought I was an alcoholic, wandering around clutching empty bottles of rum and vodka.

There was also a lot of KFC wrappings around, I have to watch Beano as he's rather partial to KFC. Someone had obviously had a hot date on one of the park benches. There was an empty KFC bucket, an empty vodka bottle and a used condom. Obviously pushing the boat out with KFC and vodka had proved successful! 

The swans were courting, they look so beautiful dipping and weaving their necks and bobbing into the water. The pigeons have very little subtlety, they stomp around with their chests puffed out. I'm sure they are saying "Look at me I've got a big willy". The ducks are very pushy and aggressive, I've seen more than one female duck drowned by the attentions of four or five drakes all trying to mount her at once.

Friday, 22 April 2022

Where was I

Thank you for your comments I've replied to some. 

No we don't have a washing line on the roof, neither of us is nimble enough to get up there. We do have a whirly washing line that fits on the tiller but we had so many people fall off their bikes or nearly  step into the canal that we rarely use it.

Caroline, it was lovely to see you and meet your husband.

Lincolnshire exile, thank you I've been looking at the link, lots of interesting things.

Rambler I'd recommend Robbie Cummings narrow boat blog, and Weir on the Move as these show a fairly realistic view of life on a boat. 

Ellen yes we do have some favourite mooring spots, in particular on the offside (not the tow path side) at Widmead lock and Midgham lock. Both are very peaceful. Where we are now is great for shopping, the wardrobe is now rammed with this and dry goods and the fridge and freezer are both well stocked. It's very noisy here as the supermarket is constantly being restocked and we are only a few feet from the lorry entrance. Fortunately we take our hearing aids out overnight.

Thursday, 21 April 2022

I'm back!

We've moved and we have Wi-Fi.

We will probably stay until Sunday. 

We are outside Tesco and will fill the cupboards and then set off.

It's not so nice here as the towpath is like a racetrack!

Thank you for all your kind comments I will reply tomorrow.

I found out yesterday that DS2 IS on his way to the Ukraine with an aid convoy!

Wednesday, 6 April 2022

Long awaited

Today was the long awaited trip to the laundrette, Steve made a huge fuss about it but he'd agreed to go so he went.

We have a washing machine on the boat but getting stuff dry can be a bit bit and miss. I also can only do a cold wash and some things really need a hot wash.

When Steve returned we stripped the bed and remade it, it's a hell of a job as there is so little room around the bed. Also doing the bed with Steve makes my ears bleed! He rants and moans, gets the bedding tangled, shouts and complains. I'd rather do it on my own but he insists on 'helping'. We will be in the area for another week and so will return to the laundrette to wash the bedding we took off today and the rest  of the towels. I may go myself and take Beano. It will give me a peaceful hour or so.

We've had a few really heavy showers today, walking Beano has entailed some mad dashes on and off the boat.

The Wi-Fi signal here is poor, as usual I have more problems than Steve. If he's watching a film I can't get any signal. I've got a few books to read but I really miss crafting. However I realised today that the quilt I made almost 30 years ago needed repairing before it could be washed. So I've cut out a few 7" squares and I'm sewing them in place, I'm also repairing some small fears with embroidery. I can only sew in good light and it's not particularly near but as it's a repair, I'm happy with it.

A guest post from Beano

Steve took my blanket away this morning, he said it was smelly.

It was smelly but I love my blanket.

I was very pleased when I realised he'd only taken it to the laundrette to wash.

I have my blanket back now.

Lynn Marie

 Steve could go on a spa day and come back full of aches and pains. It's just the way he is!

Tuesday, 5 April 2022

Still here

We're still moored in Newbury though we've not made it to the laundrette yet. Steve is at the chiropractor today so I have a few hours peace and Steve will be in pain and very grumpy tomorrow.

The swans keep tapping on the window for food, there is a lot of them and they can be quite demanding. There are ducks with babies and geese here as well.

Yesterday I saw four hot air balloons drifting overhead.

There is space for us to moor at Victoria park but we decided to stay where we are because one of the boaters at the park is a bloody nuisance. He keeps telling me he's a dog psychologist and keeps tapping Beano on the head and making noises. He claims this makes Angel love him, Beano growls and grumbles!

Saturday, 2 April 2022

At last.

The tree was cleared and the navigation is open, we finally got a pump out we also filled up with water and purchased more coal. There was a queue for the pump out so it took hours but eventually we were done and moored up. We took Beano for a long walk round Victoria park where he can be off the lead and play with the other dogs. 

I made fish pie for tea, I made some for Beano too with slightly different ingredients, he loves it.

We didn't make it to the farmers market but we will go on Thursday and stock up.

Friday, 1 April 2022

Feeling human again

I have to say the last trip really took it out of both of us. I was full of good intentions, I planned a lot of cleaning, I achieved nothing. My get up and go had buggered off.

We've still not had a pump out as a tree came down blocking the canal, it should be cleared by tomorrow.

Steve went to collect his prescription today so I spent the entire day doing nothing apart from walking Beano.

Steve left here at 9:15 and got back at around 2:30. He arrived at the pharmacy and asked for his prescription only to behold that they no longer make prescriptions up in advance. He had to sit and wait whilst it was made up. There were about a dozen people waiting. He has been given two months supply again, I'm not sure why.

A day of doing nothing has done me good I am feeling less like a damp rag. Caring for Steve can be exhausting, he mithers on all day, worrying about the daftest things and it's wearing. Yesterday I went to Tesco's and it was 20 minutes of bliss, wandering around choosing a loaf of bread. Then my phone rings, it's Steve. He wants to know if I'm still in Tesco's, he's waiting outside and he's cold. He didn't think I'd be this long! 

I was telling my daughter about this, she said "Please don't die first mum, I can't make any promises, I'm likely to brain him".

We will be travelling with our friends again for a few weeks in June, that will make things easier as Steve will have someone to distract him.

Thursday, 31 March 2022


He Caroline.

We will be in the area for two weeks somewhere between Tesco and Victoria Park.

Wednesday, 30 March 2022

Living life fortnightly.

We carry 2 weeks water and the black water tank holds 2 weeks worth of waste. Steve's bad back lost us a week so now we have to make up the time.

We've made it to Newbury with a day of our fortnight to spare.

 We travelled for four hours today it was bloody cold and we have another lock to do before we get to the pump out. There is nowhere to moor outside Tesco so we've moored below the bridge. If we go through the next lock and there is nowhere to moor we then have three or four more locks before we can turn round. 

It's been an eventful few days since my last post.

Beano was bitten by another dog, a moment's inattention on the owners part but it took a while to prise the dog off Beano's neck. Beano was sore but there was no blood.

A hire boater fell off a lock gate and paramedics attended, they decided she was well enough to continue her journey but at the next stop she decided to turn around and return home. 

We met up with the fuel boat and bought more coal, so at least the boat is warm.

We have a spending spree coming up we need new bedding and cutlery from Dunelm, Steve is going to B&Q, I doubt he'll come back empty handed and we need milk, bread and veg from Tesco.

Saturday, 26 March 2022

It's lovely here.

We've moved to a visitor mooring it's lovely and flat so no need to negotiate a steep gang plank. We will move on tomorrow so as not to overstay out time limit. I think we have a couple of sunny days still to come. I've just cleaned the windows on one side of the boat and a gorgeous spaniel has just added some fresh nose art to them.

I like Canal Boat Diaries, Robbie tells it like it is, warts and all. It can be a very hard life. Some locks are extremely heavy and misaligned so are very difficult to work. Pru and Tim are entertaining to watch but not very accurate as they are using two boats and have a crew of 12.

I have been head down in the weed hatch a few times, the main problem is getting up again.

The offending boat wasn't in the marina Rambler it was out on the cut.

I'm quite swamped with people to talk to here, apart from the staff in the village shop there is the groundsman  in the local pub, a villager who walks past everyday, an assortment of dog walkers. It's so nice.

Wednesday, 23 March 2022

Still here

Steve's chiropractor appointment was successful and he wants to go back in two weeks.

We still can't move as some idiot has moored, blocking the bridge, so I'm still struggling to get back on the boat.

The weather is glorious warm and sunny, I just wish I could hang my washing out.

Despite being pain free Steve is biting my head off every time I speak, so I'm keeping silent.

Sunday, 20 March 2022

Not going anywhere!

Steve tends to wildly overestimate his strength and abilities so when planning our first trip out of the marina I suggested a stopping place.

Steve rubbished the idea and insisted we go further. Half way between my suggested mooring spot and the next visitor moorings Steve hits the wall and we have to stop.

Steve assures me we will move on the following day.
Unfortunately as well as exhaustion Steve now has a bad back!

It's now Sunday and we are still here!

The view is beginning to pall and the water levels have altered so much that getting off the boat is really difficult.

On the bright side Steve is now less exhausted and has managed to get a chiropractor appointment for Tuesday. The clinic is on a direct bus route and it's a short walk to the bus stop!

Hopefully we will be on our way on Wednesday.
There is now a long line of boats moored along this length of bank all constant cruisers. They have all collected piles of wood and kindling, they have erected an assortment of makeshift washing lines and other items. It looks like the Beverley Hillbillies.

Thursday, 17 March 2022

We're off

We left the marina Tuesday morning and this is where we moored.

You have to admit that the view is much better, much less claustrophobic.

On Wednesday we helped a single handed boater through the nearby lock. He's not been on the K&A before and is really struggling because it's a mix of canal and river and he doesn't like the river bits as the water is so fast flowing. 

It started to rain heavily as we walked back to our boat and continued for the rest of the day.

I walked into the village to the newly opened shop and bought pies for tea. Steak and Ale for Steve and Chicken Curry for me. I got soaked but it was worth it, they were delicious.

We are moored in a row of boats so Steve has people to talk to which does him good.

We are now back to sporadic internet and no hot water unless I boil the kettle. Roll on some sunny days.

Monday, 14 March 2022


I'm having problems with my tablet so my replies to your comments may be a bit random.

I'm looking into Yumove for Beano to see if I can buy it in a shop or if it's only available by subscription.

I haven't taken him to the vet as he is improving so much every day.

Steve's new hearing aids have made my life so much better as he can now hear so much better. We have to get through the obligatory six weeks of complaints of "they don't fit" and "my ears are sore" but already the reduction in YouTube volume is lovely.

So whilst everyone else is  trying to cut back we are planning a spending spree.

We are aiming for lunch out when we get to the first pub.

Buying a jar of jam at a new shop that has recently opened.

A few days later we will be treating ourselves to fish and chips.

After that it's a trip to B&Q so Steve can top up on bits and pieces.

Finally the biggest treat a trip to the laundrette where everything not nailed down will be put through a hot wash and best of all dried and folded. Getting the washing dry on the boat is a bit of a chore.


Saturday, 12 March 2022

Prepring to leave

Flis, no Beano is just bruised I'm pretty sure. He's very keen to go for a walk but he tries to walk too far. He's not happy with me as he normally chooses the distance and direction of his walks but currently I'm making the decisions.

We are planning on moving on Tuesday or Wednesday we are only travelling for a couple of hours a day and we have treats planned, fish and chips or a pub lunch. A visit to a new shop recently opened.

 Steve has a tendency to do too much and then make himself ill. So I've listed places I'd like to stop and the reasons why

Today's job is cleaning and filling all the water tanks, we have two extra tanks that we fill when we are travelling. It will take an age as it's the weekend and lots of people will be doing the same thing.

Friday, 11 March 2022


Beano seems to be improving, he's peeing and pooing fine. I keep putting his water bowl beside him so he's not going thirsty.

I think he walked a bit too far this afternoon and is sleeping now.

Steve has got his new hearing aids, it will take him a while to get used to them I'm sure.

For me it is absolute bliss as he has turned the volume down when he's on his computer.

Steve hasn't eaten a vegetable for the last week. He's now complaining that he's constipated!

He has also said he doesn't like my dirty habits in the kitchen. What dirty habits? I make gravy with the water I've cooked veg in instead of using fresh water and I use the meat juices as well instead of gravy granules.

An eventful day

Poor Beano has hurt himself although we don't know how.

On Wednesday he wasn't keen on going for a walk and was groaning and seemed in pain.

He makes little groaning noises if I'm eating Maltesers which he's not allowed or if I'm sitting in what he considers to be his place, but he seemed to be doing it for no reason.

He seemed very reluctant to move and couldn't get on or off the sofa. 

I spent the night on the sofa beside him, I offered him food and water neither

of which he wanted.

At 6am he needed to go out, I lifted him off the sofa and carried him up the steps, no mean feat as he's no lightweight and doesn't like to be carried. He wandered along the grass but he was walking a little stiffly.

I put his breakfast and water on the back deck for him as I then couldn't carry him back down the steps and got him a couple of snuggly blankets  and I sat on the back deck with him. At  7:30 he went out again for another wander about and then returned to sit on the back deck again. Fortunately Steve got up at 9:30 and he carried Beano back down stairs.

Steve and I spent the day making a fuss of him and lifting him off the boat, I went to bed at midday and Beano came and slept beside me. I got up just before 3 as Steve was worried as our Tesco delivery was due and our road was closed but the delivery arrived on time.  Steve had made contingency plans that included walking to the main road with our trolleys and collecting our shopping from the delivery van or diverting the delivery to one of the dd's houses, neither of them were home. I drive him mad because I refuse the panic in this sort of situation, I just assume everything will go ok. He does a grand impression of Corporal Jones from Dad's Army!

Beano can now jump on and off the sofa, is managing the steps very slowly and is being lifted on and off the bed.

Wednesday, 9 March 2022


 Jaccs, no he just likes noisy stuff, chain saws, politicians shouting, loud music, anything like that.

Jane I wish I had more patience.

My poor little grandson who is 7 isn't sleeping well and keeps crying. 

They had an assembly at school about the war in Ukraine, poor Teddy is so scared now.

Sunday, 6 March 2022


Col, Steve doesn't get on well with headphones, still look on the bright side, the silence is lovely when he turns YouTube off!

Lyssa, Beano says thank you for the scritches.

Thank you Ellen.

Fingers crossed for some sun soon Chris.

Beano and I managed to scare the bejeebers out of Steve a couple of days ago. During the short winter days Beano has his long walks in the morning and in the afternoon and evening walks just around the marina.

The weather has been cold and rainy so when Beano asked to go out at about 5:30 I didn't take my phone or my torch as I expected to be out for just a few minutes. Beano had other ideas and set off at a cracking pace off the marina and down the towpath, eventually he'd gone far enough and turned towards home but once we reached out boat, instead of getting aboard he headed for the grassy area just beyond it to do another head count of the local mole population.

While we were counting mole hills Steve had become worried and walked around the marina to look for me, he asked a couple of boaters if they had seen me. I realised as soon as I returned to the boat that Steve must be out looking for us so I phoned him immediately. Relieved he returned to the boat, unable to understand how he had missed us.  I explained and Steve was happy.

I must try to remember my torch and phone in future.

It's been bitterly cold again today but it wasn't quite so grey so Beano had two walks of just over an hour each along with three shorter ones.

I woke at 4:30 this morning but managed to get back to sleep again until 7:30 and I had a nana nap whilst the lame was cooking.

Saturday, 5 March 2022

Waking at 5a.m.

Makes for a very long day!

It's bitterly cold here, it's not got above about 4 deg all day and we've had intermittent showers too.

Our neighbour is here for the weekend and his little dog keeps escaping, she won't come to me so I keep knocking on his window and shouting "Poppy's out".

It's been a boring day, too cold and wet to walk far and too cold to do much other than sit wrapped up in a blanket and read.

Steve's been watching YouTube for about 6 hours of someone playing a piano-accordion very badly and it's giving me a headache.

Friday, 4 March 2022


Love the idea of resting paint cans on top of the freezer Col.

It's been a bright day here not the weather, that's been dull but the boat next door was moved on to the service jetty so we haven't had a boat close beside us today.

Steve wanted to leave the marina today but the canal is still blocked by the fallen trees at Thatcham so we won't be moving for a few days yet.

I've struggled to do my 10k for a few day as everywhere is so muddy, I have managed 7.5 most days.

Steve's hearing aids haven't arrived yet, three weeks they said and it's been quite a lot longer now.

Thursday, 3 March 2022


I'm sure you all know that it stands for Not In My Back Yard.

When we returned here in November someone from the back pound was telling me how much she and her husband enjoyed feeding the ducks and swans. I mentioned that I won't feed the swans from my boat when we are in the marina though I will feed them on the cut. I explained that I found the swans too threatening and aggressive. She couldn't see the difference.

A couple of days ago I had to chase off the swans who had her pinned against the side of her boat. Yes they are beautiful but very large and there are currently five of them mum, dad and three almost full grown cygnets. They are also very demanding,  tapping on the windows for food as soon as they spot movement on board.

So I'm a NIMBY, I'm happy to feed the swans but not if they can get close.

Wednesday, 2 March 2022


Our delivery driver was Polish and very interested in our boat, lots of the drivers are. The chap today was amazed when he looked inside. He said it looked just like inside a house.

Col I hope you both enjoyed playing food tetris.

Lyssa I was lucky this week, when there are lots of tins and packets I can send Steve off to the bedroom to put them away. We have so little cupboard space in the kitchen that we use a wardrobe to store our food.

Once he's in the bedroom I can pack the fridge and freezer efficiently otherwise he keeps passing me stuff when my hands are already full. It takes me about 20 minutes to put the stuff away but Steve is worried that the food will be unsafe on the worktop for that long.

I rarely buy frozen food apart from frozen peas and ice cream which I do put in the freezer immediately.

We bought enough meals for two weeks and I can stretch it to last two more so when we are on the cut we won't starve if we get red boarded.

Another rainy day.

 We had a few cold but sunny days after the storms but now it's wet and grey. The rain isn't heavy but it's persistent and the water levels are rising quickly. A few more days of this and we will be red boarded again. Nowt we can do but wait and see.

One of Beano's favourite boats is moored just outside the marina, the owner has a chihuahua, a Yorkshire terrier and Yorkshire/Jack Russell cross, the dogs have a great time playing on the towpath.

The marina cleaner, Debbie is leaving boat life to be nearer her daughter as the daughter is expecting her second baby. I'm not sure if there is a specific problem of she just wants some support. We did get Debbie to clean our boat once but I've managed myself since, my problem is lack of enthusiasm!

I have a Tesco delivery this afternoon, a big one, topping the cupboards up with tins and packets. Steve can play Tetris later fitting all stuff in to the cupboard.

Sunday, 27 February 2022

Gotta laugh

I'm desperately sad and worried about the situation in the Ukraine but there is nothing I can do apart light a candle and pray. Following the stories in the media makes me feel worse so I don't.

Steve has done a couple of  things this week that made me laugh, when I was unpacking the shopping I found he'd purchased a bottle of super special hypoallergenic washing up liquid. When I asked him why he showed me his hands, his skin is in a dreadful state. He though the washing up liquid would be better for his skin. He's washed up twice in the last three months, he rarely does the washing up. He does however pontificate about husband's who don't wash up so he obviously thinks he washes up, mind you, he thinks he walks the dog more than I do, I walk him 4 or 5 times a day, Steve joins me on one of the walks.

The other thing that made me laugh was when Steve asked if I had any money. I replied that I had and I was going to pay the boat insurance this month. He's worried as he doesn't seem to have enough money. I've been waiting for him to say something. 

Since we've lived on the boat he's always paid the mooring fees and I paid for the food. A while ago Steve decided he was going to buy the food, possibly because he wanted more crap in the shopping. I tried to explain that he needed to use my debit card to pay for the shopping but he refused to accept this. Now he's struggling to pay for everything. 

The fact that is that although we have two bank accounts, mind and his, mine is actually a joint account he just can't find the card for it!

Friday, 25 February 2022


Steve's back is still painful and my foot is still swollen, we're a decrepit laid of old buggers aren't we.

Steve is hoping to leave the marina next week but I'm hoping to stay until more trees are cleared otherwise I can see us being stuck somewhere where there are no facilities.

The local fuel boat is stuck,  first behind a fallen tree then when that was cleared a swing bridge was broken, he got  through when CRT repaired it only to discover the next lock was chained shut.

Thursday, 24 February 2022


The marina staff took pity on us and moved the boat for us and we were able to get a pump out, also as we were so close to the elsan we were able to carry the porta potty and empty it.

Tuesday, 22 February 2022

Still windy.

Still very blustery here, so still no chance of a pump out, the porta potty is now full and Steve has put his back out and can't carry it. I'm now reduced to a bucket and some carrier bags.

We went for a 6k walk in an effort to aid Steve's back, it didn't work.

We spotted some one we know in the lock,  he's single handed so we did the lock for him. It makes me chuckle when I'm hauling on a gate and a chap comes to offer help. I always accept, they lean nonchalantly on the gate, assuming that as I'm short and old the gate must be easy to move. The look on their faces when they realise that they need to use both arms and a lot of strength to move the gate.

We helped the same boater pull his boat past a fallen tree, there was barely room so it was safer to pull it than use the engine.

I'm getting more and more typos in my blog, I need to be more careful as my sight deteriorates.

Monday, 21 February 2022


Franklin is quietening down and now we are being threatened with Gladys, I really hope she doesn't amount to anything. I'm really fed up at not having proper toilet facilities.

Obviously we aren't affected by rise in gas and electric prices as we use mainly solar and the marina haven't put their electric  prices up yet. Smokeless fuel is £13 a bag and a bag lasts 3 days. Calor gas is going up so I'm trying to cook as much as possible on stove as that is lit anyway to keep us warm.

We won't be affected by increased council tax costs but mooring fees are going up. They vary £10 to £30 a night round here but I'm not sure about other places.

I took a photo of the latest crop of molehills.

Sunday, 20 February 2022


Storm Franklin has arrived and we've lost power on the marina. This means there is no water and no toilet facilities.

We have power on the boat as we are using. Our own batteries and we can use our engine if we need to.

We'd already eaten and washed up so the immersion heater had been turned off.

We can read this evening and see what is happening in the morning once it's daylight.

Saturday, 19 February 2022


 It's been noisy and rocky on the boat but as we have a widebeam it's not as rocky as a narrow boat.

We took sensible precautions, making sure we were moored safely, removing things from the roof and ensuring the doors and hatches are secure.

There was very little rain yesterday morning but the wind was incredible. I walked Beano on my own about 8ish but Steve came with me for the second walk as I had problems keeping my feet. As it wasn't raining Beano was keen to have a long walk but we had to dissuade him as there was so much debris flying about.

There were trees falling in the marina and out on the cut, one nearby boat had all four of its solar panels smashed to pieces. There were three trees down on the nearby stock fences,  fortunately a boater with a chainsaw was able to move the trees and stop the stock escaping. A lot of boaters have a chainsaw.

The marina didn't lose power despite having overhead power lines but our batteries were full anyway so we would have been ok.

The weather was calm and dry this morning so Beano had an hours walk but it has rained all afternoon.

The only thing we forgot was to bring forward our pump out. It's not due until next week but because we had visitors, Steve's brother and his GF, our black tank was filled up early. Then it was too windy to get across to get a pump out. We will use the porta potty until we can get across, it's still too windy to move today but hopefully the wind should die down soon.

Thursday, 17 February 2022

Butter wouldn't melt.

 Ravylesley, I'll have a look at that wool.

Thanks Lyssa, Beano loves scritches.

It was mild and sunny today so Beano wanted to spend as much time as possible outside. It's on days like this I wish we had a garden.

I took him out for a couple of hours the morning and again this afternoon. During the afternoon walk Beano caught a rabbit, he often chases them but has not caught or before. 

The other little Jack Russell, Loulou once caught a rat, she was an expert. Grabbed it by the back on the neck, threw it up and broke its back. Instant death.

Beano was totally confused, he held the rabbit in his mouth for a few moments and then put it down. The rabbit moved and Beano picked it up again, and put it down again. I made a grab for the rabbit, it was uninjured. I put it down and Beano watched it hop away. He has a very soft mouth.

 Frugal IE I am definitely Pee'd off, which is why I've not blogged, there is only so many times I can post that I walked the dog and cooked a meal. I even bore myself with my posts! I did try using thicker yarn but still couldn't see.

Lindsey I'm glad your audiology depts are good. We used to have drop in centres but they closed during covid and we've been notified that they are not reopening, everything is appointment only.

Thanks Lyssa, I have bought The Kings Silver but haven't started it yet.

Thanks Chris, I certainly hope so.

PatsyAnne that is very kind of you but my craft cupboards are only empty because I'm giving everything away that I can no longer see to use. I am in the process of organising a library log on via my daughter's account and I will then be able to listen to free books once the cerushields arrive but thank you for your kind offer.

Before Gill left the marina she kindly gave me the contents of her fridge as she didn't want to waste it. There were mushrooms, tomatoes, lentils, new potatoes, three chicken breasts and two cartons of beetroot juice.

We didn't have any damage on the marina from last night's storm but today's is supposed to be stronger, we will wait and see.

Wednesday, 16 February 2022


 Apologies for the silence.

I'm very bored and boring currently.

I'm missing my knitting and crochet, most of my craft cupboards are empty.

I need more cerushields for my hearing aids, something that should be perfectly simple to obtain but seems to involve numerous phone calls and complicated bus journeys.

I seem to have developed another eyesight problem which is making reading difficult.

My neighbour Gill has left the marina, her boat is up for sale.

So unfortunately I have very little to write about.

Monday, 14 February 2022

All ok here.

Everything is ok here PatsyAnne, I've been a bit tied up with things. I will post soon.

Tuesday, 8 February 2022

Kirsty Allsop

 I'm afraid the crisps did go in the bin, just two opened packets. The unopened ones were donated to someone who would eat those flavours.

Many people are up in arms because Kirsty Allsopp has suggested people could get on the housing ladder earlier if they made different choices.

All four of my children bought their own home when they were in their early 20's. I realise not everyone can achieve this but it is manageable.

No my children didn't have financial help.

No they didn't live at home.

No they didn't have fantastically well paid jobs.

One of them bought a house that had a closure order on it.

One started off with part buy, part rent.

Sweeping the chimney

The chimney needs sweeping, it should have been done when the stove door was repaired but Steve decided to leave it. Then the stove wouldn't catch so it has to be done. I found that by saying  "I think the chimney needs sweeping" two or three times a day, for a few days, Steve thinks it was his idea and gets it done!

Steve wanted ham, egg and chips yesterday, it's one of his favourite meals. I made leek and potato soup for myself using up the last of the leeks.  I will order more with my next shop, I'll chop them and freeze them for next time I want soup. 

I will empty out a cupboard today,  it's getting to the stage where stuff falls out every time we open the door. It's the treats cupboard. It's full of crisps that Steve no longer likes and most of them have gone soggy. I don't like wasting food but I don't eat crisps, I will have to keep a closer eye on what he's ordering.

Saturday, 5 February 2022

Valentines day

It's Valentine's day soon.

Steve asked what I wanted.

I replied, "Same a last year".

We wait until a week or as after Valentine's day and then we go out for lunch at a local pub.

It's cheaper, quieter and just what we like.

Wednesday, 2 February 2022

Beano is a perfect gentleman.

On our walk yesterday Beano, Gill my neighbour, and I encountered an elderly gentleman with a nervous chihuahua.

As the chihuahua was on the lead I called Beano and put him on the lead too.

The gentlemen explained that his dog was very nervous as her previous owner had recently died and he had acquired the dog. The dog had not been exercised or socialised and had been a lap dog. Beano sniffed gently and stood quietly whilst the chihuahua sniffed him. We took both dogs off the lead and they had a little wander about together for a few minutes. It was so nice to see the little dog gaining confidence and to see Beano being so calm and gentle.

When we first got Beano he was totally silent, it was three weeks until the first time he barked and another three weeks until he barked again. He is still quite quiet but is barking a lot more this evening as we are moored on the service jetty so there are people going past. Just a couple of little woofs and a grumble and then he settles down again.

When we start travelling again he will bark more as there will be more people passing the boat but he will settle down after a couple of weeks. He usually only barks when he hears someone approach the boat. When it's someone he knows he stops barking as he does when we let people on to the boat.

He has however started to enlarge his vocabulary. Beano's main mode of communication is the stare he will get to his feet and stare pointedly at me. If that doesn't work he will stand on me and stare. If he needs to go out he will give a couple of little yelps.

If one of his friends is out side he will run to the door crying and yelping.

If I'm eating something that he thinks I should be sharing with me he hums, he's not growling its a sort of humming interspersed with little high pitches squeaks. I always think he's singing for his supper.

Tuesday, 1 February 2022


 VC, you must be so incredibly proud of your niece, she must be so dedicated.

Chloe's nan, we each need to find our own path, I don't use candles as I don't think that me , candles and a wooden boat would be a safe combination.

I'm sorry I think I managed to delete a comment, I do struggle sometimes with small text and fat fingers.

I managed a walk today with a neighbour, it took my mind off my disappointment. I was expecting a visitor today but this was cancelled due to covid.

Today's meal was a combination of an assortment of stuff from the fridge/freezer. A chicken breast, a rasher of bacon, some mushrooms. I sliced a quarter of an onion and a few mushrooms, sliced and added the chicken breast and the bacon. I added a couple of spoonfuls of soft cheese and the last scraping of a tub of cream plus a good grinding of pepper. Once cooked I served with rice. Steve was very doubtful but admitted it was very tasty.

We have to move the boat to the service jetty tomorrow, we are having the engine serviced first thing Thursday morning. We will get coal, gas pump out and diesel and then return to our usual jetty on Thursday once the service has been completed.

Sunday, 30 January 2022

If it's Sunday it will be a roast.

Sunday wouldn't be Sunday without a roast dinner, it's also the  one day of the week when I can get some vegetables into Steve.

I had a rummage in the fridge and freezer to see if I could do a roast dinner without using a joint.

I found a couple of slices of chicken from a meal earlier in the week, and a chunk of ham left from a gammon joint. If I told Steve what I was doing he'd complain about the lack of meat, so I shan't tell him.

By the time I've added stuffing, pease pudding Yorkshire pudding and lots of veg he will have a full plate and a full tummy.

Saturday, 29 January 2022

New spell

Thank you for your comments.

I'm sure the event was character building. 

I wondered in hindsight if mum was hoping to foster as I was an only child, we certainly had a lot of contact with the children's home for a while.  Allegedly she wanted more children but was advised against. I would have liked a sibling but I don't think my mother would have coped.

Despite having trained as a nursery nurse and then a teacher I don't think she was keen on children, or maybe I'd just didn't live up  to her expectations, who knows.

I'm working on a new spell for someone who is returning to dry land.

There are so many aspects to be considered.

Actually I've given up on the spell until tomorrow morning as Steve has someone screaming repeatedly on YouTube. I will carry on collating the information but the spell casting can wait.

Wednesday, 26 January 2022

Childhood memories.

Thank you Jan, Fliss I have a 25 year old cotton night dress, nothing warm. Chicken mum a sleeping bag sounds like a good idea.

I suddenly remembered earlier today, a birthday party I'd had. I'm not sure how old I was, around 5 or 6 I think. My mother decided to invite children from the local children's home, maybe I had no friends of my own, I'm not sure. I had nightmares about the party for years afterwards. I remember the table being laid with the best bone china tea service that had been  a wedding gift to my parents. I was an undersized child and timid, obviously the children from the home were neither. Food was thrown around, plates were smashed, one cup had a neat mouth shape bitten out of it. I was terrorised by the noisy children, pinched, scratched and had my hair pulled. We couldn't play out, my birthday is in November so we remained crammed in the living room, apart from escorted trips to the outside toilet, until the children were collected.

I may have had other parties but I have no recollection.

I have no idea what my mother was thinking of.

Monday, 24 January 2022

Warm at last

 Ellen, we are due snow at some point but I'm not sure when.

Thank you Chloe's Nan, I keep adding bits to  it when I find something interesting, I keep all my spell making items in a cupboard in the bathroom.

Lynda, I'm old-school, today I've added an egg cup of bleach, sometimes I add washing soda but not both together.

Lyssa, yes they do and boiling the tea towels will use less power than a hot wash which seems to take hours.

It's been grey and raw here all day, even Beano only wanted short walks before returning to the boat. I slept badly last night because I was cold, the duvet had made a spirits attempt to cling to the floor so my only covering was a cotton sheet, eventually I put my dressing gown on and warmed up. Maybe I need a onesie but at my age I might not be able to get out of  it  in time when I need the toilet.

We had lamb on Sunday, it was much bigger piece than we ordered but it was price matched. It was a half leg so I boned it to make it easier to carve. It made Sunday's dinner, sandwiches for lunch today and tomorrow and I made a casserole for tea tonight. I had no onions so used dried, the last very sad carrot, some spinach and a couple of potatoes, it was tasty and filling.

I have half a punnet of aged mushrooms in the fridge, I shall slice them, soften them and serve them in warmed cream cheese tomorrow with whatever I can find in the freezer, probably a chicken breast.


 I'm not going to bore everyone with constant mileage counts from my walks, now I've worked out the distances I shall just make sure I do between 5 and 10 km a day.

Back to the exciting things, today I'm getting my biggest casserole dish out today and boiling  my teatowels, I shall also do a washing load.

It's grey, overcast and cold today, I've boosted the stove but not turned the heating on yet, Steve may decide to put it on when he gets up.

We were due an engine service today but it's been moved until the first week in February, as long as it's done before March it will be ok.

Saturday, 22 January 2022

We are not tidy people.

 Ang, on her blog Tracing Rainbows has posted about her collection of Willow Tree figurines. They are so pretty.

I  don't have any shelves on the boat apart from the four around the TV, this is what Steve keeps on two of them.

The only other flat surface is the top of the storage units that fit under the gunwhales, this is where Steve keeps stuff he feels is important.

 He also has piles of clutter on the breakfast bar.

I have my last few books on my side and a very small terrarium.

This is my altar it is on the surface on the other side. I have
 another item currently waiting to be collected from my daughter's I'll post a pic when I collect it.

From the left, a goblet, a led candle, a Scorpio stone, a bag of crystals, a Green Man, and of hag stones that I've collected, a piece of wood, another candle and a threaded needle

Friday, 21 January 2022


Still in the minus here and this is what Beano did when we got in from our first walk. I've no idea how far we walked as I forgot to take my phone.

Bbarna, Lyssa unfortunately vinegar doesn't touch the scale in this area.

Ang and Pollie, I'll try your suggestions.

Kate, I've not tried Linda McCartney sausage rolls, I'm not a fan of sausage rolls, I do like a good quality pasty occasionally.

DD2 took me shopping  today, she shops at Sainsbury's, Steve has set up our deliveries with Tesco. I was able to stock up on lager which Tesco haven't had in stock for 2 weeks. I also bought garlic sausage and lard neither of which the local Tesco stocks. I prefer lard for roast potatoes and for making Melting Moments.

I've decided I'm bored with my winter tops, I've been wearing them since before I retired. So I'm going to put them away in the wardrobe for a couple of years and ring the changes.

Steve spent the morning in a bad mood he didn't want to wear his hearing aids so he moaned and bitched because he couldn't hear what I was saying!

Thursday, 20 January 2022


The tap is not really clean there is still a lot of scale on it. I can't get a toothbrush or bottle brush in the gap. Unfortunately the net from Lakeland is out of stock Col but I will keep a look out for one. 

I like vegetables and have a small repertoire of vegetarian dishes but I'd never eat the fake meat dishes, fake bacon or fake sausage. I think it's too akin to the crap Steve eats.

Minus 5 this morning, I put the heating on and got back into bed until the boat warmed up.  Parts of the marina were frozen today the ice wasn't thick but it was enough to confuse the swans.

Beano and I managed 9.37 km today. We started off in one direction but the sheep all came running to the fence hoping for food so Beano changed direction and we walked beside an empty field instead.

I struggled to stay warm during the day because Beano needs to go out, so no sooner am I warm that I'm back out in the cold again.

Wednesday, 19 January 2022


Is anyone trying Veganuary?

I'm not, it sounds to me like I'm being asked to eat a vagina!

Yesterday was very cold, the heating was on twice for an hour each time. Steve came on one of the walks with Beano and managed 5k.

We had liver and bacon for tea, it was made last week and frozen.

Today we had a food shop delivered, there were a few things missing so I've asked DD2 to take me on Friday, I'll stock up on a few items that Tesco don't stock whilst I'm there.

Lyssa, Beano says thank you for the scritches.

JanF, fortunately we get very few.

Deborah, maddening isn't it.

This morning I decided to clean the bath room, I'm usually very careful about which cleaning products I buy but limescale is a huge problem here so I bought some strong descaler as it's a problem on the boat.

This is the third time I've tried to use it, it's the sort you spray on and leave. On the previous occasions I've used it Steve has noticed, rushed in and insisted on scrubbing it off and then  claims it's useless. This time he was distracted so I was able to leave it for the required 5 mins, spray again and leave it again and when I sprayed it off the scale had gone. This scale problem is made worse by the type of tap we have, it's very fiddly to clean and I can't get a scrubby between the mirror and the tap.

Monday, 17 January 2022


Rambler, he drives me round the bend too.

Jaccs, Steve doesn't get up any speed carving the joint, it's done very slowly.

Margaret I have a few rude teeshirts but the font on them is so ornate on them very few people realise what they say.

I read a comment on FB from someone celebrating her 20th wedding anniversary, she said " I have loved my husband for more than 20 years and there isn't a single day  of those 20 years that I haven't wanted to brain him and bury him under the patio.

I understand what she means. Every morning when Steve finally gets up, he walks into the living room and my heart lifts at the sight of him. I smile and say good morning,  he walks to the  clothes airer and starts to rearrange the washing I've just hung up. I immediately want to push him overboard!

I'm sure some people have perfect relationships with never a cross word. I don't!

it was a very frosty morning today, I put the heating on for an hour first thing then after walking Beano we took the boat across to a pump out, we emptied the rubbish and recycling and purchased 2 bags of coal, they will last us a week probably.

I paid our boat licence after lunch, it should be paid by automatic renewal but I've made alterations to it so I had to cancel it a and start again. Not long after the payment had gone through I received a phone call. It was a recorded message saying " This is the internet fraud department from your bank, your recent payment of £600 to Western Union has been stopped. Press 1 to speak to an advisor about this"

Needless to say I didn't press anything, I hung up.

I was told this morning that one of the nearby boaters died recently, he'd been unwell for the five years we've known him. I'm not sure what was wrong with him but I do know that the medication he was on was making him almost as unwell as his illness.


Sunday, 16 January 2022


 We aren't really sure what he is, a few people have suggested a Parsons JR but his legs are really short, he has twisted feet that look like Queen Ann Legs. I've also been told he's a good specimen of an old style JR. What ever he is he's well loved and very spoilt.

Today I've walked 8.87k over two walks with Beano so I need to do more, Steve only walked some of that as he didn't get up until 11 so only came on the 2nd walk. He complains he doesn't sleep well, I'm sure more fresh air and exercise would benefit him.

I've ordered some tee shirts, one says My crystal ball is telling me you are full of sh1t.

Roast beef with all the trimmings to eat today, Beano will get his share. He gets boiled potatoes, carrots and beef.  Steve wanted to carve the beef, this is fine but he always wants the entire kitchen emptied before he starts. He's like Sky Stallone getting ready for the battle in Rambo, removing his jumper and swathing himself in umpteen teatowels before he wields the carving knife.

Friday, 14 January 2022


Beano likes to sit on the back of the sofa with his head on my shoulder.

 DD2 collected me and took me back to hers for a cuppa this afternoon. I took over another bag of craft stuff, my granddaughters were delighted with it all.

I've been struggling to walk after I fell out of bed but I think my toe is finally on the mend, I managed a three miles walk with Beano today.

I was accosted on the walk by a lady with a dog, I didn't recognise her but she was obviously pleased to see me.  She thanked me for telling her how to cook on a wood burning stove, she said I'd saved her a fortune in gas. I did work out who she was eventually!

I posted a parcel on Tuesday afternoon and on Wednesday morning I received confirmation that it had arrived, very speedy service.


Steve thinks cruising with friends would be too much for us and he could be right. Personally I think the cruise he has planned will be too ...